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About Me

Welcome to the Sad Catters Haunted Clockwork Teaparty. "Brevis ipsa vita est sed malis fit longior" innit. If you've just fallen down the Rabbit Hole or climbed thru the Looking Glass, and are wondering WTF is going on... it's no use asking me which way to go, I ain't got a clue daaarlinx. But I might make a pot of tea; if you can help me get that fawkin' dormouse out of the fawkin' teapot...


Mooncat aka Ethereal-Mooncat aka The Cheshire Mooncat aka Mr. Cat

A FRAGMENT FROM THE WGW FAUX-FACSIMILE PHOTOJOURNAL OF e. MoOnCaT eSQ. (feat. that self same Aristocat in zeh Hat) 


currently Sheffield, S. Yorkshire (UK)

I think of myself as a Photomorpherealist. In other words a semi-pro PS Illustrator / Dark Artist / Photographer (Photomorherealist may be a long word, but  it's shorter than saying / typing all that; and get's in the inference of the Ethereality that haunts my work, my netname & my soul, nes pas?).

I'm also a Semi-Pro Organic Gardener. 

Studied basic Photography & Darkroom at School & 8 years later also during  BTEC Diploma in Fine Art (altho I specialised in Painting). Also spent a year as a self-employed General Photographer (portraits, weddings, fashion) in the early 90's (using 35mm & 120 rollfilm / studio flash units). Started studying photomanipulation (self-taught) circa 2006 ~ using PS CS1 with subsequent addition of a Wacom Graphire Pen&Tab. Moved over to digi-'tography in Summer 2008 when got paws on a Nikon D60 dSLR and over the next year Year did numerous Fashion / Art shoots (location or makeshift ambient / tungsten lit studio) involving a variety of amatuer, semi-pro & pro Dark Culture Models & Fashion Designers; have also tried my paw at a bit of photojournalistic Dark Culture stuffs€“ ie live gigs and social events. Most of my projects are associated with the contempary UK Alt / Goth Scene, but I have an eclectic range of interests and will consider Other Things: for eg I'€™ve  done  promo stuff and gig photography for Jazz musicians.

THE SONG OF PERSEPHONE (feat Alt Model / Symphonic Metal Vocalist Lady Angellyca)

If it'€™s paid work I'€™m prob interested (I know, I know : wot a whore huh?) Having said that... in terms of Preference, Previous Experience, As Yet Unexplored Interest ~ and consideration of occasional future tfp/tfcd collabs here is an Impressionistick Conjuration of my partic Interests *extends an ethereal claw with a phantom prrrrroaw & points down w/ a feline flourish*...

fAshiON : Alt ~ Dark Culture ~ Trad Goth ~ Cyberpunk ~ Steampunk ~ Clockpunk ~ Ren Fey  ~ Vampyric …also interested in trying : Retro ~ Dark Metal ~ Folk Noir ~ Shabby Chic ~ Urban Decay Trashdoll  ~ Post-Urban Tribal ~ High Fashion (Galliano is a partic fav, altho not his recent stuff!)  …and always interested to see : innovative / idiosyncratic / imaginative / outrageous / opulent stylin€™ or fusions outside definition or genre.

CoNcEPtUaL & aRTisTiC : Dark Faerietale (Lara Jade or early Cecile Lensen stylii, rather than the cheesey, over-airbrushed stuff!) ~ Thru the looking Glass & Down the Rabbit Hole (Tea anyone?) ~ 21st C.  Pre-Raphelite (I’m a great admirer of the work of Polish PS Illustrator Malgorzata Maj aka Sarachmet: her work is treasure) ~ Spookadelik Gothique ~ Classic Elegance ~ Faux-Fascimile Archaic ~ Transmorphereal Iridesance. Also interested in trying :  Opulent Boho Exotica ~ Edgy, Confrontational, Urban Decay stylii stuff. 

PeRfORMaNce : Bands ~ Events ~ Teaparties. Also interested in trying shoots involving perfomance skills in a dynamic way : dancers, actors, circus performers, burlesque performers & c & c...

ProMo & DeSIGn : Have done a few promo shoots, followed up by photediting / photomanip & basic Graphic Design for bands (posters, leaflets, CD covers, website images, etc) and for my own work as a Dark Artist (leaflets & logos) but would be interested in doing more, in a wider range of promotional contexts : ppl or objects, places or events : and end product promotional material (inc development of a consistant / recognisable brand / promo €˜look).

PhOTo-RetOucHinG : Tonal / Exposure adjustments to entire photo; selective adjustments to parts of photo : eg enhancement of portrait shots ~ reducing heavy shadow / creating highlights / removing blemishes / enhancing hairstyle or makeup, enhancing skintone, restoration of old / damaged photos or conversley ageing / digital sepia toning of new / mint photos; converting colour to b&w or conversley€“ painting in partial colour tinting on b&w photos.

PhOtOmOrPHerEaL PhOTo-MAnipUlaTioN (commissions only) : There are no limits in the Haunted Realm of Lunarfeline Ethereality... *XD with catfangs*


I'€™m a self-employed Stray Cat in a Hat, so I can be pretty flexible. Altho if travel is required I will generally need plenty of notice & unless you can come to me, basic travel expenses.

PHOTO-EDITING / PHOTO-MANIPULATION / TRAD ARTWORK / GRAPHIC DESIGN / COMBOS THEREOF  (using my or other '˜togs images, subject to copyright)  ~ £10 p/hr. Estimates on request.

(feat the uber-elegant Alivya V Free)

PHOTOGRAPHY ~ Depends on asignment. I do some TFP / TFCD, otherwise cost is usualy based on £10 p/hr + expenses. I don'€™t aim to be an Industry Standard 'Tog -  First & Foremost I'm a PS Artist / Illustrator these days. But I do aim to be technicaly & proffessionaly competant combined with creative, quirky approach to the shoot itself, in a way that creates a shared dynamic of creative imput, self expresssion, fun & maybe a certain sparkle of enchantment ~ for everyone involved. Which will also (hopefully) illuminate the net results.

CYBERSHOOT CONTACT SHEET SAMPLE (feat. Alt Model & Cyber-Burlesque Performer Violet Magenta during a recent WGW Fest)

NEO-CLASSICAL CONTACT SHEET SAMPLE (feat. Clockpunk/Steampunk Fashion Designer / Model / Ballerina Victorian Muse in my makeshift home studio)

*eh-heh : sets tophat at a rakish angle & extends ethereal kittykatklawz* 
To be Free ~ to set others Free ~ to disrupt, to disrupt, to disrupt.
"I want to Free the World... from Certainty" as the excellent Bjork Gudmundstottir once sang. Or *Fuck the System* as I would say.

*ahem... reajusts hat & retracts claws... a bit*

Other than that: Currently my main  artistic focus centres on photoediting & I a€™m working towards becoming a full-on pro PS Dark Artist / Illustrator.

However, Photography (& Trad Art)  remain important aspects of my PS artwork. The Trad stuff I persue largely in Splendid Isolation, altho I maybe interested in liasons with Trad or Vector Artists of styles different but congrous with my own. I currently have links with a few such. As for 'Tography : I’m partic interested in observing / assisting ‘Togs during shoots in the hope of broadening & deepening my knowledge / experience of Photography… specificly re the areas that I think are my weaknesses:  the logistics & flow of Photoshoots (in a practical & interpersonal way),  the technical & creative aspects of lighting / exposure, and the technichal subtlties of the in-cam fine tuning that is possible with dSLR’s. I want to produce better photos straight out of cam, with a view to eliminating much of the pre-manip basic photo-editing in the PS stage.  It would also be handy to make contact with ppl who were also up for reversing roles & acting as assistant during my shoots sometimes! So Alt / Hi Fashion / Retro Glam 'togs feel free to get in touch... the Cats want you, my precious, yes they does. Same goes for imaginative, avante-garde, MUA's, Designers, Performers, Organisers, & fellow Darko PS Artists / Illustrators.

Descensus in cuniculi cavum, darlinks... descensus in cuniculi cavum. 

SKIN & BONE (feat. Hilary Keller: one of the combi model / photographer / PS Artists that originaly inspired me to take up PS)

CONTACT : If you would like me to undertake a commission, provide an estimate or if you think that maybe we could work together for mutual & meaningful portfolio / artistic benefit benefit pm me via my Ethereal Mooncat€™ profiles here on MM. BTW, chaperones welcome at shoots of course ~ as long as they are aware that they may be cajoled into holding reflectors, blowing bubbles & brewing up yet ANOTHER pot of TEA & c & c. *chortles*

GOTH LOLI VAMPYRE GEISHA ROYALTY! (feat. Alt Model,Razorbladekisses Vocalist & friend to Mooncats: Azadeh Brown)


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