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If you hate reading, watch this! It has all my modeling policies and info, plus jokes and funny faces, and it's a video! You don't have to read videos!:

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I'm an open-minded, responsible, punctual 25 year old alt-model/vlogger/personality/GodsGirl looking to gain experience, build my port and resume, and engage with my ever-growing audience.

I don't really have a "traditional" model look - I'm 5 and a half feet tall, pretty curvy and tattooed, and I have a bit of a tummy I've been working on getting rid of (OMG DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD MY LIFE IS IF YOU TAKE AWAY CARBS AND REPLACE THEM WTH CRUNCHES). I'm about to start a 21-day sugar cleanse again so if I don't die before I finish it I'll be a more fit little lady for upcoming shoots.

I have a colorful half sleeve of Madusa tattooed on my upper right arm, a small piece on my inner right forearm, a small "thirteen" under my left breast, "Fuck you, Pay me," in script across the backs of my thighs, under my booty and a heart (that one is faded because of a bad reaction to the red ink so most of the ink bled out) & cupcake on my middle fingers but they're small and sometimes I forget that they're their. All of them are easily covered by makeup doe.

I think my face looks like some kind of dinosaur muppet, but people seem to like it anyway. But if you're planning a dinosaur and/or muppet shoot I'm definitely your girl.

I'm a licensed cosmetologist, working as a hair stylist and makeup artist as a supplement to alt modeling.

I'm not really rockin' the Skrillex hair anymore, I've grown out the undercut & my hair is about shoulder length with some layers. It's still red too. I can do a lot with it, and it still doesn't really look much different from what's in my port. If you're really into the asymmetrical thang I can pin back one side & it's back to looking like it did.

I'm pushing an entire package of my look and personality through creative, engaging, sincere work that fits the personal brand I've been building with internet marketing, networking, and social media. BUZZWORDS. I've gained more than 8000 Twitter followers, 3500 tumblr followers, and almost 6000 IG followers, and the number is always growing as I spread to new markets/mediums/networks.

Because of that - while I'll always sign a model release when working TF, if I don't feel the shoot fits my brand's tone, I'll ask to go uncredited. You'll still have all my likeness rights for free and whatnot, just call me "Model #666" or something.

I'd rather not do TF for shoots where I have to pose with fabric, 'cause that is generally awful and makes me feel like a cherub.

I'm obviously okay with being naked, though if you're looking for erotica and your shoot is TF I generally like to save that jump into full-on eroticness until at least our second shoot.
I'll pry change my mind about that if I think your work is super incredible, but even then only if we meet up and it turns out we mesh amazingly well.
For your first TF shoot with me you'll usually have to be okay with Playboy-style nudity as well as my awkward giggling (just kidding, the giggling happens at every shoot). Some people hate it.

I don't drive and I have an awful sense of direction. So I'll have an "escort," as in someone who drives me and helps me carry my shit into your house/studio and says, "Hi, I'm so-and-so, nice to meet you, have fun you guys," then leaves.
If it's okay with you and they have nowhere to go (like if we're out in the middle of nowhere and it's freezing and they have a cold), it's sometimes easier for them to stay in the room/studio/house/general vicinity. This almost never happens. But if it does, I'm really good at not being distracted. My "escort" is really good at not being distracting. We all got skillz.

If they stay, my "escort" is very helpful. They move lights, hold reflectors, and help me remember to do modely things, like arch my back or engage with my eyes or slightly open my mouth.
But if it'd make you feel more comfortable to have them in another room, whatever, that's cool. They have smart phones and/or laptops, that keeps people from being bored. Like I said, it pretty much never happens that they hafta stay anyway.

BTW, if my ride is not in the same room or in the same house or in the same neighborhood after dropping me off, don't ask me over and over again if I'm worried about them or where they are or if if I think they're bored.
I'm working with you right now, if they're somewhere getting tortured by rabid super-intelligent squirrels, I neither know nor care. The most distracting thing is you thinking I'm distracted when I don't even have an escort.

Feel free to ask about my rates! I'm friendly! They're very reasonable! Take advantage of my ignorance of my own self-worth! I have half and full day rates that are a motherfuckin' steal!

And: I'm super willing to shoot TFP. Do you have an awesome idea? Think I would work for it? Then send me a message! Please specify it's a TF pitch, or I'm gonna assume you wanna hire me for ca$h. I really love to trade for content!

Stuff that's gonna be published obvs has value beyond money. I abbreviated "obviously" because I'm young and I move fast.

I'm also willing to work via the trading and/or barter system like the owner of an old west general store -
Buy we wardrobe for the shoot. Let me keep it. Boom, paid.
Buy me shit off my wishlist. Boom, paid.
Give me your used photography equipment like film/film cameras/lights. BOOM. PAID.
I need web sets for Zivity and the like. Content trade. You shoot something for me, I shoot something for you.
I love to travel. Give me gas money to drive to you, a bed somewhere, and food. I'll shoot with you for DAYS, as long as you give me some time to walk around the city and look at its statues and eat the local barbecue.
Boom. Paid.

I'd also love to trade my services as a hair/makeup artist for shoot time with you!

I do have a cancellation policy - if you book me and cancel within a week of the scheduled shoot then you owe 50% of the agreed upon fee, and if you cancel within 48 hours of a scheduled shoot then you owe me 100% of the agreed upon fee. If I cancel on you, I'll pay whatever I have to for anything you booked - studios, hotels, makeup artists - whatever we agreed on when we scheduled our shoot. This works both ways.
I usually don't need deposits, but if I'm traveling I require 50% of our agreed upon fee to hold your spot. If you cancel within a week of our shoot I keep the deposit, in accordance with the above cancellation fee. It's here, it's written out in plain English, it's what I do.

I'm pretty quiet (the personality in this profile is a LIE), I'm fun to work with, I'm really open-minded, and I'm laid back to the extent that I'm down for pretty much whatever (on shoots I often say, "Sure!" and that often includes removing items of clothing). So hit me up.

Will also work for candy or freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (only sort of a joke).

At the moment, I'm available everyday, all damn day & night.



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Credit Notes

Photographers I've worked with and thus hopefully they think I'm somewhat okay at this, and hopefully they are impressed with how many Big Macs I can eat if dared to eat a lot of Big Macs.
#2371655 KilltheInsincr
#5146 FML Photography
#667561 Wolfy4u
#1833467 Onecat
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BN Photography

Models I've stood next to and in a lot of cases then went on to grope though always with their permission:
#1729945 Madeleine Jean
#1600858 Paige Paine
#104288 Asha Lo
#3288 Simone Symone
#103053 Angel Beau
#533331 Mercy
#1569331 Alice Frost
Jenna Valentine

clothing lines i've repped:
City of Savages

other places you can find me:

Fixe Magazine
FemmeXposure Magazine
Xtreme Orgasmatronics (I hold up the sex toys all like "Wow I want this inside of me!" and their ads are all over the internet - and in
Bust Magazine
SF Guardian's Sex Issue) (nominated for alt model of the year!)
Radiant Inc's Nude Issue (Archer cosplay & *Pornstars* Reading Their Hate Mail)


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