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About Me

Back on MM but you can also see my work at:

Instagram: @NSPART

Instagram: @NSPINSTANT (Polaroids)

Instagram: @NSPINSTANT (Polaroids)

My Website

I think this is my best, most extensive and favorite Portfolio at the link below:


I have my first Playboy Pictorial and images used in an article as well that came out May 2016 in Playboy Croatia

Front Page:
Playmate Lauren Fogle:

Cover Page from the Pictorial from the Magazine:

Current Projects that I'm seeking Models & Muses* for...

Seeking Beautiful Fit Models for my TF Art Shoot projects:
Read about here in my Casting...

Seeking Models with Large Social Media Followings to Make Money with!
If you have a REAL large social media following with people that engage, contact me
as I have ways we can make money together by monetizing your following while building it even more.

Seeking Models wanting to make consistant income shooting Erotic/Nude
I have several ways to make recurring income and consistant income shooting erotic/nude shoots on an on going basis for select models that are reliable and willing to partner with me on this project

*Muse: Someone who inspires me to shoot, we collberate, have brainstorming sessions and generally become friends. It not just a show up and shoot. It's a team effort and we create art together. I generally work with them over and over just like I do with my MUAs. A muse is alwasy prefered over just a model. I mean really what's more funny than creating art and/or making money with your friends.

I took the time to write this VERY long page to answer most of the questions you might have about working with me. This prevents any miscommunications and let's you know what your getting up front. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. - Nico

[b]lease do not put my work in "Want to recreate" lists. 

Yes that's me in the pic below. I think it only fair that the models know what the photographer looks like.

Update: New Self-Portrait Below

I consider myself an Photographic Artist more than a photographer and my goal is simple...

To find in my model or subject and what it is I'm looking for bring it out and capture it and then enhance it further in my digital darkroom to create art! To me the post work is equally as important as the photography. I blend photography with digital art it's mixed media to me. I'm intentionally heavy on post processing very often, however  I can shoot or retouch in any style or to the point it will look untouched if that is your desire.

So if you're a purist or are looking for pure out of the camera photography you're on the wrong

When I'm shooting women my goal is to find the beauty, sensuality or erotic energy in the model I'm working with and capturing her in that timeless moment.

When shooting men it's generally to make him look as cool or bad ass as possible and capture the moment when that masculine energy is greatest.

My Art is my passion...
My creative process maybe different from what you are used to... I'm motivated by collaborative people and I like to be involved in all aspects of a shoot, from start to finish... I don't do rushed, unplanned, thrown together shoots.

This is a process you are welcome to be a part of... But don't expect to rush in and rush out to snap a few pictures... I meet and plan things out with my models and clients before a shoot and often even shop for wardrobe and props with them. If that works for you, great let's create something exceptional...if not there are plenty of other photographers to work with on here.

Comments & Tags:
I want to thank everyone for all of the positive comments and tags that I have received. I truly appreciate them and they often make my day and keep me motivated on working toward my goal of becoming a full time photographic artist.

I Truly Thank You!

For Non-Commercial Usage My Rates Start at $1500 ($750 if you sign a release and I feel that the images would be of benefit to me.)
Please contact me for quote if you want to work with me. I'm flexible and will
also do payment plans. I require a 50% Non-Refundable Retainer Fee to book a shoot.

I am here first and foremost to meet and collaborate with models and other artists in the field and also to find clients and generate business (Make Money.)

I'm a professional and an artist and I strive to create awesome images and art. But I'm fun to work with and have never had a shoot that was not a blast for all involved.

If this was not my passion and fun I would not being doing it. I like my shoots to be like a party with music (no hip-hop or country sorry, Rock, Pop, Trance, House Are All Good!), great energy and everyone laughing and having a good time!

I often socialize with my models outside of work, we actually become friends very often. I have a naturally fun and playful personality...What can I say I'm fun to work work with.

What I WON’T DO:
I will NOT hit on models during a shoot. While I have no formal policy against dating models. The shoot is no place for that it's my work and passion and I'm there to create art and the best images I can. I focus on my work and it's always been my attitude & experience that if a model is interested in me in some other way she'll let me know.

I will NOT touch models inappropriately. I only touch models with their permission during a shoot to adjust hair, clothing (in non-sexual areas), help them pose, get off or on props for safety reasons etc… Unless I have an MUA present who can help out. OR if the shoot calls for me to interact with the model (which I am shooting more of these days) in which case that will be discussed before hand and is for my art projects.

I will NOT ask you to do things that you are not comfortable doing or that are unsafe. An un-comfortable model does not take good pictures. And I can always find another model to do what I want done if you don’t want to do it.

I will NOT try to talk you into posing nude over and over again during the shoot if we have agreed not to shoot nudes. In fact before we even shoot we will go over what you are comfortable with as far as clothing, implied nudity, nudity, poses etc... So there are no uncomfortable moments during the shoot.

I'm all about the shoot and I want happy models and to have fun doing what I love while creating exceptional images and photographic art. You can feel safe and comfortable when working with me in a group or one on one.

So in short I'm NOT here to hook up. Well ok, maybe if you hit on me and you're really hot and have a great personality and you promise to take me out to sushi what can I say I'm only human and a whore for sushi! ;o)

Pre-Shoot Meeting/Consultation:
When possible and if our schedules allow  I prefer to meet via phone or in person with all models and or clients before we shoot to plan, see the model/client in person and discuss what is expected.

I have found this results in a much better level of comfort, and a smoother more productive shoot.

When shooting for a 3rd party client or with out of town models this is not always possible or required but I prefer it this way if at all possible. What we get out of a shoot is what we put into it.

Bag/Pocket Checks Are Mandatory:
To prevent theft all bags/Pockets of Models, MUA and Escorts or anyone else
at the location or studio will be checked to make sure nothing is being
taken accidentally or intentionally. Many businesses require this as a standard security measure and so do I. This is a business and I can not afford and will not tolerate theft. I will prosecute all theft! I don't care what's in your bag as long as it's not my stuff or from the home or studio we might be shooting in. Don't take anything that's not yours and there will be no problem at all and it will take just a couple of seconds.

For TF and if I'm hiring you: I only work without them. But I have no problem with you bringing a professional female MUA or Hairstylist to help you prep if they are willing to hold a reflector if needed or get cold drinks/water for us while shooting. But I will want them off the set or in the other room during most of the shoot. I do not shoot with people standing over my shoulder, distracting me or interacting the model.

No Boyfriends/Husbands Aka Managers, Aka Business Partners or Mothers. Don't need another Ego adding their input on the shoot nor do I want someone wandering around my place or a location home unattended nor do I want someone standing over my shoulder during a shoot. If you like my work then respect my process and the way I work.

Often I will have a MUA or another model present if I’m shooting more than one model that day. But often the best images seem to happen when It’s just me and the model sharing an artistic connection. In fact most models seem to feel most at ease when it's just me and them.

If you really feel you need an escort they are welcome to bring you to and pick you from the shoot and you can check in by phone hourly.

There exceptions to this occasionally for high profile or famous models as I feel they have a reasonable concern for safety as they are in the public eye. But I prefer to work without an escort when possible and checking in by phone is encouraged.

If you are hiring me:
If you wish you can bring an escort as long as they are either helpful or stay out of the way and we are at location shoot. I still prefer to shoot without one as it's less distracting for the model and the result is better images without escorts pulling the models attention away from the shoot. But if you're paying the bill you can bring one.

FLAKES/NO-SHOWS Do NOT Get Second Chances...
I do not tolerate that kind of disrespect of my time and the other artists involved in the shoot and this goes for MUAs also. You can always text, call, email or Facebook...THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A NO CALL/NO SHOW!

General TF RULES:
As of 6/28/2017 I am seeking select TF models/muses to work with on my art projects. Most of what I'm shooting these days it for my art.

I am open to doing a VERY, VERY,VERY limited amount of TF (with signed model release) with select creative models and make up artists as time allows between my other projects because...

My time is money. For me to do TF it has to be something I can recoup my investment on. Meaning pictures I can sell to a Magazine, or my primary goal of use in my Art Gallery Projects and I required a model release.

I don't shoot for free period. I value my ability and time too much to do that. I do shoot Trade For. What that means when working with me is you are giving me your time and a signed model release instead of paying me my rates. We are trading for each others services.

I will then give you 3 fully retouched pics from each look that will have my watermark and logo on it. That will give you some quality images for your portfolio/zed card. I don't give you copies of all pics and I do not release un-edited or un-retouched images. I do my best to get these images to you quickly generally within a week or less.

I generally take hundreds of pics when I shoot so I only give out the best that make all involved look good, Model the MUA and I the Photographer.

For you this is a way to build a portfolio and possibly gain recognition and a credit by being published or have your imaged used in one for my Gallery projects.

For me this is a way to find models to work with for my gallery projects that will result in mutual benefit for us both.

If you would like additional images beyond what is stated above there will be a fee depending on the level of retouching involved.

NOTE: If one of the images we shoot is good enough to be used in my Art Gallery projects you will NOT get a copy of that image until it is released publicly.

So don't even ask as I can't have images floating around that have not been released yet. You will get a chance to participate in the show and promotion of the image, which will also get you exposure and possibly a signed and numbered print if the image sells well and an opportunity to get commission on any buyers you refer which would amount to much more than your day rate. But I will make sure you get some good images from the shoot.

Models & MUA that have TF with me or have Hired me are the first I call on when I have paid work. As we have already worked together.

Safety Tips for Models:
If your worried about safety in this industry I suggest you call and check in when you get there and let someone know where you are and how long you will be and check back periodically and make sure you check back ON TIME. Maybe buy a Tracking Device/GPS so someone always knows where you are. or

Also don't drink anything that you didn't open yourself unless you know the person. (If I hand you a bottle of water it will still be sealed.)

And always trust your gut feeling it's usually right.

This industry is relatively safe and people are generally good.

And if you shoot with someone who's port is filled with bloody gory stuff of dead girls check references & bring an escort or two...That's just my opinion and what I'd tell my sister if I had one.

If you have a unique tattoo designed by a tattoo artist. You need to get release from the artist assigning you all rights for use in photography and film. YOU DO NOT OWN the copyright on the tattoos the tattoo artist does, your skin is just a canvas, and unless you have it in writing that you do own the copyright you don't. Do not email me about this contact a lawyer and educate yourself. I'm tired of hearing from people ignorant of the actual laws telling me that it does not make sense and they own their tattoos.

Both you and/or any one using the images commercially can be sued by the artist for violation of their copyright unless you get a release and then assign the rights to the photographer that shoots you.

Otherwise the photographer or company paying for the photos needs a release from the tattoo artist. For this reason if you can not provide either of the above I'm no longer doing TF shoots with models with large or excessive tattoos that can't be photoshopped out. It's just too much hassle.

I am still taking paid clients that want me to shoot them and their tattoos, but my rates are higher as tattoos require more retouching work to make them look like they do in my pictures.

About Me As A Person...
I am very creative person... My list of abilities include, web design, internet marketing, copywriting (writing sales copy), retouching, digital art, I have written a few books and done a few other things, and I have some other businesses also but my passion right now is my photographic art.

I love doing almost anything physical like Lifting weights, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, swimming. I work out several times a week generally and I am into a healthy lifestyle.

Then of course I blow it by wolfing down a dozen Dunkin Doughnuts and a pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food, while watching True Blood, Californication, Game of Thrones on Cable on Sunday night!

Being a big believer in positive attitude and energy and I'm attracted to positive motivated people. I create my own reality (we all do) and live my life from that prospective everyday.

On a side note while I am here for business I'm always looking to network and socialize with other fun, creative & business minded, photographers, entrepreneurs, marketers and models, MUAs, as connections are everything. No one does it all alone.

If you're anti-social and just looking for a paycheck or just some free pics look some where else. Because I only work with collaborative minded, passionate people that know the value of social networking and want to create excellence.

Well that's why I'm here and who I am in a nutshell so if you'd like to work with me or network with me or are like minded...hit me up.

This is how I do it... If you have any questions about anything I have said above let me know.

Credit Notes

I don't have any desire to list all of the models I have worked with but I will list those that I highly recommend, because in this industry you run into a lot of divas, flakes and just difficult models or those that talk about you behind your back but say everything is wonderful to your face.

I highly recommend the following models, they were reliable, professional and a lot of fun to work with and put in 110% and I look forward to working with them and hooking them up with work with others as often as I can.

Listed in the order I worked with them:

FayetteMarie          # 3199377
Arune                    # 3178639
Sofia Jade              # 1716572
Chanel                  # 3291139
Kristy - Pure Rebel  # 2621488

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