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Jul 03, 2006
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About Me

Instagram: @charliekristine
Snap Chat: CharlieKristine
Fun watch on me just posted ---

Take me on the road with you (Podcast interview)and  How much more recent could this get? ... :-) ...

**********************Travel Plans****************************
(Please note--- dates and times do shift and adjust here and there. If you don't see your town or city on here, adjustments can be arranged )

(feel like you can't catch up with me? ---  I welcome and invite you to please, reach out anytime in regards to suggestions on travel and/or curiosity of how to get me to you or you to me for your own projects or ideas, this is nothing uncommon for me to plan out and Im very happy to accommodate (though I do have minimum booking requirements).

I love what I do, Im human, and any kind words,  good energy, a desire for growth or execution of a project, well, thats exactly what Im here for, thats what I do, thats what Id like to be part of and thats what I prefer to being able to mirror back --- I want us all to shine and to help make great stuff happen. Thanks!

--Updated Travel---
Notes--- I live in Dallas--- though yes, I do travel a TON... I do go home during the month... dates are not always posted for home or close to... so just ask :-)


18th-26th Ohio
26th-28th Dallas
29th-30th OKC (Photocon)

1st-3rd Kansas City/Topeka
4th-5th Dallas
5th/6th-12th Las Vegas (Altitude Show)
12th-15th Dallas
15th-18th/19th Houston
19th-20th Dallas
21st Easter Sunday (OKC) (Family)
22nd -27th St Louis/Peoria/
                  (23rd-24th Shutterfest - St Louis)
28th-30th OKC (Family) and Art Fest!

*Back to St Louis/Peoria/Indianapolis?
*14th-21st/22nd Arizona/New Mex
*New England?

New England


*After the first of the year (2019) Ive switched to a more balanced week on the road, then a week home Dallas & OKC with family routine/rotation. :-)

Tour Notes on my styling:
I come camera ready (styles as seen in my portfolio here). For those who have specific requests for hair and makeup that are outside of the several looks I have comfortably mastered, Im happy to have a licensed MUA to come get creative with us--- just need to let him or her know the allergies I have to certain product, ect. :-)

Notes on booking with me:
Looking for a model who provides hair, make up, wardrobe, lighting assistance, basic camera guiding, has been recently published AND has location options all for one set fee, well you found her! --- yup, I can arrange as much or as little as you want and my fee it the same either way--- EASY STUFF HERE--- but things to know---- my locations means the utmost respect to the property owners--- images, descriptions and the zip code is what I release up until generally the day before the shoot--- these are people who deserve thier privacy and if Im staying there I don't prefer the info to be floating around for the privacy of everyone until it's relevant. Order of operations on booking goes something like this--- (one has to happen for the next to--- being on the same page is so important, what good is an appointment if we can't agree on content, right--- I want us all to win and shine and LOVE what's going on--- its super important to me (photog, home owners, and me).

Steps to book-
1- We name the content and goals of the shoot (sample shots invited or work that inspires you--- do share I want to see and get on the same page as you)

2- Come to the full understanding that I am a paid model and what that rate is (keeping in mind all that I do include because I want this stuff to be good, its gonna be :-) and don't be scared off--- my rates match the rates of everyone else, nothing too terrible here)

3- We sync dates and time frames--- and for travel times zip codes---

4- We exchange numbers, emails, and other forms of contact

5- We summarize

6-We lock it all down with a deposit 1/2 down deposit *non refundable* (paypal works and info will be sent on that as we discuss) (and I am not a dick, if we need to adjust a lil here and there and can, of course I will and if I cant Ill let you know what I can do. For 2 hour slots that half down covers the work I turn down and what it costs me to just be there (hotels, food, rental cars, arent free because my shoots canceled-- so please book with certainty).
-- Yes, the deposit  goes towards your balance and if I cancel you get your money back. PLEASE---PLEASE!!!!!!-----Put your name, the date and time of the shoot in the comments on PayPal, so Im not trying to figure out who and what its for, I run other business that people PayPal and it can get rather confusing-- this helps me run smoother for you. I have cut cancellations and flakes 90 percent since I have started enforcing it (amazing--- even deaths seem to have tapered off! haha!--- I got that one a lot as a reason to cancel)... feel free to write anyone I have worked with in the past, check out my over 200 verified credits on here, read my tags, friend me on Facebook (just let me know its you so I approve it), I take this stuff serious... (and of course have fun with it)

*****Super affordable if you plan and book in advance --- $100 an hour 2 hour min for up to non explcit nude poses  $150 an hour 2 hour min for up to more overt styled poses (open leg, pink, spreads, close ups, *no toys or insertion styled shots). (I show camera ready, hair and make up ready to go, wardrobe, on time, and excited and ready to work and often times have a location option to offer at a great rate or if I can include no fee--- I do my best for you guys)

**** This rate changes in the summer, because travel goes up and I have to sorry fellas, I do everything I can to keep it down--- Summer rates will be posted when they apply, I don't like surprises either. :-)

*****Note--- shoots that are less then 4 days out to book I do charge 75% down --- no exceptions anymore--- NONE--- and I also charge a higher hourly. Ive spent way too much time throwing last min together in 2017 and thats not fair to guys who can book 4 plus days in advance. My base hourly for shoots scheduled less then 4 days out is $125 an hour for up to non explcit nude poses or $175 an hour for up to more overt styled poses (open leg, pink, spreads, closes up *no toys or insertion) ------

***Yes, it pays to plan and book in advance and saves you money and me energy and mega stress and hair pulling out trying to accommodate.****

6- Addresses are released (from my end usually the day before)--- please keep in mind unless its a commercial studio I am very protective of the privacy of those kind enough to share thier personal spaces with us--- most of who and where I use are not deep into the photog world--- this is something that they are being super kind to do and I very very much protect them and their property for it.

7- We have a blast! I love what I do--- you love what you do--- I know my end like crazy to the point that I can just focus on it or do both sides--- so new or super professional--- lets do it and knock some stuff out of the park! Heart lead and want to make all parties feel bigger at the end then they do at the start.

Thank you!

***Mental Notes***

I balance several professions and sometimes being in the field can pull me from the computer for what might feel like forever (generally, I get back to with in 12 to 24 hours). If we have an appointment and Ive confirmed then please do not stress on a slower follow up and if you are at all stressing' just shoot me a text to follow up (solid bookings have this info, if you do not have this info, we might not be booked, better message me on here). In other words, Im pretty easy going… things work out… and I like people and want things to work, so they generally do. Let's assume the best in each other. Yeah, I like that. :-) 

A couple of motion clips, for sample --- *Note that these do include nudity*

ATL Boudoir --- Thank you so much Carlton :-)
Shot May, 2016
Over Exposed Media--- Thanks Allen :-)
Shot March 2014


To those I have worked with:

I cannot thank you enough, nor express how passionately touched I feel for having you in my life. You bring purpose to my work. The connection, trust and confidence you put in me shines through this portfolio. We carry eachother. The belief you have in me has kept the powerhouse of my imagination in an infinite state of overdrive, like ecstasy for my soul and I thank you. -CK :-)

A bit about me:

I really just have a divine appreciation of life, a value of people, places and the world that surrounds us. Modeling has become a vehicle for me to get out there and just be with what I feel such a deep love and value for and to connect.

I love modeling and photography.  It is exercise, followed by habit, it trains the eye to look for beauty and heartfelt meaning, rather then judgement or comparison; to accept, not to deny one another---to connect us by difference.

I respect individual goals and am here to offer supportive insight to help and develop your direction. I am open to hear new ideas and believe that possibility and  direction are quite limitless in anything we put our minds to do.

Creativity, fantasy, visions, exploration, accomplishments, growth, expression; I want to be, am proud to be, and value being part of all of this....

In my own strong opinion and belief:

There is a place in this industry for everyone. Whether you have found your place or are just starting your journey (or are anywhere in between), I am willing and eager to be a positive part of the process, progress and results.

Thank you for your curiosity, interest, and for including me. I look forward to our meeting and working with you.

Warmest Regards,
Charlie Kristine
"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things."
-Leonardo da Vinci
[quote] [b]

Ways to reach me:

Visit me: My website you can check me out Charlie Kristine . com
Email is best: [email protected] (I know Im not blonde anymore *blush)
Please note, I travel often and my email is the quickest way to reach me.
I look forward to future work together.

Some of my experience:

Countless Photo Events, one on ones, and shootouts Coast to Coast


Ive done some stuff :-) :

FotoFacts Podcast (link to listen posted above)- March 2019
Two Image Curated into the Canal Street Art Gallery, Bellows Falls, VT (Karl Jacobson) February 2019
Halloween Expo Spokesmodel Roma Fashion-- January 2019
Image Curated into the A Smith Gallery, Johnson TX (Jerry Ranch)- Jan-Feb 2019
Image Curated into the gallery exhibition The Natural Nude, SE Center for Photography Geensville SC (Jerry Ranch) - Jan 2019
Katrina Kreations Catalog ----------------------- January 2019
Altitude Lingerie Show (Roma Confidential)- April 2018
Katrina Swimsuits------------------------------------February&March 2018
Halloween Expo (Roma Fashion)---------------January, 2018
Crown Performance Calendar ------------------- 2017
Katrina Swimwear-----------------------------------January 2017
Halloween Expo ------------------------------------January 2017
Linerie Stockings Heels (Print on demand Mag) Fall, 2016
Michelle Rene' Designs -----------------------Spring, 2016
International Lingerie Show ------------------April 2016
Halloween Expo (Roma Fashions) :-) ----- January 2016
Vertigo Mens Online Magazine-------------January 2016
Ravish Models Online Magazine-----------Fall 2015
International Lingerie Show (Roma Fashions) :-) ---- September 2015
Curves NV Expo -------August, 2015
Easy Rider Magazine (full page 67)----June Edition 2015
International Lingerie Show---March 2015
Roma Fashion and Costume (Expo)----February 2015
Boudoir Posing Guide (By Terry Neves) Model/Cover Model ----Jan 2015
Katrina Kreations Spring Collection----Jan/Feb 2015
Chain Maille Creative Designs---------June 2014
J. Valentine(International Lingerie Show)----April 2014
Roma Fashion(International Lingerie Show)--April 2014
Katrina Swim and yoga wear---------March 2014
Eighty6 Blvd Magazine - Back Cover - Jan 2014
East Coast Biker Magazine - Cover - Jan 2014
Roma Fashion - January 2014
Crown Performance - 2014 Calendar
Beluga Vodka - Nov/Dec 2013
Kuhl Vodka - Oct 2013
Playboy Morning Show (Radio and TV) - Oct 2013
Correlejo Tequila - Oct 2013
Licor 43 - Sept 2013
Katrina Kreations Online Catalog - June 2013
Playboy Morning Show (Radio and TV) - June 2013
ALT Magazine - January 2013
Playboy TV - January 2013
Hoss International - January 2013
Playboy Radio - Strip Trivia - January 2013
Roma Fashion - January 2013
Poster For Advertising - November 2012
Playboy Radio&TV"Dancing w/ the Porn Stars" (Model:Introduced Couples) Nov 2012
Glamourcon LA November 2012
The babe Spot ( August 2012
Sprockets and Splices (K31GL Dallas) 2012
PKF Studios (Erotic Horror Flicks) Spring/Summer 2012
Dirty Deeds Media Production Spring/Summer 2012
"Femme Exposure Magazine" June 2012
"Snap Matter Magazine" June 2012
Heidi Fish Swimsuits & Lingerie, April 2012
Prince Couture, March 2012
"Crown Performance" 2012 Calendar
Pink Couch Media, October 2011
Hawaiian Bryann Pin Up Art Summer 2011
"Scarletts Secrets Magazine" Cover September 2011
"Southern Peach Magazine" Cover of July 2011
"Envy Magazine" Cover of June 2011
"Envy Magazine" June, 2011 Special Edition
"Jam Magazine" Featured Model of the Month, 2011
"Femmexposure" Featured Model of July, 2011
Scott Paul Catalog -- Current--Fall 2011
Katrina Swim/Clubwear Catalog--June 2011
K31GL Dallas/Fort Worth TV 31.4 Debut of the show "Sprockets and Splices" (Download my images off the site)
Sprockets and Splices Program-- December-Current
ArtSi Magazine-----------------March, 2011
Art Si Magazine----------------Feb, 2011
Roma Fashion------------------Jan 2011
Atomic Rosewell Clothing----December 2010
Art Si Magazine---------------Nov., 2010
Bitchin Boxers-----------------July, 2010
American Curves Magazine (page 148)-- Aug 2010
Crown Performance------------August, 2010
Oribe Hair Product/Hair Show---May 2010
Titos Vodka----------Spring 2010
International Lingerie Show-Las Vegas--April 2010
Visual Image Events---February 2010--Spokes Model
HOSS International--February 2010--- Catalog
Western Fashion ----February 2010--Catalog
Prince Couture------January 2010---Catalog
Katrina Creations---January 2010---Catalog
Glamourcon LA-----November 2009--Fashion Show (Assist. Organizer and Model)---Featuring Designers: HOSS International, Katrina Creations, Prince
Body Magazine-------Fall 2009------Featured in Runway Write Up
Las Vegas International Lingerie Show--HOSS International--Fall 2009
HOSS--Fall Collection)----------Late Summer, 2009
Glamourcon Chicago------------ Summer 2009
LOOK Swimsuits----------------Summer, 2009
Erotica LA for Hoss Corsets-----Summer, 2009
Prince Couture Clothing---------Summer, 2009
Hoss Satin and Lace Line-------------Late Spring, 2009
Boars Nest Choppers-----------------Spring, 2009
Katrina Catalog----------------------Spring, 2009
REMY Fashion Show------------------Spring, 2009
Hoss International---Corset Factory---Spring 2009
PLAYBOY TV (Hockey with the Kings)--January, 2009
PLAYBOY Radio-----------------------January, 2009
Katrina Swimwear--------------------January, 2009
AZ Shootout-------------- October, 2008, Lingerie
Auto+Body --------------- August, 2008, Spokesmodeling
Mav TV-------------------August, 2008, Calendar/TV
Save the Tah-Tahs Clothing----June 2008, Printwork/Catalog
LOOK Swimwear----------------May 2008, Printwork/Catalog
Hair Designs by Tammy---------2008, Hair Model, Printwork
Next Level Fitness-------------2007, Print/Fitness Model
Morgan Connection Magazine---2007, 2006, 1999 Printwork
Morgan Horse Magazine--------2007, 2000,1999 Printwork
Crown Royal-------------------2005, Spokesmodel
Nascar------------------------2005, Spokemodel
"Town & Country" Mini Van--- -2005, Costco, Spokes model
Sally Hanson----------------- 2005, Spokes model
"Vintage" --- ---------------- 2003, Promotional
Toby Keith Music Video--------2004, Dancer Couple
LA Car Show------------------2004, Promotional
Lexus------------------------2004, Spokes model
Exxon ------------------------2004, Spokes model
Mary Kay---------------------2004, Make up demo
Cooking Demo Commercial-----2004, Posed Sampler
Equine Affair------------------2004, Spokes model, Boot Barn
Biker Babes Calendar----------2003, "Miss December"
Horse Trader Magazine--------2003, Print work
Palm Springs Travel Brochure--2003, Print Model
Boot Barn -------------------2002, Commercial
Boot Barn -------------------2002, Christmas Catalog
Adultcon.--------------------2002, Spokes model
OutLaw Lingerie--------------2001, Catalog
Equestrian Fashion Show-----2001, Runway
Hartmyer Catalog------------1999, English/Equestrian Gear
Hobby Horse Catalog---------1999, Western/Equestrian Gear
Miss Murrieta Pageant--------1999, Titled Princess
Miss Jr. America Pageant-----1998, "City Queen"
Miss Jr. America Pageant-----1997, "City Queen"
Prom Fashion Show----------1996, "Dress Model"

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"If you would like to add a big "WOW" factor to your portfolio, there is no need to look any further. Her stunning looks, her wonderful personality, her experience both in front of and behind a camera combined with her knowledge of situating herself for the best use of lighting and her very fluid movement in transition during her poses makes for a very easy, seamless photo shoot. A true professional in every way, Charlie Kristine is nothing short of being a "photographer's dream subject". Do yourself a favor and book Charlie Kristine today!!!" Read less

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"Charlie Kristine only needs you to explain the concept and then poses perfectly without direction. As a bonus, she is a wonderful person and a real delight to work with. For our photo shoot, she was on time with hair and make up ready to photograph. I definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a fun, experienced, and talented model!" Read less

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"Charlie Kristine is so much fun to work with, she is easy going and very talented, she knows how to deliver what a photographer needs. her rates are very reasonable, Charlie is a very talented model, and also loads of fun and you instantly want to be her friend in the first 5 minutes you meet her. She is very friendly and outgoing and has loads of energy in her work. If you have the chance to work with her i recommend that you jump at it." Read less

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"Just spent a 3-hour session with Charlie. What a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with. Had a great time and she spent most of the time trying to get to know my style and what I wanted as a photographer. That is just one of her pluses. She truly wants to do whatever she can to make your time with her valuable. What a pleasure working with someone who lessons, learns, teaches, and tries to please all wrapped up into one beautiful package. Looking forward to the next time." Read less

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Credit Notes

For those who might want to know a little about me:

This is my thinking--- this is my energy--- I found this and just can't share it with enough people... theres more like you and me--- lets make your goals happen!

All around-
I am a morning person
I like modeling
I like photography
I like learning
I like people

How she rolls ;-) : I prefer Sunrise-8PM (as working hours) ----Prefer, but am not limited to ;-)

An idea of my personality:

When she's home (currently home about every other week for a week, then back up, out and at em) : I get up early, I drink a lot of hot tea, I am always learning something or working on something new (by choice-- I already have several associates degrees), I read a lot and listen to a lot of audibles, I workout daily (sometimes and when I can twice) Orange Theory Fitness, Planet Fitness, The Hotel, My Apartments, anywhere I can get my fix *lol  and Im always stoked to have friends join me at Orange Theory. Im a clean eater (meaning foods as they are and basic--- Im messy aside from that! yup, pack extra napkins and wipes, I make a mess *teasing) , mainly plant based diet, yup a food snob due to allergies and I just live by the nothing tastes as good a healthy feels approach , except for my kryptonite is Dark Choc!. I live in Dallas, TX.  I adore and spend time with my family up north every 6 weeks, sometimes more (so if you are in OKC Im u there often), I grew up with horse and my family is Morgan and Saddlebred kinds of people , I have a 30 pound feline named Oscar who melts my heart (who is 20 this year!), I work tons from the computer, Im coordinating the next trip and reviewing the last one, I shoot pictures, coming up with new ways to provide value and improve myself for the world , I attend art walks as often as I can, symphony, farmers markets and love theater. Im into spiritual stuff, Im into physics, I like to know how things work, I bring listen to podcasts, and you tube videos that teach, Im into real estate and love learning about investment... Im into eastern philosophy and if I could live in jammies and fluffy socks I would! :-) Oh and I like it hot --- ! I even pack and come with my own little heater to help out so Im not frozen and upset for our shoot. I want to be my best for you.

On the road:
Im up early to get Computer work done and I get myself styled and all gussied up for you! I listen to a lot of audio books and motivational speeches, I make sure to get my workouts in (Im grumpy if I don't), I shoot some, I model my butt off and connect/network  ... oh and sleep!!!! so I don't suck at what I care about--- which is delivering value and my best self to you :-) Lots of focus, tons of go, I am not a night owl at all, I do very early mornings ( I do like this--- I am a morning person)  and I work as a dependable person in not very dependable conditions... I value my sleep so nope no partying for me.

By Choice:

Early to start, early to rest! You mean Charlie isnt a party girl...!? Nope and I don't like to go out at night---  Focused, Determined, and Absolutely passionate about what I do and the people I share it with. I want to be my very best for you and this structure works best for best quality!

A note to models:

Ladies: I host and am tied to different photography groups around the country. Always happy and open to meet new and/or experienced faces. Jobs ranging from Lessons, to nude social shoots and heck I photograph too. So please,indeed reach out. I dont pay travel, but it is an extra opportunity network and make a little extra cash if you are already in the area, or I am in yours.

Boyz: I want pictures, not chlamydia *giggle. What's that mean. If you are in area and available for shooting/hire, I myself shoot as a photographer, and I extend the same offer for hire as I do with the female models.So though I dont offer dates (hey you wanna hook up ---not so much), I do offer work. If you see I am in your area, I generally have packed my camera and am up to shooting jeans and tees, to towels and shaving of YOU (not me) ---Im tending to lean towards the trends of black and white and outdoor life style at this time, though I am open to other ideas you might have.


Passions and Free-time Obsessions:

Photography (Currently taking classes in a variety of genre, as well as, classes for post process)
Orange Theory Fitness Junkie (I go four days a week)
Spiritual Practice/Positive Practice
Reading/Audible/Podcasts (anything that leads from the heart or has a useful positive point of view or lesson to teach--broadens my thinking and awareness-Buisness Material as well)
Make Up/Hair Conceptual Design
Foodie (Love healthy organic, I bake stuff for fun, and am trying to be a better cook for others so been working on learning that)
Music (all sorts of stuff)
Movies (Sci Fi, Comedy and Intellectual Thrillers)
Horses (Grew up training Morgans)
and of course travel and culture...