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May 30, 2019
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Jan 27, 2017
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Hi there, i'm Sonya.
i am really excited to be in the future working on creative imagery with great artists and really good people, i'm a holy person so i like to keep pensive and aware of whats happening and being brought to the table.
I'm hoping to bring about new looks to the culture of the surrounding areas and having a great time with anyone who would enjoy being a team to make pictures that come to life.
I am really a good, responsible, respectful, and responsive type/s person and am open to vision and on time. &***I like basically beg you to photograph me.

goal: to make work that speaks for itself... and sells itself

*****A1: i will truly consider traveling (my own way/time/money) for the right photographers if we agree on taste. as if in another location or ideal state. (i reside in PA)
A1: I have a schedule that is bendable and flexible, and your time is VERY important to me.
A1: I understand the editorial manipulation process (photoshopping) however, would love to see result first/ as in or also last/after: sometimes if a photographer uses editing (heavily) still while their developing their skill set in the area (thinking more as weight and skin topic for this one) as in, photo-manipulation is a skill that gets better in time but i want to be real but unreal gorgeous but meaning its real. as in: i want granted freedom to request to have kept an original copy for me please (on computer or hand) as an option for later decision; if edits on weight and skin are made. to be kept or printed for my own personal treasury, and if i feel like it wasn't done for editorial purposes, meaning i wouldn't want it sold or seen due to lack of accuracay for a photographer to be pleasantly seriously considerate. Now this one might sound scary but don't worry ;) i get the ins & outs about it, most likely not a big deal, just wishing to say it here first.
if you're a photographer wishing a photo edited but do not have the skill set to do it, but think the photo is great, maybe we can work together and i can network an editor if the photograph needs one: i believe a photographers talent doesn't at all only lay in his or her ability to post edit (photoshop) a great photo. but i bet it scares some sometimes.
***** A1: i will try to be current, short messages about a desired shoot upcoming like ASAP, even if strangers (must be a good person) ((no nudity or swimsuit requests or outfit changes)) even if your just eager to build portfolio, try me and i'll see if i have the time (hopefully i do) and i will come meet up!
A1: i do well my own fashioning, makeup and hair, if theres a request on style i will try to be current.
A1: yes i will do TFP, your time is valuable as is mine and i think it is a great scenario to have the right people come together for a valuable reason.
A1: photos you take may be used editorially in the future, i won't sue just make me look good :) and let me know about it in the future thank you. and be open to sharing ;) but i'm lax about it.
*****A1: if you need me to smile or be very smiley, please tell me ahead of time. thank you
A1: i know my photos if no credit meant they weren't taken professionally but semi-pro and the author and credits weren't wished to be placed by them. I am a model that always will give credit!!! I repeat i am a model who will always give and place credit properly, questions or no question.
A1: videos are okay granted it is for good reason.
*****A1: my nudity i must take seriously and i wish for it all if naked/semi-naked -- to be done on my terms and style, to let me be the guider of the captured for some reason like this. I do have many fashions for it but will need to know ideas/and photo of location ahead of time and also to be agreeable with the outcome of light in the scene or environment, i want to protect my image. thank you for understanding.
A1: my style is my story, favoriting futuristic or vintage or with something to say.
A1: i will ask for permission for personal profile use when i'm wishing to use a photo you as a photographer captured, and also if credit will aid the photographer and it is willing that i can place information about you to spread you're networks, I am understanding.
*****A1: if photos of desired location/seen location idea can be sent from email ahead of time during play or planning, I would love yoU! it may help reduce questions of style and daylight priority.
A1: if we are agreeable on working together, and you want me to weigh less, please let me know ahead of time and i will be weightless in manner. meaning: if you need be skinny or skinnier or very skinny just give me time and i will adapt myself for this. I keep myself at a healthier type fullness, curvy and partial but not skin and bones. I will however consider the outcome and desire about it and as a photographer or planner, please be unashamed to ask me about the current frame/weight {also, the lense mm you're playing or planning with} and if you're serious about it and need to check up on me about it just send a message. will be taken with courtesy and understanding and respect. thank you.
A1: for those wishing to transfer images they took of me, back to me (pun) I will offer or just ask** to bring a CD or Camera Card
******B1: I photograph best in overexposure of light, daylight is very comfortable, black and white is a must-see/see-feel but is all about feeling it. Dark is something that may be okay but i'm trying to get farther from underdone lighting. thank you for understanding.

A1: my attitude is a happy giggly person, i can be darker, but must be like religiously darker type styling or and environment, with something to feel. like it's asking something in a religious sense. for capture

goal: to make work that speaks for itself... and sells itself

i'm like here for the photographer, so if you gift payment in an evenly fair way it's appreciate and will go toward further traveling; but not requested current.

also, i understand how emotional you feel about your craft as (conjunction) a photographer, i feel supportive.

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