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Jan 05, 2020
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About Me

Thanks to everyone that came to my casting call, or wanted to, I got some ideas about my projects and will add more stuff to them so everyone knows what I am thinking about!
A mom more than anything else, I have more time now to spend modeling and working on photo projects. I take it seriously, but I don't want really want pressure, I just want to make good pictures, so I want to focus on the things I have collected over time to make awesome pictorials like in the old days. I would like to trade work for a bit.

Many thank yous to everyone I worked with the last time I was here. They all took their work seriously, I appreciate that very much. I think it will be even better this time because I have a better idea of what I want to do. I will post pics of the things I have collected, maybe they will give you an idea of how to help me and my projects?

I live in the South Bay area, I am in Santa Cruz frequently (but not regularly). I hope to combine my trips to Santa Cruz with photography. I work part time in a boutique, I take pics of myself in the clothes from the shop, it takes a lot of time, and the pictures never come out good. I hope to combine work on my projects with some standard work.

My portfolio pictures of me in a Santa costume were taken just a few weeks ago (Dec. 2019) by one of the photographers from ModelMayhem. All the pictures are from MM photographers (hello Ian, Cesar, Michael, Jay, Matt, drop me a line if you want the credit!)

The best way to contact me is via MM. I am excited to be on here again, so I will be checking for messages every day!


I have always wanted to do a beach shoot but I am really not fond of cold at all anymore. I don't know I have gone through pain and put myself through pain but the thought of being cold leaves me cold. ;) I see lots of bikini photos on MM that I always wanted to do for sure. And a picture of being part of the landscape is something I have always wanted to do. I want to do a nude beach shoot. It would be liberating maybe or ultimately relaxing. So I am thinking of a project for the beach.

One of the projects I want to work on is simple, just to capture expressions on my face. Not very challenging I know. But I am not a good actress, so I always look fake, I need help. I have found that the first picture of me is usually the best, whatever look I have fades quickly. The first photo catches my actual feeling. I made a list once, about 8 different expressions. All happy, I don't want sad.

Another project is more of the body as a landscape. Someone I know wants photos of the body, but they can't look like body parts. The picture has to look like a landscape. I saw one, it was interesting, stuff is sprinkled on the body, the lights make them look like boulders! I like the idea of making one of those.

Another project is a pictorial about a woman getting home after a long day at work, unwinding. The more she rids herself of the "shackles of society", she transforms into a pussycat. Yes, I have a cat costume, doesn't everyone? Okay so this is lame too. What can I say, I don't have vision, I only see what is front of me, and usually that is me, looking at myself in the mirror. ;)

Another project is like the one about my expressions, but more about movement. I want to be able to take one of my expressions, and then re-express it in movement. That is more about video than photography, so maybe I would try to combine both at the same time? I don't have any real plans, I just spend a lot of time working out. Probably I just want pictures of me again.

Hi again. I am writing down more explanations about my projects in replies to messages, so I add them here for anyone to see.

There is more of an idea than just my face. The idea is Mingling. When you mingle you meet a new person every few minutes. Each time you meet a new person you always have the same expression, just Hello! How are you? Where do you work? But the expression changes each time, based on what happened with the last person you mingled with.

The very first Hello picture is the "just plain happy to be here" expression. Each Hello picture should be a little different than the very first. The game is to figure out which expression came before a Hello picture, to make it different that way.

Mingling is part of everyday life. Except we usually have to go from place to place to interact with strangers for a moment. But still the last person you mingled with affects your next Hello!

I need to make a list of the things my cat does. The idea is to have 3 pictures for each costume piece. 1 for the unwind, 1 for the costume piece, and 1 that is something a cat would do with that costume piece. Now that I am thinking about it I can't think of many things.

A cat has claws. What would a woman have in her workaday world that is like claws? Maybe she has a certificate in karate, she carries it with her always, and puts it away specially? I need to post a picture of the pieces so we can get some ideas!

I was asked about what I like so I saved it here.

The things I like in real life are normal things for a mom but with a bit of a twist. That old pic of me is back when all the other moms were you know at PTA meetings. I wasn't at those meetings. ;) I like being relaxed and get my mind off of everything. I like fireplaces. I like being in a robe and cozy. I like being in pretty things. I like being barefoot. But I like dainty shoes. Not too dainty. I like clean but that's just being a mom. But no, I do like clean. I like black and white photos they seem more mysterious. I llke my doggies and kitty. I like a latte its like a breakfast drink. I like classy and elegant but my jeans are torn and my shirt is meant to be worn inside out. I work out of course and posing can be like a workout but different in a fun way. Like a reward for my hard work. So I guess I still like the same things I always did but now I have more time to explore them.

And funny enough I finally found myself on the internet! I posed for Tom Mayes back when it was all the rage to get a website and rake in the bucks. There's a pic in my profile cut from the sample pics at So it is true, I still do like the same things because I am still doing them!

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