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About Me

IF YOU WISH TO BE A 'FRIEND' THEN PLEASE LEAVE AT LEAST A COMMENT OR LIST BEFORE REQUESTING!  Also I DO NOT "friend " Retouchers as I have no need of one as I do most of my own work and anyone can be a retoucher.  hienvy

I DO NOT shoot male models NOR female models with lots of tattoos or piercings...never and female models must be at least 5'6". my age and experience I can afford to be fussy especially if I am paying. borat I do make exceptions if a model really interests me and I know I can be creative with her...if that what she wants.I LOVE working with a model that I can see potential in and have taught many young ladies the finer techniques of modeling so that they can get more paid shoots. My course usually lasts from 3 to 4 hours with a practical shoot to work "the bugs out!" It is TF. DO NOT be afraid to approach me...all I can say is "No". big_smile
I shoot my models with practically no makeup and digitally apply it afterwards to suit their look, clothes or not, location, and mood. So far my success has been quite good. I had basically retired, but will try several shoots for 2017. I have only two scheduled left up to August and may only do one or two more. Getting too old I guess??? I already have photoed some beautiful women. Mostly  international.
I also do not keep track of my models if we agree on a shooting date. It is for them to remind me. I do not pursue a model once we have talked and planned a shoot. I have had too many flake on me. That is why I like dealing mainly with real professional models.

You can see more of my pictures on  flicker under Robert Mitchell.

I also HATE THE NEW FORMAT WITH A PASSION for MM so I do not visit the site too much!!! It sucks!!!!!!

Picture of the Day Winner:    May 4th, 2014

                                                September 13th, 2015

                                                April 4th, 2016

                                                May 13th, 2016
                                                June 18th, 2016
                                                July 2nd, 2016

                                                August 13, 2016

                                                April 14, 2017

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"I am one of the lucky models who was honored to have the opportunity to shoot with Bob. Bob has such a dynamic and warm personality plus great eyes of details. He is perfection of composition and very creative in using available facility/location, editing digital make up and others, and he has incredible point of view of what would work best for the models, also with the wardrobes, style, and interaction with nature. I had such a blast in our shoot, and feel extremely grateful to finally be able to shoot together with Bob. Aside from his impressive skill and experience, he has given a lot of supportive suggestions and feedbacks, plus made me feeling very easy and comfortable. He has taken care all of his models (including myself) and provides refreshment plus driving me home which I really appreciate. I am extremely happy with the photos I had seen from the preview - despite no make up, they already turn out dynamite! Plus I am excited to seeing how they will look after the edits. Meeting, shooting and knowing Bob has made my Sunday, and I will never have enough shooting with him again, and again. Thank you so much for every kindness and guidance and arts you have given me today, Bob." Read less

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"It was such a wonderful beautiful shoot with Bob. I had so much fun running from one place to another. He knows his lighting and is very professional. I like that he shows me the photos so I can understand how I look and what I need to change. Have you seen his digital make up skills?! like HELLOOO forget about make up lets just call BOB! He needs to stay around forever!! highly recommend ! FIVE STARS! xoxo" Read less

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"Bob is a wonderful person and photographer, truly, truly amazing. Please read the tag on his page for longer reference. I would recommend ANYONE to shoot with this awesome guy." Read less

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Credit Notes

Models * Denotes Number of Times

BRENNAN MM# 1062651 ( North Carolina )
Kaoru MM# 1322105
Miyu MM# 4149247 ( Tokyo )
Jennifer Nguyen MM#134867 ( Asia )
Larissa Angharad MM#2784906 ( Britain )
Mpb444 MM# 3827231
LadyFredau MM# 1379005 ( Toronto )
Madison Mayne MM#3690566 ***
Deyana Teeyl MM#3601934  ( Quesnel ) ***
Kelsey Kundert MM#1481007  ( Calgary )
Dwanda MM#2383012
Kimberely Blaze MM#2928977
Sarah Ellis MM#129904 ( Seattle )
Kay McPhee MM#832430 ( Victoria )
Courtney Carlson MM#3400870 ***
Kaitlin Chapple MM#1047758 ( Toronto )***
chiebear MM#2745424
Nicole Marie MM#3362811 ( Kelowna )
CaraH MM#3377517
Nico G MM#3304075  ( Victoria )
Stephanie D MM#3308954  ( Victoria )**
Blonde 4Real MM#2835641
Elisha S MM#1413807
Natasha Mills MM#790754  ( Victoria ) **
Veronika Maria MM#368747
Gabrielle Peri MM#846575 **
Sinera MM#890262
April Bree MM#2506429 ( Nanaimo )
Gracee Shorter ( Victoria )
Miss Karlee MM#1124596 ( Seattle )
MzMonroe MM#2953720 ( Los Angeles )
Cass M91 MM#2923765
HHHBBB MM#3003051
Heidi Gwaii MM#2481211
Kayla Anee Thomas MM#1380861
Miquette MM#1818533 ( South Africa )
Jade L MM#803940
Michelle Young MM#1379948
Hazel Adams MM#1405643
Robin Bolink MM##2176019  ( Calgary )
Brettlin MM#2349784 ( Washington  State )
April Chang MM#2293532
AnnieLBridge MM#2021295
laurajean MM#2928357
miss jesse MM#2198636 ( San Diego )
michelle colleen MM#2575959
Mercy Saidi MM#2700213 ( Los Angeles )
Klara Johanna MM#802469 ** ( Edmonton )
Sweetjane MM#2546437 **
SarahEMF MM#1122893 ( Toronto ) **
Dane D MM#3097690
Aliee Dee MM#636127 **
Victoria Rose K MM#2460254
Liz Anderson MM#1416725 **
Crystal L Page MM#2602274 ***
Nicole Moller MM#2958015
Stepfanie Cornell MM#3134211
Skorupka MM#2955731
Kristina Axo MM# 687654
Falling Rain MM#2217452 ( Victoria ) ****
MelissaSa MM#1707404
Leyla 123 MM#1594492 ******
Vezira Pav MM#1466140
Silvia S ***
Olivia Preston MM#2996021**
Heather Orr MM#293804
Li-Lian MM#2993860  ( Indonesia ) **
Lucy Clark MM#1391768 ( Australia )
Tracy Leah MM#1435260 **
Heather 1987 MM#1273133
Louann Soet MM#2936043
Yumi N MM#1360994
Lacey Belle MM#1682014
Do-Me-Justice MM# 11682014
Rhianna Grey MM#779559 ( Victoria ) **
SYoshi MM#1012161
Lucy Byrne
Jasmine  ( Penticton )
Ann-marie Seward MM#1232677 ( Edmonton ) ***
Chanty Town MM#1296008
Sarah Jayne Stone MM#2370739
Heather Marie Scott MM#1330955
Sabrina Duncan MM#1306366 (Duncan)
Red 5062 MM#1889514
Countrygirlxx MM#2585864
Cali Van Zant MM#377927
Melissa Ridley MM529082
Luminere Lasenze MM#1282627 Nanaimo)
Melissa Robin MM#1263843 (Victoria)
Tanya Wheadon MM#1151536
Bri W MM#1251278 (Victoria)
Laura Mclean MM#1127949
TarynEmilia MM#1319094
Lady G MM#1723964
Ashley Ver MM#1230473 ( Victoria )
Nikki Ralph MM#1494233 ( Victoria)
Kat Karpoff MM#1064458
Melina Csontos MM#1206366 **
Brenda Trevino MM#1094642 ( Victoria )
Ashley G MM#574707
Tiffany Thomas MM#441944
Vanessa SD MM#1050420
Lisit MM#95557 *******
Jordyn Dawn MM#851662 ( Calgary )
Elena T ( Seattle ) ****
Laresa R**
Alicia Meek MM#703792: Special thank you to her! 1st Class all the way! What a model! **
Karinna Annette MM#357270 ( Victoria )
Kirstyn Bonar MM#1082615 x2
Ashley P Miller MM#1127949
Vienna Fancher MM#765538
Michelle LH MM#1044799 (Victoria)
Natalie Jayne MM#853809
Melissa MR MM#1263843
Shay Byng MM#1203615**
Ashley C **
Terra Leanne MM#1573583 (Victoria)
Haylea D
Lacey U ***
Meghan S ***
Sarah D *****
Lia S  (Victoria) **
Charbon du Bois (France)


Mandy ( Victoria )
Carolynn MAC ( Victoria )
Jennifer Carey MAC ( Victoria )
Sandy MAC ( Victoria )
Sharon Clarke MAC ( Victoria ) x3
Ministry of Glamour MM#2647507 ( Victoria )
Meg Geraldo MAC x3
Candice Dilts MAC
Donna Payne
Paddy Chand MAC
Neetha y MM#812127
Makeup by Tracy
Nindy Bains MAC x2
Ashley Whittal
blacklabelbeauty MM#3335672 x3
Samantha Caporusso MM#1854459 x9
AM Artistry MM# 2117581 x4
Tracy M T MM#806492
Sarah Vande Verye MM#1786334 x3
Mike Randle  MAC x10
Komo  Saddeth MAC
Paige x 3
Brooke ( Coquitlam ) MAC
Michelle MAC
Faye Wu MM#798900
love gore and fashion MM#1280198 x4
September G MM#1239046
Mary Im
Niki Lopez MAC ( Victoria )
ReneeB MM#1757173
Enrica MAC ( Victoria )
Andrea Campell MAC
Sarah Emily Clayton  MAC ( Victoria )
Marnie the mua ( Victoria ) x2
Lady G Makeup MM#1609274 x 3
Shawnna Downing MM#1676528
Talysia Ayala MM#579071


Lindi Harrison · Model

What a beautiful portfolio, you clearly capture stunning moments and gorgeous models. Let me know if you'd like to collaborate sometime..

Blue Cloud Imaging · Photographer

Great image that you did with Larissa that was posted on POTD 07/14.
Just a beautiful image and a great edit.

Larissa Angharad · Model

I can't even begin to list all the reasons why you should shoot with Bob!
Well well well.....he picked me up yesterday from the skytrain for our all day shoot - it was great to take it easy and to not have to rush. We sorted out all our outfits to take to our first location, and Bob knows some GREAT locations. Not only this, but he has wardrobe for you to wear if you wish, snacks and water to keep you comfortable (and sane) 😁
He repeatedly checked my pathways, checking if locations were safe. I just couldn't believe it. I've never had a photographer look after me SO WELL. He has really raised the bar with shooting, he went absolutely above and beyond to make sure I was happy, comfortable and safe. We had great banter, lots of laughs, Bob is hilarious and I highly recommend working with him just for this alone ! I had so much fun at this shoot, and ladies, I can't stress how lovely it is for someone to appreciate your work and time, I felt very honoured and even almost cried with happy tears for the great and in depth conersations we had about many different things. Bob is truly one of a kind and shoots like this, like we had, I can only dream of in the future.
OH and I guess the pictures were ok too 😜😜😜
But seriously, amazing laughs, amazing photos, amazing company, amazing locations.
Bob even had the generosity to treat me to dinner after our shoot AND drive me home ( so appreciated you have no idea).
If you get the chance to shoot with this guy, please, God forbid, do not cancel or flake on him- it will be to your own dentriment and a failed opportunity to work with one of the best guys in the industry.
He's truly one of a kind!
I would shoot with Bob again and again!

Deyana Teeyl · Model

Oh Sweetheart, the photos that I am beginning to see edited from our shoot are so, sigh, oh Bob Baby, I LOVE them!!!! You rock, of course.

J E F F E R S O N · Photographer

Hey There Robert,
Thank you for the comprehensive, thought out analyses of my image. It brings me pleasure to have another artist appreciate my work to this degree and who takes the time to share those thoughts.
Thank you!
All the best to you.


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