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Greetings from Steve, Classic Light Photo’s (CLP) chief photographer and photographic instructor. We have been in business since Fall 2006. Up until now, we have focused mostly on weddings and event photography. We also have been providing photographic instruction to institutions, such as schools and 4-H groups. This education includes mentoring younger or newer photographers and helping them get real-job experience and preparing them for getting started in a professional photography business of their own.


Model Escort Policy: Models are cordially invited to bring 1 or more escorts (within reason) with them to CLP assignments or shoots. With the exception of some commercial work (when other professional people are already "on the set," such as, MUAs, art directors, etc.), escorts will usually be invited to participate as "photographic assistants" by doing such tasks holding light shapers and modifiers, etc. They are welcome to help, but NOT to interfere, with the creative process. Unescorted models are welcome to coordinate with us, and then we will ensure they have a safety escort to and from their vehicle.

Friends: At CLP, we think friendships are a great thing. However, we think a friend should be more than just an empty electronic link. Once we have done a photographic job or shoot with you which is mutually satisfying or once we have had some other substantial, positive interaction, then CLP will cheerfully initiate and accept MM friending requests. Until such a time, we will not be able to acknowledge friend requests and we don’t want folks to mistake us for being rude. Thank you.

Needs Now: Currently, we are looking to expand our Web presence. Initially, we are concentrating on creating and expanding our galleries for bridal portraiture and school senior portraiture, including significant variety in locations, model types and styles. At the same time, we are also a general-purpose studio and we enjoy solving photographic and lighting "problems" creatively, so models should feel free to contact us for help in fulfilling their own portfolio goals (in many genres).

Long-term Goal: We are also looking to develop working relationships with a number of models, primarily in the northern and central Virginia area but also in northern New Hampshire. Since we specialize in mobile studio and location work, our goal is have a number of models we have worked with professionally, spread across the various areas we serve, so that we can respond swiftly to our commercial clients when they have photographic needs.

Also, given that education is part of our mission, we are always acquiring new photographic and lighting equipment as well as learning about new imaging techniques. This means that, provided our work schedule allows, we are usually willing to help models, who are new to the industry, build their portfolios, while they at the same time, are helping us gain new photographic capabilities and experience.

Statement on Modeling: Models who are interested in working with CLP should feel free to email us and request a copy of our document on modeling. The document lays out in detail what we expect from models as our professional partners as well as what they have a right to demand from us.

Compensation: CLP is very flexible with respect to compensation. Here are at least 3 of the ways that we compensate models, MUAs, hair stylists and other contributors (depending on experience, CLP’s current needs, etc.): 1) Pay directly; 2) TFP (when CLP’s portfolio needs happen to match the needs of the contributor’s portfolio; 3) Time-and-picture splitting (when CLP’s portfolio needs do not match those of the contributor, we can take turns shooting what each of us would like to shoot). Other arrangements will be considered; please just ask!

Contact: Please contact us at [email protected] rather than via MM messaging.

Our "Outdoor Studio" In-Progress: We are currently involved in a multi-year effort of remaking a rolling, rural property in Culpeper County VA into a variety photo shoot location … designed by photographers for photographers. The property is quite private and is a mixture woods and meadows and nearly completely surrounded by an agricultural concern of many hundreds of acres size. Eventually, we plan to do a lot of attractive landscaping and to have a number of permanent "sets" for various scenes and genres built up. Right now, the property is still pretty wild-and-natural, but already there are semi-open woodland areas, wooded trails, deep woods, small, medium and larger rock outcroppings, "tree islands" in a meadow, abandoned and weather-faded farmhouses in the background, a small stream (seasonal) etc. It is located about 4 miles west of the town of Culpeper, VA. Please contact us via email to setup a tour of the location as well as to make arrangements to use it for a photographic job or shoot.

Other Photogs: CLP is always interested in federating with other serious photographers as partners, second shooters, photographic consultants or mentors. When the situation is right, we team with other photographers on job and at shoots in order to split cost of models, MUAs, etc. as well as to leverage such things as each other’s lighting equipment, expertise, post-processing images skill, and so forth. If you have an idea for which you could use a partner, please shoot us an email.

References: Professional and character references are provided to those who ask, once a seriously-considered opportunity to work together has been established.

Thank you for visiting our pages.

All the best,
[email protected]

F R I E N D S:

Tanya A Almaas: One successful outdoor shoot at Gari Melchers’s Belmont Estate historical site. Tanya is an extremely competent, pleasant and helpful model with which to work. Having worked at the peak in the modeling business, Tanya is incredibly gracious and graceful; both classy and classic. Very organized and thoughtful in an anticipating way; working with her flowed very naturally. We had a view laughs along the way as her problem-solving energy pushed past minor obstacles and she drove my visualizations home. Very definitely looking to work with her again! Highly recommended.

Liz Ashley: As of this writing, two long, outdoors shoots. She is well-known and experienced; extremely competent and easy with which to work. She is obviously beautiful AND very intelligent ... always a highly-valued combination. When given the opportunity, she is a great on-the-fly, creativity partner. In several scenarios, she really threw herself into the "part" and ended up creating even stronger images than those in my high-expectation, planned visualizations! When confronted with an unexpected logistical problem, she worked with me and that allowed a shoot to go on ... a true pro!

Courtney Raynore: A very elegant and graceful model. One shoot so far which was very engaging and successful. She has a clear view of what she wants in her images and is very flexible in creating synergy with the photographer’s suggestions and requests. Definitely intent on working with her again.

Kobe Lee: Two highly-successful, multi-hour shoots. Not only is she a proficient and very attractive model, but also an intelligent and engaging conversationalist in a number of cultural and academic areas. Teamwork synergy developed during the very first segment of the first shoot! Time flies by as we create large numbers of images with an extremely high percentage of "keepers" and "winners." She throws herself into the genres which I need for my business as well as "creative experiments" with energy and creativity. Like a true professional, she occasionally goes "off-script" and ends up creating stronger images than the ones I envisioned! Working with her has pretty much exactly met my ideal of what it means to "have creative fun," while creating serious, professional imagery.

Kay Snellings: At this point, four very successful shoots .. in studio and outdoors. She has a lot of range, is very good in taking direction, but in a professional, symbiotic way and has a very pleasant and interesting personality. An artistic partner, who makes suggestions that result in even better images than the photographer had envisioned during shoot planning. Strongly recommended. In the process of setting up the next long shoot with her ... !

Janna J: Two shoots so far: outdoors and studio. Very easy and competent to work with. Does excellent work in posing herself and is also very willing to accommodate guidance from photographer. A master of great disguises and a joy to shoot! Already working on setting up more image-making sessions with her.

Kierstin Falls: Retired from MM

Rachel Blevins: So far, one excellent 3-hour shoot. She is very quickly picking up the versatility and foundational skills so important to effective modeling. I am looking forward to setting up another shoot with her and to see how far she can go as she continues to work with a variety of talented photogs.

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