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About Me

"Let's make some music, make some money, finds some models for wives."

Currently studying a book by Caroline Myss (Sacred Contracts) - Working for one of the absolute jobs of my dreams (and apparently where my archetype(s) believe I need to be at right-now); planning my big trip to Costa Rica in February 2009, to intensely involve myself in the art and teachings of yoga (with an intention of taking my knowledge globally - to Countries that have-yet to experience this beautiful sense of clarity, peace and Connection with the Devine.) In the meantime... visualizing and realizing my goal of getting myself infused in the Entertainment Industry again (including a NEW resume, NEW headshots, NEW Meetings, NEW contacts, and finally... FINALLY some Modeling, Acting, and SINGING!) GOD I've missed the stage & YOUR smiles-for-miles...

(PREVIOUSLY on 90210)
Here is - MY Official Paris' New BFF Casting Interview/Application, enjoy, as I-did  filling it out for over 5hours! LOL

Favorite color?

Describe your current day to day life?
*Wake early (or late - depending on the previous night,) groom my sleepies away, exercise, eat something fabulous and healthy, call EVERYONE that I know (to see what's going on for the day,) groom again for whatever is to come. If I need to find something incredible to wear for the day - rummage - If there's nothing to find, pop in my Infiniti & head for the road... Pick-up some fabulous threads, make more phone calls, call my Mom or family & say "Hey." By that time - there's somewhere awesome to be: the beach, a movie, a house party, a club, pilates - yoga, a charity event, a theme park, ~ There's always something "SO-NICE" going on. Live-it up, Enjoy-life to the fullest, Try to spread a-good message (taking time-away for personal development, inner strength, and charitable contributions,) Contribute & SHARE-in the lives of others, And most importantly enjoy the day as-if it were my last! "SO-NICE!"

What do you do for a fabulous night out?
*Most important - Call & make-plans with those friends that I KNOW I can TRUST & have a Blast with (no matter what the evening's activities may become.) When you're out for a night on-the-town; knowing that your friends have your back, are reasonably responsible & law abiding, but are also not sticks in-the mud, and can chamillionize themselves in ANY social situation, is of DIRE importance. I LOVE TO DANCE - I-mean, REALLY love to-dance... SO, where-ever there's dancing at, & Nicco's there: THATS "Where-the-party's-AT!" (ask all my friends) I have to dance (& or be seeing an incredible movie, show, or experiencing life to the fullest in some way;) I have to feel SAFE, I have to meet fabulous people while doing so, I have to be feeling & looking my VERY BEST, & I have to go home with a cell phone FULL of new numbers, "Haha" j/k ~ When the night is done (I WILL recover) and Do-it-all-again the next day!

How would your friends describe your BEST qualities?
*My friends & acquaintances regard me as a "Kind, caring, sweet, giving, nurturing, loving, creative, expressive, talented, thoughtful, honest, cute, pretty, foxy, sexy, eccentric, silly, philosophical, and crazy. I've spent a lot of time writing, analyzing and sharing the World (and my own personal experiences there-in) with those that I call "friends," as well as perfect strangers. I would hope that I would never strike someone as brash, insensitive, stuck-up, arrogant, or narrow minded... As I am polar opposites of these things. I think things-out, I try with all my heart to consider things from a GLOBAL view-point, & I LOVE HUMANITY - In ALL it's many beautiful colors and people. Those that call me "Friend" have seen me break-down in tears, when I speak of the atrocities that I see & hear of Globally; and how it-IS my life's mission to attempt to make things "Better." The tears start flowing when the reality sets in (mid sentence) when I KNOW that I "can't do-it-all."

How would your friends describe your WORST qualities?
*Those who've gotten to know me intimately; KNOW that I am a "care-giver." Sometimes over-stepping my bounds - in efforts to do-the-right-thing. I've been told that I "take people under my wing." This CAN be a good quality & IS; However when people take advantage of that fact, or take-it to the limits by stabbing me in the back - It becomes a problem that I need to handle. I.E. knowing "When to say WHEN" - In doing things for others. Over my life-time, I have tried to learn (through the kind communications of my friends) to Check-myself, to KNOW when to Mind-my-own-Business, To DO things for people, and to "feel" for this particular situation OR another, but NOT to become abused, used, or mistreated, as well as to NOT dictate the ways people should live their lives. We ALL need to live our own lives (i.e. make-our-own mistakes) - If we have someone constantly dictating to us "How to make it better" - Then we can never truly LEARN for ourselves, nor enjoy the FULL life experience as it SHOULD be.

How do you get what you want?
*I kindly, and sweetly, "Ask for-it!" No games - NO NEED. It always works, lol

Are you a popular person? How so?
*I'd like to think so. I get the calls to hang-out, go-shopping, go-clubbing, eat-lunch, etc. I get the invites to exclusive events, art shows, fashion shows, charitable events, etc. I get the emails to say "hey, i love you, i miss you, I'm sorry to hear what happened, & it was so nice meeting you," I have a fan base from my old band (when I was a front man,) - ALL & ALL "YES" - It's a (humbling) blast to have people want to be involved in Nicco Starr's life.

Are you usually the center of attention? Why?
*YES & NO. I try to "throw focus" to EVERYONE... Everyone deserves a chance to speak, be seen, flirt, and have fun! Besides - If ALL EYES are on me 24/7 - then I don't get anytime to have intimate moments (slip away to the restroom, seriously get-to-know someone, or take a moment to look at a party as an outsider - enjoying the moment.) Ya dig? I'm NOT full of myself, just confident & (humbly) magnetic.

Are you usually the leader or the sidekick? How so?
*BOTH - As you know about me now - I like to share the throne. Everyone deserves to be the prince or princess of the ball. Coming up with ideas and things to do (in ALL occassions) should be a shared event. I LOVE to lead & certainly don't mind following or being surprised. I'll come-up with an idea, you'll come-up with an idea - we'll compromise & share the moment & either way we'll have a "Booty-Blast" doing-it!

What is the wildest thing you've ever done?
*SO-many stories to share with Paris, but we'll keep this-one tame: I recently accused/congratulated a woman on being pregnant (Who wasn't) - Let me set the scene: She had a 'bump'.. eluding to a pregnancy. I checked-it-out a few times before making a confirmed-observation.... I said: 'Congratulations!' She said: 'for what?' * (Immediately feeling 'OH-GOD,' maybe I was wrong) I said: 'Oh nothing' (She giggled) * (a few minutes later) (after observing some-more) I said: 'I didn't mean to say NOTHING earlier; I had congratulated you because I had noticed that that you were carrying a new-baby, and I was excited for you.' (I RUBBED HER F-ING BELLY WITH MY HAND PEOPLE) * (curiously)
She said: 'But I'm NOT pregnant' * (my heart, soul and stomach - immediately became some disgusting mix of brown-putrescent-horror ~ I WAS MORTIFIED. And I'm sure she didn't feel any better.) I said: 'Oh... well... maybe it was just the way you were carrying yourself, I thought.... that you might have been,... UM,... Well, ... Uhhh' She said: 'Well I guess I'd better hit-the-gym then!' I said: 'No!!' 'I mean... I've spent sometime around models, and sometimes I carry myself a little slouched and I'm sure people think that I'm a hunch-back.' (trying-to-recover-DESPERATELY!) (The situation then, just persisted when I f-d-up the transaction I was trying to QUICKLY completing with her.... AND-THAT, ladies & gellyspoons, was Nicco Starr's MOST WILD/embarrassing moment!)
Lesson: Don't freakin congratulate someone on being 'pregnant' (unless you KNOW them personaly) EEEEEEVER!

Do you consider yourself FABULOUS? How so?
*That's a hard question, because it's also a very ego-driven one? YES - We are ALL fabulous in our-own way. A female impersonator might be fabulous to some, because she is decked-to-the-nines and can lipsync to Madonna as-if she was the real-deal; where-as a librarian might be fabulous to others, because he or she has memorized the titles of all 300 million/billion or so odd books that they have at so-&-so Public Library in Guam!? SO "Indeed" Nicco Starr IS a fabulous person in the World of fabulous beings. Explanation: I implore you to PLEASE check out my myspace profile, get to know me on a personal and social level, talk-shop, dreams, and life-schemes with me for a few minutes; and then make a judgment for yourself. I PROMISE NOT to dissapoint!

Why do you think you could fit in the socialite circle?
*Since the moment I knew what it was to have friends, get phone numbers, and "hang-out" I have been an addict-of-society! My Mom often laughed at me as a child - because I would never want to go-to-bed for fear of "missing-out on something" or hoping that "someone was coming-over." If I'm home-alone NOW at my age; I can't be content to do-so without calling someone to fulfil my social-needs (for more than 4 hours.) I have been living, breathing (eating,) and developing friendships & relationships since BEFORE the word socialite was even born. From the different "scenes" that I've circled, the different walks-of life that I have encountered, and with an ultimate goal to be a KEY PLAYER on the "Panel to Save Humanity" ~ It is VITAL for me to BE & Sustain my "Socialitizm!" LOL - This question cracks me -up!

List 3 qualities you think makes the perfect BFF?
*A person who you can trust to NEVER intentionaly HURT or HARM you.
*A person who will ALWAYS be there for you emmotionally - IF or IF NOT (life is being tough-on-you.) Someone who will LISTEN to you with an open mind, heart, and know their boundaries in expressing advice.
*Someone you realte to, can share & agree on ideas with. Someone who knows, LOVES, & ENJOYS your lifestyle (for what it-is) & does not pass judgment on-you or retaliate against you (beyond peaceful/reasonable) conversation.

What qualities do you think makes the perfect CELEBRITY BFF?
*Someone who ALWAYS "has your-back," Can filter the TRUTH from media hype (by discussing-it with YOU directly.) Someone who can ALWAYS "Be-ON" WITH-you... but also KNOWS when to "shut-up." Someone who presents themselves with STYLE & CLASS, is articulate/supports their-own ideas, and has a GRAND SENSE of spontaneity - to compliment YOU, your's, and their-OWN public image. Someone who ALWAYS remembers - That you ARE FRIENDS TILL THE END - No matter what the World seems to say, or How they might try to persuade you. (When associated with YOU) Someone who can ADD "Something Magic" of their-own to the camera - not a "biter" - LOL

What similarities AND differences do you share with Paris Hilton?
*This is a tough question as I DO NOT know Paris personally, nor have I ever met-her. However I have had my other Best Friend Marc (of 13 years) assist & chat with P at Kitson. Though it was just an hour or so that they encountered one-another; I stand-by my best friend, in TRUSTING his judgment of character. He said that she was an absolute "doll," so sweet, so articulate & smart, funny, and simply a very approachable - "GENUINELY NICE" person. I believe that - In a "first impression" opportunity such as that one - I come-off with the same compliments. There are several things that I would like to "believe" in regards to Paris' business-savvy & abilities to work her-talents-strategies-promotions-and tactics, like none-other; with her own-"original" MAGNITUDE... she DOES, DOES-IT-WELL, & SO do-I. I state this, because in-contrast the media tends to paint a different picture of Paris (Sometime - NOT always a good-one) - and It angers me that the media paints these "negative" pictures for people to believe - and people then sheep-together and believe ANYTHING that they are told to. Paris and I ARE GOOD PEOPLE with GREAT INTENTIONS - that I feel in my HEART & MIND are solid similarities. The rest of it: Differences, etc. - Who knows, Who cares, that's what becoming "BFF"'s IS ALL ABOUT. Getting to know extrodinary people, in far from ordinary circumstances - Is what I DO best; Paris & I are like two beautiful dreamers-&-doers split by male & female genes... I can't wait to get to know the "real-YOU" P.

The A-List scene can be a cruel one... How would you get the attention you deserve?
*BY being myself - BY NEVER being fake or pretend. By NEVER being SO-self consumed, that rejection, a sarcastic comment, or a rude accusation would bring-me-down. Life's too-short for that shinanigans; "I've got better parties to be-at!" I've been blessed with enough charisma & energy to become President; I was picked-out-of-a-crowd to be the lead singer for a band (without the manager EVEN knowing that I could sing and was in fact an artist) ~ I KNOW I've got this one handled!

What celebrity most reminds you of yourself and why?
*SIX people actually: Tim Burton, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton (duh,) Adam Brodie's "Seth Cohen", and Parker Posie: TIM - his creative abilities to dive in-to and face, the heart of the "child-like" sensitivity (in-all of us); fears, and asthetic curriosities - IS ME! Madonna - her business savvy/abilities to utilize her talents, charm, sincere drive to have a GRAND life-experience - & market these into the legacy that she has - IS the very CORE of Nicco Starr's dreams! Gwen - she started in an average town, and with focus & perseverance for who she was & what she wanted to-be (most importantly - how she desired to make others' "feel" as-though NOTHING were "impossible") she has climbed the difficult ladder to the-top - AND made it accessible and fanciful for ALL! I am a "dreamer & an artist;" she has made success with these things - I AM doing the same! Paris Hilton - much like Madonna, Gwen, and Marilyn Monroe; IS a "marketing" genius. She KNOWS exactly what she's doing, exactly how it's-all-to-play-out, and how to play the next move (much like a brilliant chess-player,) in order to succeed at this so-called-life. - I AM this person; constantly planning for tomorrow - with integrity, celebrity, hype, and "fun!" Cohen - he's shy, secure, insecure, sarcastic, whimsicle, nutty, charming, HOT, goofy, corny, and all-around-a-BIG-dork... and for some-reason; because the World is-tired of played-out jocks and brainless wonders - WE f-ing LOVE HIM! I ADORE these sides of-myself, as do I hope others' DO as-well. AND Parker - she's sarcastic, witty, bitchy, dark, sexxxy as-hell, far-from-cookie-cut, unique, an "original," approachable, hate-able, laugh-able, whimsicle, silly, eccentric beyond-prediction - THIS IS NICCO STARR!!! I'm a-nut, aka a "Real-Artist" - I LOVE that about me, & wouldn't trade-it for ANY personality in-the-World!

If you became a celebrity, what secret would you be most fearful of getting out?
*FIRST of-all - Though a celebrity can be famous for being "an-open-book" ~ I think the greatest-thing that CLASSIC-HOLLYWOOD is missing in our-time - Is anonymity & mystery. YOU NEVER GIVE YOUR SECRETS AWAY - because once you've given THAT-up - there's nothing left for the World to be hungry for, intrigued or "shocked-by." It's like having Black without the White, Dawn without the Dusk (once you've seen it ALL - what is there-left to "look forward-to?") AND IF - I were to give-up my "secrets" - It would be with Conan O'Brien - NOT Oprah! Lol

Why do you want to be famous?
*I DON'T. Like any human being, who deeply appreciates their life, and understands the true-gift that we have been given - Their ONE-HOPE (I.E. MINE) Is to have the opportunity to share their life-experience, goals, dreams, views, and own-personal "takes" on this crazy-experience - WITH each and every soul that roams this "perty-World." With the platform of "celebrity" - Comes THIS World's largest opportunity to share my "voice." To allow my soul - the BIGGEST megaphone yet-known to the people of the World. My heart desires the option to say "Hello World, this is who I AM, this is what I've seen, how do you-feel, what are you going through, me-too, so what are we doing to make things the best we possibly CAN!?" (so-on & so-forth.) I want the opportunity to speak & LISTEN to humanity - and BEYOND.

What would you do to stay on top?
*Tell the person "Look (man or woman,) I'm a-top." J/K - Who really cares: As long as I'm doing the RIGHT THING (in my own heart & soul) - I'll ALWAYS Come-out On-Top!

What about you will make a perfect replacement for Paris' Ex BFF?
*Honestly, I didn't know that she'd REALLY LOST the last one?? As I've said - I don't know Paris personally (But would very-much like to; as I KNOW that we have lots & lots of wonderful life stories, missions, and similarites to share together.) As far as I understand-it a "BFF" is-just that: FOREVER. You CAN'T "replace" that kind of person; the history, the stories, the emmotions, the shared-moments that NO-ONE else can capture or "re-create." It's impossible. What you CAN DO - Is grow-apart, change directions, "Fall" for other friendships (as-well) - We ALL do-it... it's part of life. Paris will ALWAYS LOVE any of her "closest" friends - I WOULDN'T & CAN'T be a "replacment?" - I WILL-BE (however) an AWESOME & POSITIVE "Addition" to her life-experience... AND A DAMN GOOD-ONE (as far as I'm concerned) Lol *humbly-speaking* (my-tongue is cutely, and innocently sticking out at you, for asking this question.)

What does Paris have that you might be jealous of, and why?
*C'mon now - Do I REALLY sound like the type of person who would be "jealous" of anyone? I-mean "sure" - I might state that "I'm jealous" in a whimsicle, and child-like fashion: BOO-HOO she got the nicer-pony, the more-expensive shoes, the better record-deal, the biggest piece of gum... "Blah-blah-blah" ~ The point-is: We're BFF's - there's nothing IMPORTANT ENOUGH (in material possesions, VIP's, or freedoms to do "what-ever," etc.) THAT holds the same importance that LOVE for another human-being "friend, acquaintance or lover" HAS? NOTHING!

What is the ultimate fashion accsessory?
*Religious or Philisophical emblems - Who's proceeds were donated to a GREATER Human cause.

If you were a cocktail, what would you be?
*A Lemon-drop

Choose one dream date?

Describe your family life?
*CAT (mom) - a "Total-Betty!" Cool, direct, inspirational, artistic, insightful, charismatic, creative, eccentric, corny, silly-gilly, fetching, crazy, driven, and "slicker" than a penguin's-back!
*DAN (dad) - a "Man on-the Moon!" Zany, silly, a-gas, funny, creative, insightful, introspective, utterly-open & forgiving, in-his-own-World, content, a "beautiful-dreamer," a hopeful-romantic! *JAMES (brother) - a "World Believer & Conquerer!" Strong-beyond-the-word strength, a miracle, a "dreamer of dreams," a lover - NOT a good-fighter, mysterious, adventurous, funny, sarcastic, rude w & w/out reason, someone who makes you challenge and question yourself (in a good-way,) awesome, loving, insightful, endeering, enduring, a talent-yet-to-be-discovered - someone who could teach the World the meaning of "inner-strength."

What were you like in high school?
*Afraid-of EVERYONE - But just wanted to be "loved" and accepted for who I-was. Thank GOD for "theatrics" (they saved-my-life & sanity.) Everyone thought I was some weird gothic/punk-rock kid who was going to cast a spell-on-them... I guess I came-off kinda "dark" and subdued. I was a theatre major (and a Damn-fine actor, even-if-I -humbly- said-so myself) THIS brought me into the "lime-light" of what THEY considered to be "normal & approachable." I perked-UP & ENERGIZED - Won quite a few trophies, filled quite a few houses, met LOTS of incredible people - (Including my-life mentor) and decided to Grow-up & start "believing-in-myself!" THUS - the sociallite, artist & philosopher was borne'....
I was a lot of "Wild & crazy FUN!" I'd do-it ALL-over again (in-a-heart-beat!)

You and Paris end up on the cover of every gossip magazine. What must you two have done to obtain this infamy?
*(Hypothetically-speaking) We've organized a Day-Party Gathering at the World Trade Center of Los Angeles (with globally renowned DJs, Vendors, Radiostations, News Casts, Sponsors, etc.) to rally peeps (of ALL walks & creeds) together to "celebrate" the idea of BRINGING OUR TROOPS HOME IN 2009 - IN conjunction with a "Save the un-adopted/kenneled chihuahua" EFFORT: Both, "hysterical" & "poignant" - The media would eat-THAT-up! I LOVE's-IT "SO-NICE!"

A hottie isn't feeling Paris, but is all over you, what do you do?
*DUDE, "She's my friend" - YES, I want to say: "If Paris isn't good-enough for YOU, then maybe you're NOT good-enough for ME, yo!?"
BUT - the truth IS - I'm a boi & she's a grl - I'm sure we can work something-out...
"WTF - I know you've gotta have some HOT friends around here somewhere - SO hook my girl-up, don't be a jerk.?" (When the night comes-to-a-close, I WOULD NEVER LEAVE MY BFF EMPTY HANDED - I'd make SURE we were BOTH having FUN - otherwise -
"DUDE, Take a rain-check, I'll call you when I'm home tomorrow, give me your digits."

The paparazzi are snapping away while Paris is blocking your amazing outfit, what do you do?
*"THEY'RE CLOTHES PEOPLE!" I'd bust-a Zoolander and pull-out my "Magnum" OR - I'd get over-it and hope for a better-shot next-one; DOESN'T matter - as long as we're both having fun & feel "fabulous from the attention - period."

A door man doesn't let you in the club where Paris awaits, plead your case:
*(Hypothetically-speaking) FIRST - I'd go around to the back of the club, try to find some gorgeous bartender or waitress who's out having a "smoke," flirt my-way-in by telling him/her that I have a really special friend "Paris" who wants to "sneak-me-in through the back, so I don't have to deal with all the red-rope, lines, & paparazzi b.s. - outfront; AND THAT she's waiting for me at the back - AND says that if he/she gets me-in - they can come to our after party that night"...
(IF that doesn't work)
2nd - (Because I ALWAYS carry a megaphone with me) - Go-out to the front of the club (Sit-on-top of the most convieniently parked car - an expensive-one, probably owned by someone inside the club) and preach-on-my-mic: "Attention Boys & Girls, I am Nicco Starr; Bubba here (or whatever Mister doorman's name-is) doesn't seem to understand that my Best-Friend Paris Hilton, is waiting impatiently inside (enter club name) for me to meet-up with her. She's extremely pissed-off, because I'm already ten-minutes late with her Starbuck's latte (doesn't matter what time it is, It's the URGENCY they'll understand); IF we don't get this sweet, kind & charming, doorman to let me-in - Paris is going to be terribly bummed - Bubba's going to be terribly embarrassed, and I'm going to have to sing EVERY SINGLE SONG from Paris' self titled album until you all wish you were dead! AND SO - Bubba, Bubbahh.... B-Dawg... I ask you, on behalf of ALL these wonderful glamour girls & glamour boys, What're gonna do???" - The crowd goes silent.... and Nicco gets his way.

Complete this sentence: Friends don't let friends?
*Show their "cookie" to the paparazzi? Smoke-crack while people are taking pictures? J/K Drive drunk, make life-threatening decisions without proper guidance, wear white shoes after Labor-day, or sing the National Anthem (at a stadium) until they KNOW ALL the words by-heart!

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