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Dec 05, 2013
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Jan 25, 2006
5' 4"
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About Me

This page is not up to date. Please contact me directly for details.
Most updated port site:

I know its difficult to get in touch with me currently, please be understanding as life throws us all curve balls now and again. I do not check this site as often as I should. Feel free to contact me over Facebook (IvyLynn Kajander) and 'like' my fan page Ivy Vynes

I know I have a lot of stuff here, but I'm sick of repeating myself. Sorry. Please read before asking silly questions.

I'm currently backing away from TFP/CD shoots unless it's a group shoot, or I'm currently planning things with you. I need to pay my bills right now and can't afford to take a lot of time off of work for free shoots. So sorry, drop me a note and I'll let you know when I can afford to do TFPs again.

Will work for ink/food/cash/check/money order/cigarettes/shiny objects/clothes/makeup/salon and/or spa trip

  My site is slowly being updated. I have more pics up there, but it's far from finished. Keep checking back!

About Shoots:
  -I will work with other models, both male and female (or both). Group shots are fine.

  -I own all my own outfits and props, but I'm open to trying other people's things.

  -I do my own hair and makeup, although I'm willing to let other people have a crack at it. I'm actually looking for a good stylist who also wants to increase their portfolio.

  -I am comfortable around most animals that aren't going to bite me, if a dog growls at me I won't work with it.

  -If I have never worked with you before, or the trip is a long one (more then an hour away), I will insist on bringing an escort (male or female, photographer's choice) Please don't try and talk me out of it, I've been burned on "professionals" as well as beginners. Sorry about the bad apples messing it up for you good people out there but I have to think of myself first. Got an issue with this? DON'T CONTACT ME AT ALL.

  -I will do shoots outdoors or indoors, rain, snow or shine, as long as I know ahead of time and am not ill.

  -I'm fine with doing nude or partially nude shoots, but I must have notice before hand and photographer must allow me to bring an escort/another model. If I can't bring someone with me and you refuse to discuss it, don't even bother to ask. Any of these type of shoots I would do I expect to be tasteful (no pink), and I must receive copies everything. (most of this is totally void if we are shooting specifically submission work for magazines/websites or I'm getting paid outright) I normally charge for nude shoots, but price isn't set in stone. I also work in trade.
--- If I don't charge then the model release must give equal rights to both of us for use and selling rights of prints (non-submission/Individual print sales).---

  -A note on bondage: Yes, I love bondage, and enjoy looking at it very much, but I will not be tied up for a TFP/CD shoot. Ask me for my prices -and- send me a link to some of your better work and I'll consider. Money talks, what can I say *smirks*

  -I'm always looking for paid work. If we shoot a set and talk about it ahead of time, I can submit things to different magazines and/or websites and I'll give you a cut of whatever I get for the set. Photographer/MUA's cut will be based on what I receive for set.

  -Normally- I will -NOT- travel out of my area (for a TFP/CD) due to lack of funds, and my gas-hog car, but out-of-town shoots can be done if I have enough notice ahead of time or you're willing to pay travel expenses for my ride (gas money amount varies depending on current prices of course)
Gas/babysitter money is always appreciated.

What I'd like to accomplish:
  -I'm hoping by next winter to do a fully nude shoot in the snow. I'm not sure how it will pan out, but I've been thinking about it for a while. I'm just looking for the right photographer to do it with.

  -I'd also like to do some alt. fashion work. I love strange outfits and props.

  -Possibly some cheesecake/pin-up style work, but I don't have many outfits for a shoot like this yet. I'm also in need of a stylist for a shoot like this. Definitely a group project.

  -Smoking shots!!! There's just something about a woman smoking a cigar or a cigarette.... or something else *shifty eyes* This is huge for me, and I love these sorts of shoots.

  -I'd like to do a shoot (possibly nude) in some of the natural caves in my area, or possibly some nudes in a stream. (as you can tell I'm fascinated with outdoor nudes). This may require some sneaking around, so I'll need a photographer who's willing to take some risks for the better of both of our portfolios.

  - Some fetish work. (feet, nipples, legs, butt, back)

  34 Most often mistaken for being 20-26

  thin, toned.
  32 bust
  31 waist
  35 hips
  28 inseam
  21 1/2 thigh
  11 bicep
(I need to remeasure myself. These measurements were take a while back)

  I have a rather large tattoo on my back of a pair of dragon wings. I also have a large spider tattoo on my right hip. Double tail that starts at my tail bone, circles around my right butt cheek and hangs down the back of my leg (first end) and curls under my spider tattoo on my hip (second end). Small Sabbat ankh on the back of my right calf and an Indian salmon on my right bicep.

Yes you're more then welcome to Photoshop them out if you shoot with me (Though I would like the originals) and yes I'm planning on getting more.

  Two in each ear, tongue, hood

  None visible but I do have faint stretch marks (barely noticeable) along my hips. I have a few small chickenpox scars on my face, but with the right makeup they disappear.


I have dreadfalls I can attach to my hair that are red and black, and orange&black (getting other colors soon), and fall to my belly button. Also the "sea urchins" for my hair that I currently only have in black. I have black and brown ponytails that hang to my lower back as well. I'm always collecting new hair pieces.

  Full time mother of one and work as a dancer and entertainer. My schedule is flexible but I rarely schedule shoots early week unless it's a paid job. Saturdays are my preferred day to shoot.

  I'm mostly German/Finnish with a bit of Native American (most obvious if I ever decide to tan up again) splashed in for flavor.
  I've been an exotic dancer for about thirteen years, I'm rather flexible, I have martial arts and some classic dance training.

Wanna contact me?
  I do not check this site as often as I should. Feel free to contact me over Facebook (IvyLynn Kajander) and 'like' my fan page Ivy Vynes. If you email me at my IvyLynnVater(at)Gmail(dot)com account, please, please, -please- state in the subject that you saw me on Model Mayhem. I DO NOT open messages from people I don't know unless the subject regards a site I'm involved with. Thank you.

Other sites I belong to:
none of these are really updated at all sadly...
One Model Place # 228597
ModelPlace # 7551
ModelMayhem # 96821
Deviant Nation: IvyLynn
Models Premium Saloon # 2410
Retro Kitten: IvyLynn
Super Models: # 36819
Deviant Art: Ivy-Vynes

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Credit Notes

MM= Model Mayhem
OMP= One Model Place
MP= Model Place
DN= Deviant Nation
RK= Retro Kitten
SM= Super Models
DA= Deviant Art
*=worked with more then once

Photographers I've had the pleasure to work with:
- Dale and Toni Northwood / Look Twice Photography (OPM# 49097)
- Bruce T. Charles / BTSmut (MM# 43572)
-*Alan Klem / photoguy42 (MM# 17186)
-*Glen Berry (MM# 38761) (MP# 7621) (OMP# 143629)
-*Jay Hammye (MM# 86429)
-*Andi-Bob / Alizarine (MM# 12227)
- Andy Bruggeman / TheAnj (MM# 7199) (OMP# 12087)
- Craig McKenzie / McKenzie Bros Photography (MM# 93647)
-*Art / Art Schotz (MM# 52971)
-*John Knotts / Heritic Images (MM# 89081) (OMP# 157182)
- David Linke / Linke Photography (MM# 79534)
- Harold / UIPHOTO (MM# 140886)
-*Reggie Bixler / Bixler Photography (MM# 42375)
-*David / DSP Productions (MM# 99862)
- Photoman754 (MM# 141535)
- Eric / Eric Cain (MM# 6616)
-*Kevin / Lazyi Photography (MM# 142789)
-*Boyd / Visions of Excess Studios
- Martin Rafael Class (MM# 8679)
-*Joshua Burnett / JLHB Photography

-*Wretched Fate / Krystal (MM# 99964)
-*Starla Knight / Mellisa (N/A)
- Nemisis (MM# 141738)
-*Justin PC (MM#361349)

(This list is of my favorite photographers and models I've worked with. I'm a little scatter-brained at times. So sorry ahead of time if I've miss-spelled or forgotten your account numbers! Contact me with any other sites you belong to and I will list them.)

-Spooky Hottie of the week

-Cleveland Hustler Club's (first ever) "Pole Antics" first place winner June 2007
-Bretz "best booty" monthly contest winner 2001
-DSP Productions "HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY AWARD" for the July 2006 CAC group shoot
-"Best of show" Tera Community Collage art show winner 2007 "Dice Tears"