AT Productions Film / Video Maker

About Me

American Tickling is a brand that proudly creates the highest quality professionally made tickling entertainment content available. If you are unfamiliar with our industry then you may be surprised to discover that there is a large community of people who enjoy tickling as a form of entertainment and our business aims to serve this community in a manner that is professional, classy in taste, and non-pornographic in nature. What we do put simply is we create video content of our models being tickled on our custom furniture pieces. The shoots are a lot of fun and are easy to do! American Tickling values an image that conveys a high standard of beauty and class and we are highly selective in only choosing models who are in congruence with this image to associate with our brand. All of our models remain fully clothed throughout our shoots with no nudity or sexual acts of any kind involved in any of our productions, only tickling and laughter! If you are a ticklish female model with a medium build between the ages of 18-45 and are interested in the idea of getting well paid to laugh, then we would love to hear from you!

Date of our Castings: Rolling/On-going (We shoot on a regular monthly basis)
Time of Castings: Weekends (Regularly)
Shoot Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Pay: $500/Film Hour + Travel expenses for highly preferred models located outside of NC