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We used to run active studio and our work is published worldwide. Now-days we are husband/wife art studio and do selective editorial work.

As long as we find you ideas publishable - we'll work with you. We're not charging models, neither we'll do types of work that we find not interesting for any payment.

PS. We recently moved to San Diego area. Probably will take some time for us to settle down.

Here's list I was able credit so far:

1121 Feisty Diva
1878 Miss Xena
3088 j
3582 Ahvani
3636 Shaylene Brown
5240 Amy Rose
7574 Lizybel
16588 Kordelia Devonshire
21503 Chrystyne
394150 Mistress Cleo LaVamp
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482873 Pamstah
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96404 Irismoon
104494 Mistress Simone
289605 Curare
807511 Deb De Vine
393224 Fenne DeMore
651669 Mandie Mae
525105 Sophie
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1241706 Amy
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1248377 Ann Mari
1139645 Ileana Nartker
400505 Miss EmmaMarie
1285387 Texas Timebomb
507746 Devin Marie
891529 Modelnola
1336622 Tasha vonBleu

One but highly obligatory requirement for models contacting us:
you must have plain full body, sitting and portrait images on your page (same as CompCards that you submit to agency). All that other artistic etc ... stuff is only good as reference if it was published or recognized in some other way.

Also, starting your initial conversation with rates or extensive presence of $ shaped eye catchlights in your portfolio most probably will not lead to any further conversation.

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Few dozens photos published - see tear sherts on portfolio link. Our website.

Jan 11 2009. Joined this site

Feb 08 2009. Worked with model  Curare. Thank god from time to time there are local models in this town who are pleasure to work with. Bad part - it's university place and they tend to move out sooner or later. Anyway worked for an hour or so with great pleasure, then run out of loaded film in holders and one of power packs started to behave funny (bad sync cord?). Instead of reloading new film and sorting out flash problem we decited to see what will develop on the film and do another session later.

Here one of scanned negs:

Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Nikkor SW 150mm. F32 1/200sec Speedotron Elipsoidal on back ground (1 KW/s), Speedotron 8' Fresnel on model 2Kw/s.

Feb 15 2009. Worked with Deb from Bloomington. She's natural retro/pin up girl right from the door, preparation for studio work was minimal and largely unnecessary. We did mostly light testing, worked for almost 2 hours.
Here's one of BW negatives:

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Nikkor SW 150mm. F23/1sec 4 Speedotron heads bounced off ceiling (~6KW/s).

Chrome (E6) from other light setup:

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Nikkor SW 150mm. One light - Speedotron Elipsoidal on Speedotron 4803CX pack set to 2Kw/s

Feb 21 2009. Was asked by MM to not display images with nudity on front page. Policy thing - need to respect advertisers, I replaced images with links & warnings.

Feb 22 2009. Worked with  Curare, we're doing editorial for one of fetish publication for next month, that's what theme is about:

Scanned b/w neg:

Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Schneider Super Angulon XL 90mm

Scanned E6 chrome:
Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Camera Sinar F2, Lens Schneider Super Angulon XL 90mm

Studio floor was shiny clean after that vacuuming:)

Feb 23 2009. Xena and her very photogenic friend been here all day. Haven't seen Xena forever (well ~4 years), we took pics, had chat ...

E6 chrome:

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Nikkor SW 150mm

Couple of Type 55 Polaroids:
Xenas friend

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Nikkor SW 150mm

Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Nikkor SW 150mm.

PS. I see several people trying to emulate Type 55 in PhotoShop. Above is how real thing looks:)

Feb 28 2009. Chrystyne was here. We had chat, took some pics. One of important sides of modeling - intelligence and deep understanding of art, life and career is what often is just passed on the side and wrongfully ignore in model. IMHO intelligence and right state of mind is what makes model. Anyway, enough babble, here are pics:

Latex B/W TMAX-2 400:

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Schneider Super Angulon XL 90mm.

It was my 1st time using new Kodak TMAX-2. I had long time supply of old TMAX but eventually runed out of it. Anyway, I still get to get a feel of this film. Image above I developed as before using HC110 dil E 8min in rotary drum. Neg on light box looked rather contrasty, but scanned fine. Next batch see another B/W bellow I did 6.5 mins, a bit less visual contrast. Anyway, I may try Tmax RS as Kodak suggest (I never had good feel of it).

C41 Scanned neg:

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Nikkor SW 150mm.

Another TMAX-2-400:

Camera Sinar F2, Lens Schneider Super Angulon XL 90mm.
HC110 dil E 6.5 mins rotary. Speedotron 8' Fresnel (connected to 4K/ws pack) on model, Speedotron Beauty dish with grid and lightsock (to kill the light) connected to speedo 1205CX pack on bare minimum w/s on background.

Seminude pic on Polaroid Type 55 (love polaroids!):
Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Camera Sinar P2, Lens Schneider Nikkor SW 150mm.

Mar 22 2009. Natalie was here, again it was long time ago when we had her in our studio. Not so much time we had she had to go back to Chicago at 3PM, we did some polaroids:

Sinar F2, Nikkor 65MM F4 lens.

Apr 05 2009. Worked with Fenne DeMore on same editorial, it was fun. She brought latex, I bought food wrapping in grocery store. Her friend/escort was very helpful wrapping her with plastic:)

Kodak Portra 400

Sinar F2, Nikkor 65mm, F22

Polaroid Type 55 neg

Sinar F2, Nikkor 65mm, F22

Kodak TMAX 400-2 (8 mins in HC110 dil 8), this one has some nudity in it:
Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Apr 18 2009. Deb was here. She is amazing, I opened the door and here she is all sharp and in style, not sure if modeling even applies to her - that's her lifestyle and mind set.

Anyway, took some polaroids:

Polaroid 55 negative, Sinar F2 camera, Nikkor 65mm lens at F16

Polaroid 55 negative, Sinar F2 camera, Nikkor 65mm lens at F22

Apr 19 2009. Curare was here. She had nice pink goth outfit with matching hair ... to finish pink theme she also brought pink puppy & pink yogurt. Before we got to yogurt & puppy we did regular pics:

Sinar P2, Nikkor 150mm lens, Polaroid Type 55 negative. F16.
I do not think that this pic breaks MM nudity rules, but if pple will complain I change it to link

Here's scan from Kodak Portra 400 Negative:
Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Sinar F2, Schneider 90mm XL lens, F22.

Then come yogurt, initially in small quantities:

Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Sinar P2, Schneider 360mm MC lens, F22. Polaroid again.

After that we had a lot of yogurt all over model, floor etc. One day I may add one of those pics.

Apr 26 2009. Mandie Mae from IN was in the studio today. She brought nice wedding dress. We had fun:

Type 55 polaroid:

Sinar F2, Nikkor 65mm lens

Two others contain some nudity:

Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Link to image (warning contains nudity)

May 04 2009. Decided to go to Columbus, OH Haunted Warehouse GroupShootColumbus, OH Haunted Warehouse GroupShoot. Here's my preliminary schedule working with models there:

9-10  -- Signup walk over --- * beesknees
10-11  The Gotham Girl *
11-12 OPEN Alex N *
12- 1  -- Break --- *
1- 2  Goddessangie1 *
2- 3  Naughtya  *
3- 4  Natasha Fatale *
4- 5  Tabs Doll *
5-6    Sophie *
6      Alkemie *
[* - confirmed]

Most probably I'll just pick 5-6 locations on location and move lights around, once light is setup I'll need 10-15mins, so I'd guess walk by's by registered models is ok. I'll post locations later.

Here's preliminary location schedule based on Laura's MySpace pics. I can adjust it a bit based on inputs, but can't jump from floor to floor frequently - too much stuff to move.

Basement 9-12AM
Boiling tanks

2nd floor 12-2PM
White broken glass room
open warehouse floor

3rd floor 2PM-3PM
Broken elevator cage

4th floor 4PM-7PM
Open warehouse

Main floor (maybe)
Medical things - is there dental chair there?smile

Outside (maybe)

PS. I'm looking for assistant to help me move lights etc. I have rather bulky film 4x5 setup(: In exchange I'll let you use my light setup and take pics and can cover entry fee. Assistant needs to have own optical/IR or Skyport wireless trigger and be not disturbing.

May 23 2009. Traveling to event was rather nice. Sinar C2, 2 lenses, couple of stands, 2 speedo 1K powerpacks, 1 speedo ellipsoidal light and one 102 head, misc stuff, film - I ended up with 42" long tenba bag & travel bag weighting ~120lb ...

As planned the schedule - set things up in the basement, just to find out that I'm missing power cords to both packs &%^$*#!!! Glad that I used Columbus Camera Group camera store to mail order few things before. Called them up - they got cables. Luckily one of photographers was off for an hour because of "no show" model - he gave me ride to the store.

Pretty soon I realized that  moving my stuff from floor to floor in assembled form is just no way. Stayed in the basement all day. Missed few models because of that (or maybe they didn't showed up). Did only polaroids this time.

Anyway, here are few pics from there, I may add more as I go over negs.

Model Sophie

Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Sinar C2, Schneider 72mm SA XL lens. F16

Model Alkemie

Link to image (warning contains nudity) 

Same setup as above. F16, 1 sec

Jul 5th Curare was in the studio. She brought some wires, we did weird stuff. Somehow when shooting E6 slides I misplaced film holders and instead of using 2nd film holder I reloaded 1st. Guess what - double exposure is what it is called:) Plus to that when I loaded film in to Jobo ATL somehow chemistry volume got set to 45ml instead of 1L, I did realized that, but only after 1st developer did whole cycle ... anyway, here's what turned out, I actually like it, I bet pple can spend days doing this in Photoshop:

Link to image (warning contains nudity) 

Sinar P2, Schneider 72mm lens

Jul 15th worked with Bella Apryl. She lives in near by town. It was fun session. 1st session, so we changed lights/outfits to get familiar. I also did experimented with different types of film for my own curiosity. Fact is that Polaroid type 55 that I like is out of production, I'm looking for ways to replace it. I'm working of few ways to develop negs from various of alternative film emulsions some give very interesting aka 60's color film look. Here are examples of different emulsions.

Classic/modern Kodak EPP emulsion. Standard development in E6 chemicals:

Polaroid Type 55. Out of production and probably history. There's project called Impossible project in Netherlands that has hopes to restore Polaroid process, but mostly they are about color/Integral process, not instant negs.

My experiments with alternative negative emulsion - well a bit laughable, but hey, I like it:) except chemicals that I currently use to do it are a bit nasty.

All pics - camera Sinar P2, lens Schneider SuperAngulon 72mm XL. 1/120sec F22.

Jul 16th Amy visited studio for 1st time. She has  natural airy flying summer clout nature, I had rather to constrain her cause of work flow with large format camera - my light stand weights 140lb:) and I have to focus, load film etc. ... 3 hours, floor covered with piles of polaroids. It was fun.

Das homebrew Color (see notes on alternative color above):

Polarod Type 55, MM may consider it sheer (last time I had semi nude pic open here - I got "reminder" email from moderator, I'll put link to pic:

Link to image (warning contains nudity) 

All pics - camera Sinar P2, lens Schneider SuperAngulon 72mm XL. 1/120sec F22.

Jul 16th-26th Had nice week off St Joe Island FL. No models there:)

Here's one pic from there (developed in resort bathroom) Sinar F2, 72mm SA XL. F22, 15mins. Mid day about 1:30PM very sunny and windy day (waves actually been pretty high)

Bicycle on the beach:

Aug 15th  woops

Nov 10-17th Been in Seattle worked with few models there, in small studios, model apartments and hotel room. Still sorting out developed film, Here's  Ann Mari's pic we did in  Thomas Park studio:

Camera Linhof Techikardan, Schneider 210mm APO lens, 5.6, Tmax-400 film
And few pics of Ileana Nartker

Camera Linhof Techikardan S, Schneider 210mm APO lens, F5.6, Tmax-400 film

Link to image This one has some nudity

Camera Linhof Techikardan, Schneider 72mm SA lens, 5.6, Tmax-400 film

Dec 6-17th Had trip to sunny San Diego, well 1st week actually reminded me Seattle:) Drizzle & rainy, but warm. Second week was just pleasant.

I had absolutely no luck with any locations, and my hotel was so DULL, DULL, DULL. Anyway, only hotel room photos.

Worked with Devin Marie, she had very nice latex with her. Here's her on small lamp table in guest room:

Sinar F2, Schneider APO Symmar 210mm, F8

Then she said I want to get wet and took shower, literally:

Sinar F2, Schneider Super Angulon 72mm XL, F16

Another evening Texas Timebomb stopped by after work. Door in - she's PIN UP and time stops there.

Here's she on the bed:

Sinar F2, Schneider APO Symmar 210mm, F5.6, lens plane tilted.
And on silly hotel couch:

Sinar F2, Schneider APO Symmar 210mm, F5.6, lens plane straight.

Emma is from Phoenix, AZ, but same week I've been in San Diego she was visiting her boyfriend there. They both dropped by and we had fun session.

Same silly hotel bed:

Sinar F2, Schneider APO Symmar 210mm, F5.6

and hotel bathroom:

Sinar F2, Schneider APO Symmar 210mm, F22

Jan 30th Modelnola and her husband been in area at business trip, she's from LA and ended up in freezy IL winter. Weather really got cold recently. Some weird artifact of global warming I presume. Whole thing was rather spontaneous, cause it was business trip, not so many clothes. We just did nudes, by MM rules I can post links only:

Link to image (warning contains nudity) 

Sinar P2, Schneider 210mm APO lens, F5.6 a bit of lens tilt.

Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Sinar F2, Schneider 72mm lens, F22.

Both pics Kodak EPP chromes.

Feb 20th We had a bit of break in cold icy weather and Tasha vonBleu had time to get here. Wish this winter will ever end, not even starting that global warming debate, but after living in this town for past 20 years we started to seriously consider to get snow cleaning machine, never thought we'll need one but winters are getting colder and snowier. Anyway, I loaded 4 grafmatic film holders with TMAX-400 film and ... never used it, we did just polaroids.

Polaroid Type 55 film, Sinar F2, Schneider 72mm XL lens + Center filter, F11

Polaroid Type 55 film, Sinar P2, Schneider 210 APO lens, F22

Feb 22th Post man brought package. Inside I found authors copies of Schlag Zeilen #107 Jan 2010, few pics posted above ended  up there.

Obeying MM rules I photoshoped red MM's on sensible places:)

Feb 28th Rather out of blue had session with 2 local Burlesque performers Frances and Grace. It was rather spontaneous session, we just took polaroids:

Sinar P2, Schneider 210mm APO lens, ring flash

Sinar F2, Schneider 72mm XL lens + center filter

Sinar P2, Shechneider 210mm APO lens, 10in fresnel

May 01 2010. After few reschedules finally managed to get to work with  Curare again. Did some polaroids:

Sinar P2, Schneider 210mm lens F22

Link to image (warning contains nudity)

Jun 05 2010 Fenne DeMore was here, we did few wide angle polaroids. Turns out this was my last shot with MM model in Urbana, IL, many things changed during 2010 summer and fall and one very tragic event in our family. We been living in Urbana, IL for past 20 years, now moving to Dallas.

Anyway, here is Fenne, true fetish inspiration.

Sinar P2, Schneider 47mm, Polaroid type 55 negative

Sinar P2, Schneider 47mm, Polaroid type 55 negative

Jul 2010 Article in View Camera Magazine, some pics of above put published:

Oct 2010Moving to Dallas, TX

Feb 2 2011 Received Jan copy of Schlagzeilen SZ, there's pic of Pamella that we did awhile ago:

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