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Male Model needed for Denim Photoshoot

Looking for Male Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering Cash Money

Hello Guys. I need a guy for an upcoming photo shoot. I need a gruff masculine man to fill the role. Think Gerard Butler, Clive Owen, Jason Statham, etc. I need a guy who is the following: 5'10"-6'2" Built wears around size 32" jean. Please contact me if you're interested. Thanks, Philip 28 comments / 994 views

Fashion Show Auditions For Rozenblyum Couture!--very selective!

Looking for Female and Male Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering Negotiable

Fashion Week has been very successful for us! We are doing a new Casting For Rozenblyum Couture today at 6PM! Location for casting: 530 West 28th Street between 10th and 11th. The event will be September 19th at Mansion Night Club! Main Room Main Stage. This is a Huge opportunity for Female and Male Models! Free Exposure, Free Video and Photorgaphs. Hot After Party. This is a 21 and over event! Requirments: Everyone has to be taller than 5"8! Fit Bodies and Beautiful Faces. Please bring your headshoots. More than 2000 people will be attending so if you want to EXPAND YOUR PORTFOLIO THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Take a look at previous shows! For more info contact me at [email protected] 1 comments / 561 views

Photo Shoot in September | Boudoir Session | TFCD 18+

Looking for Female Models on Sep 22, 2009 and offering TF*

I am a photographer from New York and are looking for a few models for a fun boudoir shoot. I will be in Stamford, Ct September 22nd - 23rd, 2009. Please message me if you are looking to bring your portfolio to the next level or just want to have some fun. My portfolio can be found on and Spots are limited on a first come first serve basis. Mission for this Project: I will be offering a new service for my wedding clients and would like to incorporate some boudoir photos in my portfolio. I am looking to select some models in the country to participate in this offering (Toronto, Washington, DC, Tampa, FL, CT, South Carolina, Boston & NYC). What is a Boudoir Session? Boudoir photography sessions are tasteful photos that hint at sexiness. Every person has their own idea of what sexy is as well as what they are comfortable with. These sessions are cute, fun, sexy, flirty and even a bit sensual all the while maintaining your comfort level. Kind Regards, -Chris Chen Web: Blog: MM# 3 comments / 873 views

Santa's Helper

Looking for Female Models on Nov 28, 2009 and offering Cash Money

I am casting for a few young ladies to work as Santa's Sexy Helpers with Cruisin' Santa at Christmas parties this season. The idea is Santa with his motorcycle and his Helpers will appear at parties, mingle, and have photos taken by guests. You will be paid. And you wil get to hang out at some great parties. I have one maybe two girls committed to the project and need 4 to 6 more so the helpers can rotate according to availability. Call me days at 205-542-9824 and night at 205-631-6208. 18 comments / 1060 views

IGNORE DATE - Models needed for 5 photo shoots

Looking for Female Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Hi I am in need of 5 models (or less if I cant get a hold of that many) for 5 different photo shoots- 2 in the studio at stevenson college and 3 on location (dont have actual locations at the mo). These shoots will be: Studio - movement with clothing that flows well with props like ribbon to add an extra element Studio - Bright clothing and bright coloured backgrounds with coloured gels. A really funky, edgy shoot Location - countryside shoot - lighting to create a really moody sky and atmosphere, quite colourful clothing to stand out from the background Location - possible a dusk/night shoot but could work in the day, bright spotlight on model as if she has been caught doing something she shouldnt be doing so could possbly involve a male model if i can get one.. Location - Quite a simple b&w shoot, in the city..not quite figured this one out yet! These are all just rough ideas...going to go along the lines that i have set out but if you have any ideas to bring, they would be more than welcome.. If you are interested email me at [email protected] or message on MM.. Thanks Sam 6 comments / 677 views

Damsel in Distress - Viral Video

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 19, 2009 and offering TF*

Make-up artist required for viral video shoot this Saturday (19th Sept 09), 9am-5pm. The shoot is for a small ethical men's underwear brand and sees a male underwear model saving attractive girl (damsel in distress) from danger. Minimum make-up and styling will be required for approx 15 bank robbery hostages and full make-up required for 1 male underwear model (including body make-up), 1 'attractive' girl, 1 'attractive' guy, 1 'unattractive' girl and 1 'unattractive' guy. The successful applicant will recieve a copy of the video for their records. Please send me a message if interested! Kind regards, --Ryan 1 comments / 625 views

Models/Extras for shoot in Portland ME this Sunday

Looking for Female Models on Sep 20, 2009 and offering TF*

We are shooting an episode of a web series this coming Sunday afternoon Sept. 20th and are looking for a couple more extras. Female Age 20-30-ish Ideally tall able to be made up to look model/babe-like clothing is sexy/bling/club Shoot will be in Cumberland, 15 minutes from Portland. It will be in the afternoon and last a couple hours. Volunteer but you will appear in a series that is highly viewed on the web, iTunes and on TV around the country. If you are interested and available this Sunday afternoon in the Portland area, email me info plus a recent headshot+full body shot - [email protected] or contact me here on MM Thanks! Frank ------------------------- Franklin McMahon Studio - New Media Production [email protected] Studio Page - Media Artist Secrets Blog - Audio-Video Production / Podcasts / Design / Photography / Webcasts / Marketing / Social Networks 1 comments / 651 views

Need some models to practice with

Looking for Female Models on Sep 23, 2009 and offering TF*

I have been working with some well known photogs in the fashion industry. need to get some young ladies to practice these lighting techniques that i have learned ..both studio and on location work. i have posted several new photos to my port so you can get a feel for what im after. you will get a copy of the shots i process and as always, any shoots that i make money off of,,you also get paid as well. looking to get creative but would like to do some city shots in minneapolis during the week before it gets too cold. we are putting the finishing touches on our new indoor studio but it wont be up and running for about a month. i would be willing to help with gas and when the studio is complete, we will be looking for the right girls to do some high fashion boudoir photography shots. NO NUDE WORK ALLOWED. if anyone want to update some ports, i can met you downtown,, but when studio is complete, you will need to come to elk eiver 11 comments / 793 views

Amazing shoot

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 19, 2009 and offering TF*

Have crazy Location In Ny a high end collector looking for a good team of people like the work on my lists if you work resembles the work on my lists please contact me so we can plan something thanks A 1 comments / 657 views

Do you look good in a bikini?

Looking for Female Models on Oct 02, 2009 and offering Cash Money

or a thong? Looking for models who want to add to their port (and mine) and also make a few dollars doing it I'm looking for females, any race, any age to model bikini and/or thongs You most provide your own bikinis but I am able to help with the thongs (all new) You will get pictures and get paid $10 an hour at the end of the shoot If you are comeing from the city, I can help you with a train ticket Shoot is ongoing so ignore start date 1 comments / 799 views

Couples Shoot

Looking for Female and Male Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering Cash Money

We have been commissioned to develop a Provocative Couples poster for a special event in Maryland. We are looking for a long hair, and great curves. Please be comfortable with yourself in front of the camera, you will need to be comfortable working very little on. We will make you look good in the finished product, which is marketed to the public. This is a couple shoot so you need bring your man and clothing items including shoes. Background: We are affiliated with several ad agencies in the USA, and will be providing them with quality 20 X 30 inches posters We develop promotion posters for bars, taverns, parties, and events and are looking for relatively experienced models. References, Staff MUA on site, and professional fun, and respectful atmosphere. Paid shoots with the hourly rate being $55.00 to $80.00 per hour (total for both of you) and depending upon the type of poses done. Please provide open dates in late September. If you need travel costs state the cost, dress size, and any tats that we have to work around. We are professional, and will treat you professionally. Please be ready to arrive on time and work two hours. If you answer this casting call, please note that you are answering the Couples Promotion as we have several casting calls, we don’t want you be place in the wrong review file. Please feel welcome to apply for other casting calls, or apply again if you answered earlier. This casting call procedure is our way of finding out who is interested in this project. North Coast Fox Images 7 comments / 888 views

Need a MUA for a short commercial this Sunday

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Hello, Shooting a short commercial this Sunday for and I need a MUA. It's very low budget, so it's unpaid I'm afraid. Let me know if you're interested. Sincerely, Dv 0 comments / 526 views

NYC 29.09 till 08.10 :)) MUA wanted!!! 18+

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 29, 2009 and offering TF*

I am ready to leave for NYC and now i need a MUA to work with! My project about hotel rooms all over the world needs sensual, not obvious make up but also very colorful and in your face on the other hand :) we can talk about material compensation but u get the pictures for sure of the shoots, you can choose your favs and i will retouch them asap :D hope to hear from you! take care!! xoxo robb 1 comments / 633 views

MUA Required Monday 28th September. Southport PART PAID/TFCD

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 28, 2009 and offering TF*

Hi I am working with a fab photographer on the 28th in Southport You can check out his portfolio here. We are going to be doing several looks throughout the day. I am open to suggestions from MUA's as this would be to benifit everybodys portfolio. The themes for the shoot are going to be 1.) Sexy 50's pinup (Corsets/stockings etc) 2.) High fashion. Ideally im looking for makeup that really stands out for this so would be giving you free reighn so to speak. If time allows i also would like to get some headshots similar to those you would see for chanel makeup etc. Flawless makeup that looks minimal (Although in reality i know this look takes a lot of work to achieve) so we can discuss this further. Ok ive tried to include as much info in here as possible. If you would like to be a part of this then please get in touch. Ideally show your interest here but also send PM. This is a TFCD shoot however i know your kit is expensive so im offering a £20 contribution if you can help with all looks. I know its not a lot but the shoot will defo be great for your portfolio. If all goes well on the day then i have several paid shoots in october so if we work well on this occassion then its a good opportunity for paid work in the future. If im getting paid so are you! 1 comments / 830 views

NEED MAKE UP ARTIST TO HELP ME BUILD UP PORTFOLIO !~~~(Forget about the start date)

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Hello there. My name is barry, a hong kong based photographer who arrived here 2 years ago. and baz is actually looking for a make up artist to help me out in fashion photoshooting in the future. The wonderful Make up artist that i'm working with, is going back to her hometown and leaving brisbane for good... so i really wish and urgently need a new make up artist to work with and help me out for the photoshoot make up If u are looking for photographers to build up your portfolio as well, and interested in working with me . PLEASE KINDLY LEAVE A MESSAGE TO BAZ PLEASEEEEEE....!!!!!! begging u.....PLSSS feel free to have a look at my previous works too. =] Thanks for reading . Cheerz. Baz 0 comments / 560 views

edgy photo shoot on a surreal beach

Looking for Female Models on Sep 21, 2009 and offering TF*

Hi there, I´m a fashion stylist (and model), looking for a gorgeous model for an upcoming high fashion photo shoot that will take place on Mon 21 on a beach ( 1 hour drive form London). We´ll meet up about 9 in the morning and drive down the beach and be back in London about 4 o´clock. We are a team of 4 people ( photographer, MUA, hairstylist and me) You must be at least 5´9 tall and be size 6-8. This is not a paid job, but you´ll get a CD with all the pictures. If the pictures are good ( and I´m sure they´ll be amazing) we´ll try to get submission for a magazine. I have some good connections in media, so it shouldn´t be a problem. If interested, send me an email on [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you. 2 comments / 599 views

2 female models required for ethereal/eastern styled shoot

Looking for Female Models on Oct 01, 2009 and offering TF*

Location and date tbc but looking for some time in October - more concerned with finding the right models. Concept is high metallic/ethereal make-up coupled with eastern/bollywood styling. Pics will be used in advertising. Extremely experienced photographer involved - amazing pics are guaranteed. Please email me if you're interested. 38 comments / 978 views

Cherish the Dress

Looking for Female Models on Oct 26, 2009 and offering Cash Money

We require a female model who will work for 3 days at a castle in Chianti. The workshops pay £200 per day and we will include any images taken for your portfolio. The talented Chris Hanley will be teaching 8 photographers each day in a fashion-style bridal shoot. Please note that we will not pay for travel or accommodation charges so unless you live locally, you will have to pay for these additional costs. If you would like to view the Tuscany workshops page, follow this link : Please contact my PA : [email protected] if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you! Damien Lovegrove. 16 comments / 897 views

Record Remix fashion show @ ARTpool

Looking for Female Models on Sep 25, 2009 and offering TF*

I need a few female models that are willing to meet at my friend's apartment in Largo to have hair and makeup done at 4pm, and then drive to an art gallery in St. Pete to do a runway show at 9pm. This show is great for new models. All shapes and sizes welcome! This is not a paying gig, but you will receive photos from the show, there will be a large crowd which is great for new models wanting exposure, and there is a chance that a few local papers might be there to take photos. Ever show I have done has had some sort of press coverage, and this show will probably be covered by the TBT or Creative Loafing. The theme of this show is music, and so the outfits will be covered in various things related to music, such as tapes, cds, and records. They might be a little unusual, but they should be easy to wear. Here are a few samples of other things I have made for other shows: If you are interested please contact me at my email address: [email protected] or on my myspace: If available, I would like to do a fitting sometime this week before the show. Thanks! 4 comments / 620 views

photos en mouvement

Looking for Female Models on Sep 19, 2009 and offering TF*

bonjour recherche modele photo pour beauty et/ou photos de nuit fashion en exterieur dans paris pour samedi fin d apres midi et dimanche apres midi. mon travail est visible sur 4 comments / 679 views

beauty and fashion

Looking for Multi on Sep 18, 2009 and offering TF*

Bonjour shooting sur paris ce week end, recherche vetements et accessoires pour photos mises en scene en exterieur. travail visible sur: 1 comments / 611 views

TV fitness programme - for Polish girls ONLY!

Looking for Female Models on Oct 01, 2009 and offering TF*

Chcesz wystąpić w telewizji? To jest Twoja szansa! Pilnie poszukuje 2- 3 dobrze wyglądających i wysportowanych dziewczyn do programu telewizyjnego o tematyce fitness. Udział w programie jest bezplatny, jest to jednak Twoja szansa, aby pokazać się szerszej publiczności oraz zdobyć nowe doświadczenia. Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowana prześlij swoje aktualne zdjęcia na adres [email protected] Prosze wysylac zdjecia TYLKO do Doroty, poniewaz to ona jest odpowiedzialna za ten projekt. 0 comments / 561 views

fashion décalé

Looking for Wardrobe Stylist on Sep 18, 2009 and offering TF*

Bonjour, de passage sur paris. Nous recherchons stylistes vetements et/ou accessoires sur le theme années 80 ou anterieures pour travail de collaboration in et outdoor. :) travail visible sur 0 comments / 531 views

fashion show, photoshoot, hair or video

Looking for Female Models on Sep 19, 2009 and offering Cash Money

im lookin for any of modelling experience job paid or not im free 21 comments / 915 views

fashion & fetish

Looking for Female Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

we plan to do some test shoots for the book of an hair and make up artist with some fashion and fetish elements in the next 10 days. looking for models who are into glossy experimental experiance. 2 comments / 690 views

MUA spoed

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Voor vrijdag (morgen) een MUA gezocht. Gaat om video/film beauty shoot in studio ... 3 comments / 585 views

Fotograaf voor jeans shoot gezocht! 18+

Looking for Photographer on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Hallo, Ik ben op zoek naar een goede fotograaf voor een jeans fashion shoot! En dan bedoel ik alleen een jeans en een wit topje en mijn lange haar. Wil graag ook wat foto''s zonder topje en dan bedekt naakt of mijn haar ervoor! Groetjes Iris 4 comments / 864 views

wanted: makeup artist

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 24, 2009 and offering TF*

hi! next week i'm on a trip to london and planned to do a shooting. looking for a makeup-artist from london for this tfp project. don't have a location yet, but i thought to perform the shooting in bricklane. if you are interested, just send me a pm! regards from italy, günther 0 comments / 525 views

We need two female models for an editorial concept. Ignore start date.

Looking for Female Models on Oct 01, 2009 and offering TF*

What's up MM? The team and I are planning to shoot an editorial style piece that tells a story. If you're interested in doing something different and would like to take part in a shoot that tells a story rather than the typical straight fashion/beauty/glamour shots drop us a line and we'll share some specifics. Don't forget to ignore the start date. We'll schedule the shoot once we find the right talent for it but we are hoping to shoot sometime in October.. November at latest. Ideally the two models will be around the same age and I think what's appropriate for this piece will be in the age range of 20 to 25. Others will be considered if you have the right look. Other requirements are you must have an athletic to petite body type and have some acting skills because you'll need to play a part and get into character. 7 comments / 699 views

Docklands Street Shoot

Looking for Female Models on Sep 22, 2009 and offering TF*

Hi, I am looking for female models to do a shoot on various locations around the docklands. I am looking will be using lightweigt off camera strobes and be able to walk around and shoot on location. The type of shot I am going for the commercial/editorial look. If the weather is bad,I have access to a small empty apartment. The plan is to meet at Canary Wharf and then head off by car to places of interest. Thames Barrier Greenwich foot tunnel The millenium Dome Please bring 3 changes of clothes. Garry 8 comments / 699 views

Any muas wanting to do a 1950's style shoot

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 18, 2009 and offering TF*

Hi there, I have a model who is wanting 1950's style shoot for her portfolio and was looking for an Mua who thinks they could do all the makeup and hair if possible for the shoot. they will get all the images to add to their portfolio. xx let me know 0 comments / 496 views

hair extension models

Looking for Female Models on Oct 04, 2009 and offering TF* need hair weave models for classes. The classes start at 6 am and will probably last 3 hours The models will be worked on by students and instructors. Models receive Free Hair Weave (12 inches). ck the website if interested..please request a freind add here and email you picture (please put the picture in the email - no attachments) along with your phone number ... DO NOT call us, we will call you. 10 models are needed...Hair loss, breakage and thinning also welcomed [email protected] 8 comments / 803 views

Let's build our portfolios!

Looking for Photographer on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Ongoing. I need to update my portfolio. I'd love to get some great head and action shots. 10 comments / 721 views

Voice over actress

Looking for Multi on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Ive got a new song I'm recording and I need a female voice over actress for ambiance speaking on a track. You need to sound convincing the song is a guy ending it with his girlfriend so you gotta sound upset and or prideful. Didn't plan on providing compensation because I can record you at your location so you would not need to travel. I'd just need a little of your time if interested message me or email me at [email protected] with a pic and acting credentials if any. I'd prefer experience because time will be saved but non experienced I am accepting as well. Thank you endquotemusic 1 comments / 525 views

Call for Make up Artist /Hair Stylist

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 29, 2009 and offering Cash Money

Hi There Looking for a Make up Artist / Hair stylist for a photoshoot with 2 models from interstate to be shot on Sydneys Northern beaches. The shoot will start early and go for most of the day. For more details contact me ASAP , the offer wont last long and i would like to have someone booked within the next few days. Please send me your rates and a link to some of your work. Subject should read "Northern Beaches Shoot" You can message me back or email me : [email protected] 0 comments / 714 views

Casting Call for Make up Artist and Hair Stylist

Looking for Makeup Artist on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Casting Call for Make up Artist and Hair Stylist For Production with 10 International models and well-known photographer 8 days prouduction. you will get 22 MP pictures for your usage. The Photographer in the production is one of the best photographers in the world at the moment and you can see his works in Every Day at Fashion TV,The biggest Magazines in the world we will take care of the flights and accomadations. Kindly send an email to [email protected] Thank you 0 comments / 435 views

Sexy Creative Shoot for Portfolio's. 18+

Looking for Female Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Hi There, Im looking to experiment with some new shots for my Portfolio. For the next few weeks Im looking for a variation of great looking up and coming female models who are comfortbale in front of the camera in glamour type clothing ,semi nude or possible nude shots on exterior and Interior locations. I am looking to do some amazing pieces of work as i am planning to upgrade my account and to promote my work thru various media as well as Model Mayhem. So this will be a great opportunity for you whilst i am building my Portfolio to get some great creative shots as i plan to only doing this once. I also work with a stylist/hair and make person who will help on the shoot . If you are seriously interested then please get in touch. As this is not a paid job it is prefered that the models come from London But it is not essential if you are will to make your own way to Londonas this is a TF shoot . Also it would ber a great oppotunity to meet some potential new models to work with on future projects. Hope to hear from you soon. BJ aka Overlord X Photographer/Producer/Film Director 4 comments / 762 views

Looking for models for relaxed, fun shoots - fun themes!

Looking for Female and Male Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

I'm in the middle of my adventure that is Portraiture photography! Currently I'm in a big experimentation phase, so I'm looking for any model. Inexperienced, highly experienced, short, tall, circus trained, professional accountant, time traveller or Spanish Conquistador. I'm looking for TF* and after people who don't mind a bit of craziness and being out there. I love shooting themes, so anyone who's ever wanted to dress up in a chicken costume or pretend they're the Queen of England, come and get it! I've got plenty of my own ideas, but if you want something specific shot I'll be happy to consider it and see if we can make it work together. My profile here has a couple shots, and my gallery at has a few more. If something tickles your fancy then give me a message. Brett 4 comments / 612 views

Mother & Child Shoot - URGENT - Reading RG8

Looking for Female Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering Cash Money

Re-advertising due to yet another piece of MM mayhem I require a female model pref mid to late 20's together with a child pref 12 to 24 months for a 2 hour shoot in RG8 one morning very soon. I am hoping to get a MUA but the theme is after the party - it is an outdoor shoot in front of a repossessed house. Please do not clog the system up if you have no child to bring to the party - URGET REQUIREMENT 4 comments / 514 views

Modelo M/F

Looking for Female and Male Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Looking for male/female models for studio or exteriors sessions. The studio is in Estoril. If you are interested then please send two pictures, one full body, on only face for the email: [email protected] If you got a online portfolio the please send the link. André Fonseca 0 comments / 550 views


Looking for Clothing Designer on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*


Modern and Retro Boudoir Shoot (ongoing) 18+

Looking for Female Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

I am currently expanding my client offering to include boudoir, I am looking to gain some experience in this area of photography. My initial theme will be retro pin up but shoots are not limited to this. Wardrobe, hair, and makeup will be the responsibility of the model. Shoot will be location based and for TF* If you are interested in building your portfolio with some amazing images, please message, email, or call me and we can discuss the particulars. Owen 3 comments / 865 views

Hairstylist converting over to modeling

Looking for Photographer on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Hey I am a male hairstylist in the LA area an award winning and very talented hairstylist who's work has graced the pages of Rolling Out Magazine, Humor Mil Magazine and the Emmy's red carpet just to name a few. I am getting into modeling and would like to trade off my talent for photos for my port as a model. Looking for a great photographer in need of a great hairstylist to work with for a shoot if that's you let me know i 0 comments / 507 views

Asian model needed for European Commercial

Looking for Female Models on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Looking for ASIAN model to be featured on an European commercial for Import auto parts. Compensation can be arranged. Studio photoshoot at premium location. Availability on weekends is preferred. 6 comments / 733 views

Siouxsie Sioux Look alike - or close!

Looking for Female Models on Sep 27, 2009 and offering TF*

Hi folks, We need a Siouxsie Sioux (and the Banshees) look a like for a Mantaray style shoot in Manchester - home based studio - or location. It's TF* - Food/Lunch/refreshments provided. Make up to be supplied by MissKay Photography. We have set 27th Sept as the date but this can be changed to suit the the model. You don't have to look exactly like Siouxsie of course but similar to recreate the theme. Thanks for reading Steve 3 comments / 1020 views


Looking for Female and Male Models on Oct 31, 2009 and offering TF*


Event Photographer

Looking for Photographer on Sep 17, 2009 and offering TF*

Mostly looking for mid-west and eastern states photographers who enjoy motorcycle and/or car events. An online magazine can get you event passes and misc. for event pics which will be published on-line. You will get credit for your photos. This is a great way to get exposure and into events you usually pay to go to. I currently do this, but they need additional photographers. Upcoming events...Daytona Beach biketoberfest, and many more. 0 comments / 473 views

Looking for an amazing glamour photog.!

Looking for Photographer on Sep 20, 2009 and offering TF*

Just stocked up on victoria\'s secret lingerie, and bathing suits. I want to update my portfolio with HOT, SEXY glamour photos. I\'d prefer to work with a photographer who has editing, re-touching, and smoothing skills on photoshop. Natural glamour photos are okay to. I\'m looking to get some good swimsuit shots before winter rolls around, and some other shots as well. Please message me at [email protected] or reply on here (AFTER) reading all of the casting details. We can figure out a date, and this will be a trade shoot. Preferably photographer around the Salem or portland area, but I will consider traveling as far as Corvallis and Vancouver. XOXO Sarah 6 comments / 976 views

Need hot, aggressive model for a quick job in size medium apparel

Looking for Female Models on Sep 18, 2009 and offering Cash Money

Got tits or tats? I am shooting a women's mountain bike short and jersey, size Medium, and need a model for an hour or two. This is for use on a website with a predominantly male userbase, so sex appeal is a plus, but you gotta be able to fit in this size Medium apparel. You don't have to be overly athletic, although the tougher the better. Too skinny is no good, too big doesn't look legitimate for sport. Do you have the look? I'm paying for this out of my own pocket for use on a website forum, so I can't offer much. $50 or potentially more depending on your look. It's just a couple hours. You can have the shots for your port. Shoot is around 6:30 pm any evening within the next week. Thanks for reading. --brad 6 comments / 648 views

shoot any one up for it

Looking for Female Models on Sep 16, 2009 and offering TF*

wanting to work with models that neew to beef up there port 0 comments / 579 views
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