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Apr 19, 2018
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Apr 28, 2015
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About Me

You bring the camera, I'll bring the fun!

Hello! I am Tani! I am a professional model based out of the prickly, warm Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The Sonoran Desert is the only home of the saguaro cactus, which takes 100 years to grow a single limb...imagine how old the biggest could really be! I love to shoot in interesting locations and I have plenty that i know of...if you're brave enough to take a hike or a drive to get there! I tend to put my everything into modeling and if I'm not sore by the end of a shoot, I don't feel I've accomplished my all. If you work with me, you will likely see me climbing all over things and throwing myself upside-down to get the perfect shot.

At this point I've been hired for hundreds of shoots, I honestly don't even know how many at this point. I'm highly experienced and knowledgeable, not just on posing, but also claiming my light as the subject of a photo. I have a photographer's eye and experience behind the lens, making me a valuable addition to your portfolio.

I am obsessed with fitness. I work out 5-6 days per week. Since 2014 I've lost 60lbs of fat. I've lost huge amounts of body fat since some of the photos in my port were taken. I'm also much shorter than people realize, please remember when booking me that I am a petite model! I have a short torso, and a long hip/leg ratio.

I am employed with five Art Schools in the Valley as a fine art model for life drawing and painting classes and workshops. Thanks to my flexibility and range of motion and poses, I have been very successful with my life modeling. Please feel free to ask for references from artists and photographers whom I have worked with, if you are trying to decide if you would like to book me.

I am a cosplayer and I have LOTS of cosplay outfits, many of which I made by hand! Just ask if you are interested, I have dozens of comic book heroes and pop culture/movie characters to change into if that's your style! I even have outfits that I've designed that were crafted out of my crazy brain-space. I love Avant garde style, and the late Alexander McQueen was my hero growing up. I first discovered his work in Harper's Bazaar magazine, which I bought a subscription to with my the money I made from babysitting (I guess I was always an entrepreneur!) from the time I was 12 so that I could have drawing/painting still-life inspiration. I'm an artist from every aspect. You can entirely leave a shoot up to me, we can collaborate, or you can direct and I'll make your vision come to life!

I come equipped with various photography equipment. If you are a traveling photographer or are starting out, I have a battery pack to bring out on location, various strobes and gels, and continuous lights, too. I also provide professional video editing if you want to practice and create beautiful video footage. Feel free to ask about my extended portfolio as a photographer/videographer, too, if you are looking for inspiration.  More of my work can be seen on Instagram that I don't post here (I certainly couldn't post everything even though I want to!).

I take my work very seriously but you can also be comfortable with me. I have a lot of energy and I can be pretty entertaining. I always know how to have fun, even on my worst of days. I have only one hard rule (other than the obvious no-no's), and that is NO drama. Even if you do this for fun, as a photographer, please remember that this is my work. After being in this a while I realize that people like to gossip and stir the pot, but I'm learning that it's way more fun to talk about goals and ambitions! Let's lift each other up! I have a lot going on and maybe you can help me grow, just by interaction. You probably have more life experience and I am learning to learn from others, discuss ideas and life stuff, and also LISTEN! I believe people are energetically drawn to one another in life. We cross paths, even if briefly, for a reason.

Overall, I'm an artist, a creative, a creator, a model, a photographer, an athlete, I love yoga, I'm bendy, flexible, lithe, energetic, and I come with a giant list of reasons why you should hire me...can you keep up? big_smile

So, you ask, why do you want to work with me?

-I am a natural redhead. Yes, we're the most fun!
-I am easy and fun to work with, highly energetic, and I provide great conversation throughout the shoot as well!
-I am very experienced, and have an understanding for the ways in which my body looks best
-I provide my own hair/makeup and come with manicured and pedicured toes and fingers.
-I provide my own wardrobe and come with an extensive travel bag with props and supplies
-I arrive to shoot ready, or 15mins early for touch-ups
-I can provide a studio space if you want a studio setting.
-I self pose, but never offended by instruction smile
-I am open to video and stills
-Nudity is A-OK in my book!
-I am creative beyond belief
-I have various talents that make my shoots much more interesting, such as aesthetic rope bondage and a background in burlesque and various forms of dance.
-I am incredibly open minded...feel free to approach me with any style of modeling gig, and even if it's not necessarily right for me, I have plenty of models whom I can refer you to!
-I am located in Phoenix, AZ, but available for travel
-Provide references upon request
-Last, but not least, as I mentioned, I am a natural redhead, and I am unshaven, bringing a dramatic appeal to any of my nude photos.

*********Travel Dates*********
2017  has  been  an  insane  adventure.
I  now  manage  a  photography  studio.
Travel has been sparse as my attention
has    been    on    my    new  endeavors.

I  am  looking forward to 2018. I plan to
travel frequently. Are you interested in
hosting me? Trading time for flights?

I am looking forward to
working with more photographers
and embarking on more creative
ventures than ever before, this year.

I currently have no specific travel
dates as I am working on a project
at home, but I am always willing to
negotiate time for travel.

You can  let  me know by sending
a message or email to
[email protected]  that  you'd
like  to work with me  in your area. 
By doing this,  I can plan my later
travels more efficiently.


Primarily I require payment for my time. Please message me for my rates.

If you would like to work together in the future, whether in six days or six months, shoot me a message. Networking is incredibly important to me, and I will be pleased to make your acquaintance.

In regards to bookings/opportunities, please email [email protected] for a faster response! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @TaniRogue to view all the work that I don't post here and to just stay in touch and cheer each other on.

  "While the rest of the species is descended from apes,
    redheads are descended from cats."
        -Mark Twain

My whole life I was told that I couldn't have art as a career, that I couldn't get into fashion, that I wasn't pretty enough or tall enough to be a model. I want to give a special thank you to those who I have worked with and the incredible people who have given me the confidence to chase my dreams. I'd be lost without the people who have come into my life and shot with me, mentored me, taught me, and those who were and are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. Thank you for allowing me to recognize my own desires in life. I couldn't have done it without you.

A little background on why I do what I do: I have felt, since I was a young child, that people are maybe not correct in their ideologies on how we should live. I feel that people live so unsustainably and inefficiently, that we are working against the intent of nature. I have always understood that we are nature and nature is us. So, to detail my future plans, I'd like to retire on a farm, where I can live sustainably, build homes for my family, live off the land, growing my own food and putting only good things into my body. This, in turn, alkalizes the body and makes your pineal gland cleaner, which is the home of spirituality. I want to open a donation-only center for rehabilitation of the body and mind, curing people with naturopathic medicine and creating positive habits that will sustain them long-term. It is possible to cure cancer and addiction without modern medicine. And that is what I live for.

So, once again, thank you so much to all of those who have helped me, booked shoots with me, and supported me in my endeavors to a brighter, cleaner, more honest future.

Things That Have Helped With My Career:
-Open Mindedness
-Never taking anything for granted

My life is a beautiful journey. I'm so appreciative for all of the unique and bountiful opportunities that have come my way

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"Tani was organized, enthusiast and professional. Great Model." Read less

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"By far my favorite redhead. She was prompt and responsive, arrived on time and was ready to shoot in less than 10 minutes. Brought SO many outfits that it was difficult to decide and we could have shot all day without running out of clothes. She is super sexy, commands great camera presence and knows how to handle herself. I was particularly impressed by the thought she was putting into literally every pose and it clearly helped us get some amazing shots. I am most eagerly looking forward to working with her again." Read less

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"Tani is simply an amazing model to work with! With a significant movement background, a great attitude, a mile long list of amazing shoot locations, and the ability to easily move through awesome poses I would say it's practically impossible to take a bad image when working with her! She is also an impressive photographer so she understands lighting, composition and all the elements of great pictures. Finally, she's just professional, easy going and a total blast to shoot with!" Read less

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"Tani is great to work with. Fun, Poses well, great body, open minded. Easy going. I would recomend working with her if you have a chance. I plan to again." Read less

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"Tani is a total pro. She had great wardrobe and is very natural posing without instruction. Nice and fun to work with. She can change from sultry to serious to sexy in a snap." Read less

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"Tani is a genuine artist in the truest sense of the word. She has a great eye for color, light, composition and sexy chic. Working with her is truly a collaborative experience because she comes up with some great ideas! And besides that, she is so darned sweet and friendly that, if you are like me, you will fall hopelessly in love with her!!! I can't wait for my next shoot with her!!" Read less

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"Tani is a very energetic and creative model with a wide range. She is a pleasure to work with and very athletic. I would certainly recommend adding her to your portfolio." Read less

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"Very highly experienced, Tani is a super star. "Bloody amazing" does not describe her talents well enough. If you wish to make prize winning images, contact Tani!" Read less

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"Tani is not only an amazing model and photography, but hands dowm an amazing human being as well! We had an amazing time shooting together and playing with light. I can't wait to work with her again!" Read less

... Read more

"SOOOOO much fun to work with! I notice that Tani is a hard working model and serious about the craft which is reflected in the amount of work she does. She's very flexible and courteous. Very comfortable to talk and joke with. I found Tani to be reliable and eager to work with me. That makes a world of difference when the mood of a shoot can be made or broken in the first 3 minutes. Tani came out ready to go and can bring her own poses. I highly recommend this model." Read less

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"Had the real privilege of working with Tani twice and loved both shoots. She's extremely professional and also fun.. a unique combination. The shots we got were sexy and art worthy. Just an all around great soul..." Read less

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"Tani is truly the photographers model! An experienced photographer in her own right. she brings a keen understanding of lighting and positioning. She is creative heart and is great at finding great spots to shoot! Need a photographers assistant, need delicate rope-work, or just need a second pair of eyes...Tani should be your first choice! Photographers, don't miss a chance to work with her, I plan to do so many times in the future!" Read less

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"Tani is a great model, I highly recommend her. She will work with you to get the photo you want." Read less

... Read more

"Tani was so much fun to work with, we both were on the same page and same goals. The shoot moved fast and smooth because she flowed from one pose to the next. Looking forward to working with her again very soon." Read less

... Read more

"Very creative, skilled, and determined model. Tani will always find a way to provide a beautiful pose for every situation." Read less

... Read more

"As a student of history I have always been envious of people who have made fascinating discoveries. As an artist I have always preferred to work with other creative types. Well, in Tani Rogue I made a discovery and enjoyed the satisfaction of working with a fellow artist. The experience of working with this woman is nothing less than the one of the most satisfying experiences I have had as an artist who frequently employs models. Tani possesses an energizing spirit which aids her professionalism by making it that much easier to work with her. And unlike many other local models who merely "gig" at modeling for pocket money, Tani does this work full-time...which means the stakes are higher for her--and it shows in her work. She arrives prepared and will require very little direction because her instincts are so good. However, she also takes direction like a pro, so do not fear that she will be difficult to work with. And allow her to share in the creative process! Tani is extremely artistic! Allow her to offer ideas and suggestions--you won't regret it and your shoot will be enhanced. And in addition to being an incredibly beautiful woman she has one of the most attractive personalities I have ever met. She can truly become the dream for you. Thus, I highly recommend employing Tani. In this industry--full of flakes and over-inflated egos--Tani is welcome respite and will provide you one of the most pleasant shooting assignments you are likely to find. --Sean David Wright" Read less

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"Tani is a pleasure to work with - beautiful, graceful, innovative and very professional. I look forward to her next visit." Read less

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"Tani is a natural beauty and easy to shoot. She poses with little or no effort on my part. She's a delight to work with. It was a very successful shoot." Read less

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"Tani is wonderful to work with, great facial expressions, great poses. Definitely plan to work with her more." Read less

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"Tani is an incredible model to work with. She is able to take the vision of the photographer and elevate it to even higher levels. I would shoot again with Tani in a heartbeat!" Read less

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"Tani is awesome to work with! And a fun person to boot. Highly recommend if you get the chance!" Read less

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"Tani was a true professional. She is right saying we had less than ideal conditions to shoot but she didn't let it phase her!" Read less

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"Tani is so much fun to shoot with, I love working with her, shes always ready to rock n roll when its time to shoot." Read less

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"Redheads really are more fun!! Tani is a hard worker and a serious model. She is beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent, and has a wonderful work ethic. She knows how to do hair and makeup, and has a background in burlesque which results in some really cute facial expressions. She works hard to get the look you're looking for, and you'll have a blast shooting with her!" Read less

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"Knows how to pose and is easy to work with. Love the results we got from our shoot." Read less

... Read more

"Tani is a creative, fun, and very easy to work with model. She is the kind that sparks your imagination and runs with the concept until you are both satisfied you have the perfect image. And it doesn't take her long to accomplish that! From innocent girl next door to sexy vamp she can do it all!" Read less

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"She was a spectacular model. Great personality that comes through when she models." Read less

... Read more

"Tani is an incredibly gifted model. Her posing is exquisite, and her poise is exceptional. A bona-fide professional, she is quite fun, and has a remarkable sense of the business side of the modeling world." Read less

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"Had another amazing shoot with Tani Rouge!! Tani is one of the hardest working models I know! Great work and professional " Read less

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"Tani is so vibrant and exciting to work with. She has great posing experience and is very helpful on setting up just the right look. She has understanding from the photographer's point of view so she helps get the very most out of a terrific photosession." Read less

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Credit Notes

Wristrained Bondage Demonstrations 2013
Horns and Halos Bondage Demonstrations 2012-2014
Phoenix Forum 2015 (Promo Model)
Phoenix Forum 2016 (Promo Model and Photographer)
Arizona Shootout Spring 2016
Arizona Shootout Fall 2016
Arizona Shootout Spring 2017
Pro Shoot Mag July 2016
Pro Shoot Mag Aug 2016
Love Sick Fashion Show 2017 Runway
Cupcakes and Stilettos Fashion Soiree 2017 Runway
Promotional Model @ Phoenix Fetish Formal 2017
Performer, Gogo Dancer @ Color Me Kinky 2017
Shibari Stage Performance @ Fetish Ball 2017

Dark Beauty Magazine 2017
Capture! Photo Con 2017
DMA Bud Light Promotional Model
RHK - June 2017
Alt Bella Arabella - June 2017
NuVu Book 15
Fuse Edition 39
MIMIC Magazine
RHK Oct 2017
Sopor Magazine

Apparel Companies:
Unicorn Color Therapy
Shayne of the Dead
Galena Couture
Michi Bikinis
Wet Princess Apparel
Pink Moon Prophecy

Celeb Riche Nov 2017

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