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Becky Ward
Posts: 262
Crawley, England, United Kingdom

how do you get make up to stay longer? Im planning on wearing:
lipstick (or maybe gloss if that stays on any longer?)
Eyeliner (probably liquid eyeliner)
foundation and concealer

I need it to stay on even if i get quite hot under lights etc.

Thank you!
Becky x
Oct 09 13 03:09 am  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Posts: 198
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

you can look into using "model in a bottle setting spray" which has lots of recommendation for it.


there are many other brands out in the market as well such as one made by MUFE.
Oct 09 13 08:38 am  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Visuelle Artistry
Posts: 364
Lewisville, Texas, US

Hey Becky ... can you be more specific, are you talking about stage or theatrical makeup ?? Because thats much different then just regular every day makeup.

Mascara - L'Oreal voluminous waterproof, Blinc Inc amplified
eyeliner - Blinc Inc liquid eye liners, MUFE eye liners
Lips - Cover girl lip stain, OCC lip tars, Urban decay lip envy
foudation - MUFe, NYX hd
Concealer - NYX hd, LA girl, Effacerne by Lancome

Always use a setting powder to set after application and a setting spray

Still not sure ... you can always hire an artist to help you !!
Oct 09 13 03:17 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Rock Victorian
Posts: 142
Norfolk, Virginia, US

Set makeup with powder and use a setting spray.
Oct 10 13 10:19 am  Link  Quote 
Becky Ward
Posts: 262
Crawley, England, United Kingdom

Thanks for the responses!
Its for on long day shoots so it needs to stay on all day if possible?

Are there any tips on applying it in a certain way that would keep it on for longer?

Becky x
Oct 12 13 04:43 am  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Posts: 307
Los Angeles, California, US

-Buff or crosshatch your foundation using multiple thin layers. Set with powder and a setting spray.
-Use eyeshadow primer
-Tubing mascara is very longwearing (I second the Blinc one)
-Layer a powder blush over a stain blush
-Use a lip liner over the whole lip (fill it in), then put lipstick, then blot, then reapply liptstick. Or, use a matte liquid lipstick. Anything glossy will not be as longwearing.
Oct 12 13 11:54 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1,100
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After washing your face, run an ice cube over it a few times.  Then, use a primer (Laura Mercier is good).  Then, mix a bit of moisturizer with some mattifying lotion and apply that.  Let it set while you brush your teeth/do your hair, etc.  Then, wear as little makeup as you can get away with.  Also, keep your makeup in the fridge overnight (in a Ziploc bag).  Of course, your skin will also be at its even-toned, zit-free best before doing all of this...

No really, I find that wearing as little makeup as possible (after doing all those other things) is the best way to keep your makeup looking fresh during a long shoot.
Oct 12 13 05:43 pm  Link  Quote 
guide forum
Makeup Artist
Posts: 3,757
Los Angeles, California, US

only moisturize if and where needed , moisturizers break down makeup eventually

use products that are designed for long wear , long wear lip stick , long wear foundations , use a primer for the shadow , especially if its a pastel shade  .....ect ect
Oct 13 13 03:59 pm  Link  Quote 
Becky Ward
Posts: 262
Crawley, England, United Kingdom

Thank you everyone!
Going to try out some of these tips now!
Becky x
Oct 14 13 04:29 am  Link  Quote 
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