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Apr 18, 2007

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It is time to get back to work.  I'm accepting TF for interesting concepts. Please reach out to me if you'd be interested in working together.

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"Working with Mark was a wonderful experience. He has an eye for great shots and makes it hard to choose which one is best! He made the shoot creative, fun, and laid back. I hope to work together again i the future." Read less

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"Mark is so great! We had a quick shoot together but he was very laid back, friendly and entertaining. His sarcastic humor fit well with mine lol! He was very professional and kept the shoot moving and engaging." Read less

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Credit Notes


Aaron Gary (not on MM)
Abbie Renee
Abby Leigh
Adelaide Augustina
Aisha J (not on MM)
Alena Brook x2
Aless Hanna (not on MM) x3
Alex Michele x5
Alexandra Fische
Alexis Zuber
Ali Fink
Ali Soukovich x2
Allie (Not on MM) x2
Allyn Lewis
Alysha Nett
Amanda Beth
Amanda Bossi
Amanda M Brown x5
AmandaJean S
Amber Donaldson
Amber Rose (not on MM)
Ambition the Kid
Amiee Ames (not on MM)
Amy Caroline
Amy Eli
Amy Kujawa x3
Anastasia (not on MM) x2
Andrea Faye Kelly x2
Anne R (not on MM) x2
Annie Blair Lieber x2
Anoush Anou
April Gildea X11
April Sherrie
Arianna Fitness Chic
arrey lee
Ash Turner
Ashleigh Correll (not on MM)
Ashley Bongiovanni
Ashley Boyd (not on MM)
Ashley Donaldson
AsHLey M BraDleY x6
Ashley N Baker
AshleyElizabethFrohnert x4
Ashley Meador x3
Ashley Miller (not on MM)
Ashlyn LEanne
Autumn Lee (not on MM)
B Twins x4
Barbara Desiree Kovach
Bebe Beretta
Becka White
Bella Belle x2
Bella Davison (not on MM)
Bella Heather Jean
Bethanne (not on MM)
Bethany Caruso
Billie Jo Powers (not on MM) x20
Brad Killian (not on MM)
Bree Lea
Bri Rotto (not on MM) x4
Brian Hoxter (not on MM)
Brian Price (not on MM)
Bridget Fry
Brittany Pordash (not on MM)
Brittany Rotto x19
Brittany Ullrich (not on MM)
Brooke Crawford
Bryn Rose x3
c h r i s g o o d e n
C Lee x10
Cait Michele
caitlin noel x3
Caitlin C OConnor
Caitlinchels x8
Candace King
Candace Orlandi (not on MM)
Candy L
Cara Parrish
Carerra Holmes (not on MM)
Carley Lenz
Carmella Russo x4
Carrie Gminder Leonard (not on MM)
Cassandra McKinney (not on MM) x2
Cassie BC Guerin
Cathy Davis (not on MM)
Chelsea Jayde (not on MM)
Chelsea Renee-Alexis
China Cercone (not on MM)
Christina Jordan x3
Christina Kenney (not on MM)
Christopher Conroy (not on MM)
ciaramarieconforti x2
Chinonyelum Nwokedi
Christiana D'Agostino (not on MM)
Christine Hoberek (not on MM) x2
Cindy Star x7
Cody Blymire (not on MM)
Courtney_Lynn x3
Courtney Lashay
CraigAllen x3
Crista Backo (not on MM)
Crystal Dawn x2
crystal lee
Damsel Reed
Dana Lynn (not on MM)
Dane Halo-Globetrotter
Danica Knotts (not on MM)
Danielle Cara
Danielle Casne (not on MM)
Dannie Fortwangler
Darth Lord Ricketts (not on MM)
David Brody (not on MM)
David Eugene Burford
Delilah Anita
Denita Brown
Dessie Lyn x13
Destiny M x3
Devin Seymour
Dkia A
Drew Kerr (not on MM)
Eanna Holton (not on MM)
el vee
Elana Koh
Elias-Lee x3
Elizabeth Anastasia
Emily Condel
Emily Marilyn
Erica L Stevenson
Erika Newell (not on MM)
Erin RoseMcClelland
Erin Sledge x3
Eva Smith
FR Brown
Haley Bowen (not on MM)
Heather_G x4
Hillary Rene x3
Holly Lizabeth x2
Holly Summers x5
Iana (not on MM) x2
Ingrid Ullrich x19
Irina x3
Jacqueline Hudson (not on MM) x2
Jade Elyse
Jaime Neal
Jaimee Mader (not on MM)
Jamie Michelle Gainer x13
Janina-Marie x5
jarvis powers
Jasmin Jayde
Jasmine Lindgren (not on MM)
Jasmine Savage (not on MM)
Jason Willett x3
Jenn Pruchniewski x2
Jenna Jordyn x5
Jenna Trott
Jenni Thomas
Jennifer M. Melvin x3
Jennifer Peragine
Jerrica Marie
Jessica Girson
Jessica Kaylor (not on MM)
Jessica Laliah (not on MM) x3
Jessica Elise x2
Jessica Izabel Wood x2
Jessica Mae Seibert
Jessica Roth (not on MM)
Jessica Waibel (not on MM)
Jill Liebisch
Jim Pasqualino (not on MM)
Jodie (not on MM) x2
Jodie Skrinjar (not on MM)
Jodie Lynn Skrinjar (not on MM)
Joe Costa (not on MM)
Jordan Daniele x5
Josh Himes (not on MM) x5
Julia Pauline (not on MM)
Justan Hardy (not on MM)
Kaci Cramer (not on MM) x4
Kait Schoeb x3
Kaitlyn Smith (not on MM)
- Kaleah -
Kali Hyde x6
Kati Lynn x2
Kandyce Proia x6
Kat Connell x3
Katie Gagliano (not on MM)
Kate Lynn Rene x2
Katie N (not on MM)
Kay Rhodes (not on MM) x2
Kaylee Corine x5
Kellie Lynn (not on MM)
Kelly Hood
Kelly Lee Daugherty x9
Kelly Lombardo (not on MM)
Kendall (not on MM)
KessM x2
Khani Fantastic
Kim Peyton (not on MM)
Kristi Tel
Kristina Mattea (not on MM)
Lacey Cameron (not on MM)
Lacey J
Lacy W
LaShonda Reed
Laura Moro x2
Lauren Bellissima (not on MM)
Lauren Calaway
Lauren Lulu
Lexii Nicole x25
Lenka Lukac x6
LianZhang x2
Lil Miss Sew Addicted x2
Lisa Carr x2
Lisa Giallonardo (Not on MM) x3
Little Rey
Liz Q
Lizz Tailore x2
Lizzy Pusateri (not on MM)
Logan Mills (not on MM)
Lori K x6
Lucy Osinski
Lyndi Jo Delisio x2
Lyne Walke
Lynn Sambuco x3
Lyssa Cole x3
Lyz Porter x2
Mackenzie Dudzik (not on MM)
Maddie Brown (not on MM) x2
Madison Toy (not on MM)
Madisun Kennedy Taylor
Mandy Biernacki (not on MM) x3
Madusha Mayadunne (not on MM) x5
Maggie P (not on MM)
Mallery x5
manchester x2
Mandee Love
Mandie Sweetheart x2
Maria Szarmach (not on MM) x2
marie Blanchard x3
Marilyn Sinclair
Marissa Trilli (not on MM)
mariyah wallace
Marz (not on MM)
Matthew H Pressley
Maty x2
Maura KC x5
Megan Stevick (not on MM)
Melissa Hamilton (not on MM)
Melissa Jean
Melissa Kuhnert (not on MM)
Melissa Pagani
Meredith Mingione (not on MM)
Miaa Rigby
Michael Orsini (not on MM)
Michael Pennick
Michaela Wollmann (not on MM) x2
Michelle B Pittsburgh
Michelle Pearce
Mike Prest (not on MM) x2
Milanya Maria
Miranda19 x2
miss ashley naomi
Miss Megan Boo x4
MissyRose x5
Model Lizz x7
Model MandyLynn x2
Molly Hanley
Morgan Lepore (not on MM)
Morgan Pinney (not on MM)
Morgan Wolk
Mose Butch (not on MM)
Nadirah Robinson (not on MM)
Natalie LaRosa (not on MM)
Natalie Paros Snyder
Natalie Romano (not on MM) x2
Newt Elliott (not on MM) x2
Nichol Alexander
Nicole Clark (not on MM) x3
Nicole Hampton
Nicole-Mone (not on MM)
Nicolette Ventura (not on MM) x3
Nikkie D x9
Nikole Aston (not on MM)
Nirvana Crystal x15
N o v a x11
Noelle McKee x4
Nykki Jager
Oh Susannah
Paigey Price x12
Phoebe Nixon (not on MM)
Princess Beth
Quincy McCombs (not on MM)
Rachel Carr
Rachel Falter (not on MM)
Rachael Szabo (not on MM) x2
Rachel Weichbrodt x2
Raekay x2
Rebekah Shrader (not on MM)
Radikal Kats Photo II
Rai Frydryck x2
Rausha Foster
Rebecca Bosetti
Rebecca Kim
Renee Rahimzadeh
Roberta Ferrari (not on MM)
Robin Smith
Romana (not on MM)
Rome French Scott x2
Rosalie Nolfi x4
Ryan Goodworth
Ryan Stockton x5
Samantha Joanna x2
Samantha Marie xoxo
Samantha Sham
Sara Czolba (not on MM)
Sara Henderson x3
Sarah Bair (not on MM)
Sarah Brittney Burgess x3
Sarah Lavallee (not on MM) x2
Sarah Prankha x11
Sarah Shekels (not on MM)
Sarah Stark x2
Sasha (not on MM)
Savannah Potocnik (not on MM) x6
Serena Bond x14
Serenity (not on MM)
Shana Valre (not on MM)
Shane Markley (not on MM)
Shane Smith (not on MM)
Shannon McClead x11
Shannxn x2
Shawn Neiswonger (not on MM) x2
Shea (not on MM)
Sienna Martin x2
Sindel x3
slice of heaven x4
Sonya Burton
ssjoberg27 x2
-StacieMarie- x2
StaceyDixon x2
Stacey Benet (not on MM)
Stephani Ezatoff
Stephanie A Campbell
Sweet Cindy x5
Tami Kae x3
Tamara Davis x2
Tanaqwill x2
Tawny Ring
Taylor Kobasko (not on MM)
Taylor M Madigan
Teagan Marie
The Diamond Princess
Tiffany Bertetto (not on MM)
Tom Czarny
Tom Gay
Tony Mo
Tonya Michellee x6
Trailer Darling
v e l o c i t y
Valerie Compeggie (not on MM)
Valerie Gatto (not on MM) x3
Valerie R x4
Velissa Vaughn
Veronica Buccilli x7
Vi R
Vicky Saltenis (not on MM)
Vin x4
Virginia Petrucci
Vivian C (not on MM)
Whitley R Smith x2
Whitney Anne (not on MM) x2
Whitney Kerr (not on MM)
Wilda O Kore

Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists

Alicia Gildea (not on MM) x2
Alicia Dwyer
Amber Demeis x7
Amy Villainous MUA
Autumn Cook (not on MM)
Beauty by Brittany x43
Beauty by Gina x3
Beauty By Wendy
Bethany Montecalvo (not on MM)
Briana Rasicci x6
Candace Orlandi x5
chavirismo x2
Cody Park
Courtney H Makeup
Cydney Culpepper (not on MM) x2
DiamUnd Rouff
Dione Yvette x7
fractale faces
Ginger Makeup Artist x2
Hannah Fuller-Stout
Hannah Jayy
Hollywood Hair n Makeup
Hope Wittier (not on MM)
Ina (not on MM) x3
Janneth MUA x15
Jordan Daniele MUA x10
Jodie Lynn Skrinjar (not on MM) x24
Kate Marshall x2
Kate Sanfilippo (not on MM) x2
Katrina (not on MM) x3
Kayla L Makeup x11
Krista Baxter x4
Lee  Ann Collins x4
Lenka Lukac
Lyne Walke x3
M E G Hair and Makeup x12
M.V. x19
Makeup by Adrianna x4
Makeup By Jae Lee x17
Make-Up by Krystle Sierras (not on MM)
Makeup_n_Hair x33
Marissa Pusateri
Melissa Layman-Stephan x3
Molly Hanley x10
MUA Lori D
Natalie Linaweaver
ND makeUPart x7
Rachel Lynn Carr x15
Reel Makeup x5
Roberta Dudzik (not on MM) x10
S McClead Makeup x16
Sasha Nicole Franjione x16
Shana Lohr x3
Sonoma (not on MM)
Star Hair and Makeup x42
Stephanie Campbell (not on MM) x22
Styles by Megan Boo x7
Tami Davenport
Victoria Daley (not on MM)
Xtina Connelly (not on MM)
Zarelli Hairdressing x9
Zee Gustafson x2

Clothing Designers

r e s e t c o u t u r e
Sew Addicted x17
Tidal Cool Creations
Victoria Velvet x8

Wardrobe Stylist

Brittany Donaldson
Eric Maurice R
Hollywood Wardrobe
MicheleG WardrobeAndMUA x2


Christopher Gooden x12
Jeff Zoet
MissL Photography x2

People in bold print have helped me in ways I can't describe.  Special thanks to them, I wouldn't be where I am without them.