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About Me

About Me

My name is Denis Lafitte.
My role was to direct the production of photographic services for the global advertising market (particularly fashion, perfumery, cosmetics, etc.) especially on behalf of largest companies.
I worked in Prague, Milan, London, Paris and West Palm Beach (Florida, USA) on the Atlantic coast.
I was* co-owner of Atlantik Apoxee Advertising, with Philip Schusser, each at 50%.
For ours needs we used models from every continent in continuous turnover.
We was looked for new faces ever without any experience but with young age (18/38) beautiful presence, will and seriousness.
We never produced porno.
Joining a prestigious website like MM will undoubtedly facilitate my scouting.
My desire is to follow the most current trends in professional and amateur photography to promote new and interesting projects.

UPDATE 01.01.2021

(*) We are sadly announcing the death of Philip Schusser, which took place on 23 September 2020 after a long period of pharmacological coma following a car accident in Miami in which partner Denis Lafitte was also seriously injured.

Following the death of Philip Schusser, the Atlantik Apoxee Advertising Agency and the European subsidiary aaastudios were suppressed.
The scouting activity to find new faces is continued on his own by Denis Lafitte mainly for the purpose of a creative research through a limited activity in the atelier, having been seriously injured in the accident that was the primary cause of the death of the business partner, but now almost exclusively through no thethered remote shooting, also useful for social distancing purposes


It would be too simple for me to say that not taking care of the classic canons of photography is determined by the quality of the raw material, consisting of remote photos, linked to the goodness of communication, atmospheric conditions, quality of the mobiles and many other external causes.
This is partially the case, but in practice it is a choice.
When in the second half of the nineteenth century the Impressionists burst onto the static European pictorial panorama, the experts shouted scandal.
That new type of painting decisively broke the classic way of painting, in which the most important element was the resemblance to reality.
That small group of artists did not care that their painting resembled the subject: they threw pieces of color on the canvas, giving the “impression” that was reality.
It took decades for the novelty to be appreciated.
If someone looks for classic photographs in my portfolio, stubbornly curated on the arrangement of the lights, the sharpness of the lines, the repetition of the poses, he will not find them.
For some time I have said enough to those photos: enough to angel wings, enough to fake blood, enough to Christmas tree lights.
Some say my photos aren't innovative - they're just plain ugly.
It may well be that this is the case, but as long as I have the illusion of following a new path, I will follow that path.
A photographer wrote to me:
“Hello. I was reviewing your portfolio and admire your creativity.
I have only been focusing on creating clear, sharp images.
I have not tried to be artistic yet but you inspire me to think differently. “
As long as there is someone who thinks so, I will continue on my way.
Denis Lafitte

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