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About Me

I am John Shultz, a semi-pro photographer in Virginia Beach, Va. specializing in Swimwear, location fashion and commercial work.

I have other portfolios here on Model Mayhem as well.

My Mainstream Photography

My Retro work (20's through 60's)

My Glamour and Artistic Nude


I believe that any photoshoot is a collaboration between Model and Photographer. We can create some great images if we put our heads together!

I am skilled with the Airbrush and use Ben Nye and Createx paints which wash off fairly easily. 

I also like to dabble with Liquid Latex.  It's FUN!  Combine that with Body Paint via brush or airbrush and there's a costume that is KILLER!

You will also see some 'other' type of painting on my port as well - this is just FUN to do - sprayed out of the bottle onto the subject.........  Just check it out!

Enough about that - let's talk about the practicalities of painting one's body!

To do PROPER body Paint the subject should be nude to start with.  If you can't handle that - then please don't contact me.  Now - certain things can be covered prior to painting - but, essentially, you are nude with a thin layer of paint (or latex) on you.  As you can see in my pictures - I "NEVER" concentrate the lens on any private areas.  I try my best to tactfully 'hide' those by posing or lighting (or post-work).  It's my GOAL to get good and TASTEFUL pictures! 

Body Painting is neither easy or cheap.  I'm going to be honest here.  One OUNCE of Ben Nye paint is over $5.00  To paint your body with two coats of paint is over $15.00!    Liquid Latex is also quite expensive ($30.00 per body application).  I cannot afford to do give my skill at this, plus skill at photography away. At LEAST I require reimbursement of paints and materials used so please take that into consideration prior to contacting me.


All models that work with me receive full copyright to the images we produce.  From our shoot they receive a cd with a high rez file of every snap of the shutter plus two versions of the ones that I edit (one optimized for 8x12 printing and one optimized for web-viewing).  I have a limit of 30 images to edit from a shoot which is a LOT of images!  After we shoot we'll both sit down at my computer and review the images we've shot and choose the ones that I'll edit.  Heck - if you have the time you can wait as I edit and take a CD with you when you leave!

Models who are at any stage will benefit working with me.  I shoot both outdoors, on location (and I know some GREAT ones) as well as in my home studio.  I have professional level lights, backgrounds, killer post editing software and the knowledge to use all of them to make YOUR pictures good!

I encourage all models to bring chaperones to all shoots.  Model safety and comfort is the key!  If a chaperone is present, I require both models and chaperones to sign our model/photographer contract as a witness.

If you want to shoot with me - please let me know.  My schedule ALWAYS has openings!

scaryCancellation Policy:

I have been extremely busy with photography lately, however over 60% of the models I've scheduled have canceled!

While I am the first person to understand last minute emergencies, the rate of 60% is too much!

Here's the way I work things:

1.  We both agree to work together and set a date/time. I also require a phone number point of contact. (I'm professional and not going to 'give it out' for pete's sake!)
2.  I contact you via phone (email or text) a few days prior to confirm that you're going to show.
3.  I contact you the day prior and confirm that you're going to show.
4.  I expect a call or text from you the day of the shoot telling me you're gong to show.

If a model cannot be contacted for #2 or #3 I send an email.  If no response is received by the day prior to the shoot I consider it canceled and will do my best to reschedule the time with models who show up when they say they will.

I can not afford this high rate of cancellations any more. I am a professional - I conduct myself professionally and produce consistently good results.  If I book time with you, that means that I've set that time aside from my day job, family and other responsibilities.  I expect you show me the respect of conducting yourself in a likewise manner.

The old saying applies, "Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me!"

That's my dog OSCAR.  He's a short haired mini-dauchshund.  As you can see - HE LOVES the big ball!  If you work with me - you'll have to deal with HIM!  big_smile (he's a GOOOD dog!)

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