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Mar 06, 2012
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I love doing pinup/quirky/fun/sexy shoots. I am also a seamstress so I make all my own costumes. I like to showcase my style through costumes that I create from non traditional items. I am also a big fan of Burlesque. Lets Create...

I am committed to create innovative and exceptional creative art...I have found that lately, in the form of modeling...I am a creative being and I love building looks that are detail oriented and made of things that would not normally be considered for clothing or fashion...For example: Phone book and duct tape skirts, scrubby pad and caution tape bra, pillowcase dress, Birdhouse hat...

I enjoy shooting in detailed realistic areas or in studio or whatever location will enhance the storytelling of the shoot. I dream...I play...I dance...I love to just be me and give all that I can to tell the story. During shoots I just try to be my honest self and react to the situation...Unless i am playing a role in which my acting training comes in hand...I am down to earth and love collaborating with people to create a project that we can both be proud of. If you like my portfolio and you are interested in working with me please get in touch by sending me a message.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Let's be dangerously creative and most of all have fun... :)

If you wanna know more about me...Check Out My Interview Below... :)

How did you get started modeling?
I’ve modeled before, but it was very amateur, mostly for personal desires and the occasional pin up contests but what really inspired me to start modeling was when I noticed how much I enjoy themed parties…In college (University and Acting Conservatory,) I would go all out, making my outfits, doing fabulous make-up, staying in character all night! I always looked forward to dressing up and taking pictures of my work…After graduating with my BA, I reflected on college life and realized that my whole life I’ve been making costumes and playing at being different characters…it’s always satisfied my artistic mind.
Wow that makes me sound old…
Not really…
I have been making costumes and modeling characters since I was a two years old…There is a wonderful picture of me dressed as Madonna with a full blown 80’s wig and kick ass costume…I was singing “Like A Virgin“…
I started to seriously pursue modeling after I moved to LA; literally the 1st of 2012...I moved in to my new place and celebrated the new year and the new pad (affectionately known as the “Bitch Pad”) on the roof with fireworks, champagne, friends, and wigs!
I have been sporting awesome wigs and heart shaped sunglasses since I was a child and I have no intention of stopping, as long as my modeling ideas get better and better, more detailed and more out of the box…Model Mayhem started me on the right foot to meet photographers and make my visions a reality…

What excites you about modeling?
I love telling a story that creates a character who is memorable and makes the viewer look twice because of how intriguing the image is…I love meeting new photographers because they bring a new eye to my creations…that lets me play with their different styles and again, creates something memorable…I really enjoy the dynamic between model and photographer...I find that the best shots are the ones where I don’t try to “be sexy”, but instead focus on what I want as the character and how I can connect with the photographer…working together to get the perfect shot that both of us will be proud of…I love collaborating with artists who create the best possible shoot…I think the more ideas the better…I always learn something new from each costume I make, the characters I create and the photos shoots I do…I hope that the more experience I get doing my art, the better story teller, artist, actor, costume designer, and seamstress I will become…That’s why modeling is so exciting to me and that is why I do this…I want to try to change the perception of modeling to be something more than what most people generally see…You can be messy! You can wear ridiculous things! And, you can have fun and still be intriguing…and hideous…AND sexy!

Do you come from a background of training in the arts?
Yes. I have been involved in the arts since I was a child…I have been doing musical theater since I was 10. I received my Bachelors Degree in Theater at Cal State Northridge. After my BA, I went to the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts (also known as PCPA) and was trained as a professional actor…Even though I am not currently involved in the professional theater world, this is my art...and until recently, I didn’t think my modeling, designing, or sewing skills were worth pursuing because they didn’t directly connect to the I think the opposite!… I realize this is exactly why my training in the arts helps me to stand out...I’m trying to tell a story with character, costume and background in every photo shoot...I learned this from my extensive acting, dancing, and singing training…I want to do it all and anything that gets me closer to expressing MY ART, I will fight to the DEATH with a SMILE on my face and a FABULOUS outfit to get it!

What are your favorite types of outfits to model in?
Non-traditional items that most people consider trash…like they say, one persons trash is another persons (my) treasure…Like a Pirate, I do enjoy plundering and pillaging thrift stores…I do not wear an eye patch though…however esthetically pleasing it is…it does cut down on depth perception and causes problems during shopping adventures....I love making things out of garbage and witnessing the reactions from people when I tell them I got it all from a dollar store and truly created something from nothing....I love to model corsets too…anything that has unique style…I love wearing clothes that I make by hand…I work with what I’ve got and I am very happy that so many people support my new found art...I am stoked about life and where I am headed!…

What are your least favorites?
Bikinis because of my “invisible zebra stripes” (stretch marks) that are on display…I embrace them but others may not be able to understand their hereditary nature…my sister has been fit and thin all her life and still has zebra stripes…However, I find imperfections to be a beautiful trait only if you embrace them and wear them with confidence…The least favorite thing that some photographers say is “give me more sexy”…I don’t want to sound like a…you know what but…first…I am a trained actor and that is the last thing you tell am actor in order to get a real story…I immediately feel less “sexy” when I hear that phrase…I think women look the most sexy when they don’t try. I feel that I look the most sexy when I feel hideous…It is a weird dichotomy…but that is life right?

Classic pinup has become a huge phenomena lately, what about it first captured your interest?
I love that women in the classic pin up photos are having fun and looking gorgeous…there is something about the time period that intrigues me…the fact that some imperfections and some curves could be appreciated and desired after…I love that there is some mystery in keeping things revealing, but not so much that there is nothing to wonder about…I actually find lingerie more stimulating than just a naked body because it can sculpt and define a woman’s body and add to her beauty…I’m also inspired by a pin up artist who can tell a story about the moment…like when the skirt gets blown up by the wind or the dress gets caught in a fence…realistic revealing moments…I just drool over those classic women…SO GORGEOUS!

Are there any other creative mediums you work in?
Seamstress…I make my own outfits, costumes and corsets.
Makeup…I do my own make-up. Not just beauty make-up…theatrical make up too. I am most proud of Edward Scissorhands...I created scars and everything...I was Johnny Depp’s Doppelganger for sure...
Wigs…I have a wig wall!
Props…made a “wicker basket” from a 99 cent plastic laundry basket and anti-slip floor mats, a skirt made from a Phone book and duct tape, a scrubby pad and caution tape bra, pillowcase dress, Birdhouse hat and that is just the beginning...
Collage… You should see my room…
Painting…So many painted rocks!
Upholstering…turned an ugly furry coat into my awesome vanity chair.
I can figure most things out…

What kind of music do you like?
I like all kinds of music…all different styles…anything I can dance to, move to, groove to, or relax to is fine by me…There are some particular artists that I listen to a lot: The Black Keys, Kate Nash, Rhianna, MGMT, Daft Punk, Foster the People, Jet, Amy Winehouse, Electric Guest, Katy Perry, Sia, Ben Folds, Led Zeppelin, Jet, Queen, Fiona Apple, Muse, Mika, Jessie J, Janelle Monae, Avicii, The Roots, The Bird and the Bee, Cobra Starship…I honestly can’t finish the list because it would be too long…I love MUSIC…

What do you like to do for fun?
I love to go out to new places and listen to live music or go out dancing at clubs in the LA area. I love to go plunder thrift stores any chance I get… I love exploring and discovering new places in this great big city…

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