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My day job offered me a promotion to return to Oregon, so after 5+ years in the Seattle area, I returned to Oregon in June of 2021, I will take time to complete some old projects, finish the books I started, and maybe take on some new clients. I do very little trade work unless for publication or something I find vastly interesting. Never hesitate to reach out and say hello. I have not updated my portfolio since the 2015 move, but there is still much to see.

In the 80s and 90s, my career in Photography was mixed. I worked in Rock & Roll for a while. My work has been in magazines and tour guides for many Grammy Award-winning artists and some that just never had a hit. I also shot for the adult industry doing model photography for magazines and box covers. You can see some of my Rock & Roll work on my site

My rates are not the highest nor the lowest. We are very competitive in the quality we provide. Our Trade-For work is limited to only our books. Our concentration areas are model, boudoir, art, and commercial print. We pay models when we are getting paid by a client or company. If we are trading our time, so are you, and so will the MUA... if that does not work for you, then sorry.

I am also available for Photoshop graphics, editing, and retouching. I am a member of the NAPP and working to become an Adobe Certified Expert. I now edit mostly in Camera Raw & PS CC exclusively; I do not use Lightroom or Actions; sorry not my thing. 3rd party tools include Alien Skin and OnOne

Our photos are only printed through our lab of choice (BayPhoto) via, with no exceptions.

Please note, we don't give out RAW images, we don't share contact sheets, and we don't give away copyright on our images. We will pick the images to review, cull, and edit. We will occasionally give a glimpse of what we shot, but we don't like showing an unfinished product.

I am looking forward to creating something remarkable.

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[email protected]

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"I've never been so happy with the results of my photos than with Craig. I can say he truly knows how to make a model look his/her best. Not only is his product flawless he is easy to shoot with and I felt very comfortable around him." Read less

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"Craig is a really nice person and a dedicated photographer. Craig puts together and manages many large scale modeling events, and sometimes I don't know how he does it and how he handles them so well. He's professional, considerate, and finds alternate solutions when problems arise. As a photographer, he can work with many styles and knows how to beautifully enhance photos. I loved how scary and gross my zombie photos came out! I was also published in his short magazine series NW Creative several times." Read less

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Credit Notes

[b]I am honored to have worked with some amazing models,[/b] makeup artists, painters, MUAs, stylists, and all creatives over the years. There are 100s of models NOT on MM so I will not be listing them here, as it would just take up too much space. In the 80s I worked with dozens of Adult Artists, including Nina Hartley, Traci Lords, Nikki Charm, Annette Haven, Sharon Mitchell, Barbara Dare, Brandy Alexandre, Ginger Lynn, Kristara Barrington, Lynn LeMay, Shauna Grant, Marilyn Martin, and more. I also worked doing Concert Photography, ask to see my Rock & Roll Gallery at

[b]About Punctuality[/b] Please keep us informed if your plans change or you're running late. Valid reasons are fine, illness or family illness, legal issues, accidents, etc. Hanging out with your friends and forgot to show is not valid. Regardless if it's a TF_ shoot or not, we have allotted time and resources to be there and blocked that time away from paid clients to work with you on that shoot. If you need to reschedule, that's fine, please let us know as far in advance as possible. Calling that morning for non-emergency cancellations is not acceptable. What is also not accepted and will prevent us from working with you again on anything trade is if you cancel to go play, hang out, get coffee, hit the beach, too stoned, hungover, forgot I had other plans, slipped my mind, early birthday surprise, road trip, my microwave had the wrong time, my ride forgot, etc.

[b] Sometimes we need to move times too, [/b]that's fair, but please communicate. In the past, we have had paid and trade models just never show, nothing.. and may never hear from them again. It's not a proper way to conduct business or treat others. Please be respectful and communicate.

[b]My style is my style.[/b] Like it or not it's mine. I have no ego tied up in my work. If you want to work with me because you like what I do, then great. If you prefer another photographer or edit style, then please go in that direction.

[b]If we are planning a shoot together,[/b] or you wish to shoot in the future, please use any model listed as a reference. I treat everyone the same, kindness, courtesy, respect, and humor. If you don't laugh, please find a different photographer, we will clash and the time at my studio will be dull and boring! If you're either a paid or TF model and you pull a no show or cancel without notice or valid reason we will not reschedule. Please show common courtesy and respect for our time. (see above). Keep in mind I am not trying to date you, I am not going to ask you to remove more clothing for money. I will not be touching you, without asking first "May I fix a stray hair" or "Can I move your arm". I will never approach or touch or invade private space. Unless we are friends, this is a creative business endeavor, not a date.

[b]Here is my view on escorts.[/b] Models are welcome to bring one. I prefer you bring a female escort. I find male chaperons (boyfriends/husbands) distract the model. Models will not pose or act themselves with him there. I will make an exception if we talk in advance. I don't like surprises. Also, we reserve the right to steal your escort and use him/her as an unpaid worker. I know it's not fair, oh well. We need free help! Again contact any/all models about my studio presence. I always have a female assistant on client-paid boudoir shoots, no exceptions.

[b]Model Tips:[/b] If using our MUA(s), please arrive with a clean, fresh, moisturized face. Do NOT come in makeup. If you're modeling anything cropped or plunging in the back or front, or lingerie or topless please do not wear a support garment to the shoot. I don't mind removing small lines, but massive lines and buckle marks are an unneeded time consumer. I stop shooting about 1/2 hour before our time ends. If you're there from 1pm - 3pm, 1 to 1:30 is prep 1:30-2:30 is shooting 2:30-3:00 is wrap up.

Numbers inside (__) = number of times (more than once) I have worked with the model. (Non-MM Models NOT listed, there are 100s) Letter "P" = Published

[b]Models from MM[/b]
[i]Aimee #1005206
Aka_Serenity #3292232
Alexis Stetic #2475457
Amanda Oswell #2444020 (P)
Amy Crump #3093451 (3) (P)
Angiegirl223 #3341123
Arie Aesthetic #1046825 (2)
AmayaMeda #1795600
Ammo Larribas #774026 (2) (P)
Anna Modeler #3340221 (2)
Aschlee Rabbit #197903 (7) (P)
Ashley Rene #3011673
Ashlii Skyy #3354678
Aurora Storm #3340981 (2) (P)
Brandy Hagan #3145618 (P)
Brittany Nicole Jones #2895243 (P)
Bunny B. Luxe #2401884 (2) (P)
Cameron Winters #1183086 (P)
Candy L Lane 2288061 (2)
Captain Belladonna #2874971
Catherine Martin #2921621
Chelsey Butchard #2157 (P)
Chloe Calypso #1172285 (2) (P)
Ciara Jean #2267082 (5) (P)
CrayTay (Taylor Diane) #3295447 (3) (P)
Cre8tive Girl #2694325
DanikaMilles #2544393 (3)
DarlingNikkiD #2579749 (P)
Delilah Jaded #2939003 (P)
Deviant Angel 79 #3352748 (3)
Dimitri Thomas #320760
Divinity Doyenne #3160868
Echo1074 #2923188 (P)
Eden Cox #2894053
Emily Linch #537155
Erin Verdigris #188362 (P)
Evanella #2925753
Franziska Faulstich #2831197
Glor #2739238 (P)
Hailey Groh #2939369
Hemi Syke #2399592 (4)
Holly Talkington #1183086 (P)
Invy #135322 (P)
Jenny Velocitas #2449941 (11) (P)
Jessica McCree #3130590 (2)
Jin N Tonic #2218778 (2) (P)
Jo-chan #1024337
Jordynnn #360223 (P)
Jordyn Wilde #2984656
Josie Benedetti #3153684
KaitLOM #600179
Kanon Demonia #3231394 (4)
Kanya Sesser #881343 (P)
Karleena Gore #1499920 (2) (P)
Karmeleon #2951793
Kate Bloom #2897809 (P)
Katessa Harkey #2365354 (P)
Katie Pierog #3305764 (3) (P)
Kayla Easley #2618542
Kaz #3440633
Kkelliee #3404723
Kendra Dick #3083038 (4)
Kendra Kensington #2651508 (P)
Kenlyn MacAulay #3650070
Kimberly Jaden #123889 (P) (3)
Kruzkontrol #2422559
Lara Amor #3397781
Laura Eliza #2600956
Libra89 #3126366 (6)
Lila Bruce #3090990 (5) (P)
Lindsay Lavender #1757748 (2) (P)
Lindsey_maya #2856517 (2) (P)
Lola Fatale #2984690 (2) (P)
Magpie Morningstar #3422441 (2) (P)
Mairani Cuevas #2703749
Marie Cat #2776008
Mary Ward #3165808 (P)
Meera Lee #2962500 (P)
Meghan Helen #3670725
Meilyn Saychow #2562789
Mia Felix #3622728
Mindy Parker #2521833 (2)
MisMoonfire #2667766 (2)
Morningtree #2917534
Ms Cindy Michelle #2754009 (2)
MsLithium21 #2933292 (3)
Nathalie Portland #34325230
Nikki Darling #3399244 (P)
Night Flower #3081946
Nina Natascha #1441515 (2) (P)
Paige Thirteen #1476588
Porcelain Dawn #2382495 (3) (P)
Pure Rebel #2621488
Queen Reya #3429974
Rainbow-Brite #3639867
Rebecca Purcell #1752313
Rikki G #2703650
Roanoke #310022
Rosalee Rae #2638340
Rose Winters #2183441
Rummy Rose #3451277 (4)
Sage Bell #229 (2)
SamaraMae #1184851 (3)
Sami Jo #3572168
Sara Richelle #2462160
Sarah Henderson #1883870
Sarah LD #1603120 (4) (P)
Selene Suicide #2465422 (P)
ShawnaMC #2559861 (P)
Shelbi Rae #3103710 (3) (P)
Sienna Arnold #3074878 (9) (P)
Sister Crawley #3171505
Taarna Deane #3447475 (3) (P)
Tabitha Knight #1041392 (P)
Thomas Martinez #3008219
Tiara Rose #3512798 (P)
Tugboat Annie #2947545 (2) (P)
Twin Print Models #2934223 (3) (P)
Venus Kathleen #2848703 (2) (P)
Veruca Dulce #3623219
Victoria Nanette #2890489
Yuria Johnson #214743
Yvette Meek #2176941 (3)[/i]

[b]MUA & FX[/b]
[i]Aschlee Rabbit #197903 (5)
Bella by DSD FX Studios #2172195
Candace White #2318863
Celese Williams #3207216
EnolaGrey #3140426 (2)
Honey Bo Bell #3442552
Magnificent Marjani #2918074 (3)
Matt Huntley (Body Painter) 852938
Moulage Guy-1438186
Mz Midnight Makeup #2839545 (3)
Paloma Ortiz #2625885 (4)
Sarah Bradshaw - Eyeheartmakeup #3203007 (4)[/i]

[i]Amy Stickel #3093451 (4)
Artistic Cliques #1586474 (2)
A Spark of Glamour - Brandon #2827817
Be Art Photography #2716109
Black Orchid #3137450 (3)
C LeMay #2466493
Cody Augustine #2697630
DB aka Bruce-1787519
DB Nudes etc #2829609 (2)
Death by photo #1353760
Ed Beck #2305620
Eric Hobart #2452694
FORM72 #2737534
Grit City Pinups (Pat C.) 1411673
Hobart Photography #2452694
Mearle #268994 (3)
NW-Glamour-Photos #2457468
PhotoSlavery #1224165 (4)
Riamux Creations (Liam) #1715144
TenBall Photography (Russ) #552463
Tiny Bee Photography (Aymee) #2716109[/i]

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[b]MM People - I have worked with, but will No Longer Photograph or Work With.[/b]
[i]Aerie Anna #3080059 | Alexandra Renee Hysmith #3098049 | Ashley Jade #3179028 | Ashely Zaggs #646191 | Avara Butterfly #3147531 | ButterflyKissesBaby #2248161 | Cheyenne Rae #2418222 | Feral Faune aka Faune Unveiled 3191335 | Gennivive #123455 | Jadea27 #1872713 | Janessa OBrien #1902355 | Jim Kennedy #514209 | J Kegley #380205 | Kelly Azalea #3440633 | Kelsie Carroll #2991576 | Kimberly Miner #2321339 | LoveChildK #2916112 | Luna Dyemond #2671617 | Marvolo #2895142 | Mikki Marvel #1611087 | Miranda Jean J. #474675 | Miss Justine Marie #2089326 | Mila Ross #732977 | ModelKrista #2906956 | Moonchild Meow Dancer #3359466 | Noah Hibiscus Eaton #2706735 | Rachel Chagnon #2353024 | Rosie Van Houton #2949348 | Sativa Model #3216920 | Shelby Kinney #2547162 | Skullbroom Stiletto #3038049 | Skye G #1988506 | Skyler Bleu #3118694 | Stiletto Styles #3222627 | Thumbelina #2589044 | Tiffiny A Boyd #3132039 | Uneekint #2408497 | Vivi Rotica #3338627 | WilleyCoyote #1715062 [/i]