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Music Video Shoot

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Down Rodeo Productions

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Begins on:
Sep 26, 2009

Data added:
Dec 31, 1969

Oakland, Concord, California

Casting for:
Female Models


We need models to act, not dance, in the following music video: DOWN RODEO PRODUCTIONS SYNOPSIS T-Reezy takes over the dope game with a gang of bad broads who know kung fu. PROLOGUE Live action scene. T is a teenager slangin dope to his high school friends out on the street. A Boss rolls up in a Benz with two goons with him. The Boss is sitting in the backseat as the goons roll up to Young T. They ask for taxes. Young T refuses. They beat his ass and take his dro. The Boss then comes out of the car, reminds T that he runs the neighborhood. He then laughs and dubs Young T with the name “Dopeboy”. FIRST HOOK As the song opens up, we have a pack of girls waiting outside a building at night. The goons that beat up Young T roll by and try to holler, but the girls aren’t having any of it. T then rolls up in a car rapping the hook. He gets out and walks in the building with the girls. The goons take note. FIRST VERSE As T says “They don’t wanna know who you are”, we cut to the Planetarium, where T is putting on a light show for the gang of females. He’s in the control room rapping on the mic as the girls watch the show. Their heads nod to the beat while the light show plays along with the synth of the song. Once T says, “Well I’ll be action packed”, we go to a karate dojo. The girls are doing karate and T is watching them from the side, checking on their progress. The Boss drives by and observes what is going down. T gives a look back, thenwalks out of the door. Right before he leaves, though, he snaps his fingers. SECOND HOOK As the hook hits, the girls’ start doing a dance routine instead of karate. The Sensei is baffled. T then hops into his car and raps the hook while driving. The girls then throw a smoke bomb and vanish like ninjas from the dojo. SECOND VERSE We now get short brief scenes of the girls taking out the Boss’ local drug dealers. They lure the dealers in with their looks, then attack and choke the dudes out. A couple get wiped out right on the block, and some get lured in to hotel rooms, where they get whacked. The girls strike swiftly and stealthily. The news gets to the Boss and he is visibly upset. All of a sudden, the lights turn out, and he’s out of frame. All through this verse, T is rapping the song as he is walking to an undisclosed location. He is rolling his sleeves and getting ready for something. At the end of the verse, we see that the Boss and his two goons are tied up and T is ready to get his revenge. It looks like he’s ready to do damage by himself, but instead he hands a weapon to a particularly large and intimidating female of his gang, and she goes to work on the Boss as T walks away satisfied. THIRD HOOK The girls are now in charge of the drug trade, making stealth transactions with everyone from business men to cats off the street to old ladies. Money then comes into a house as dope comes out of the house. REST OF THE BEAT We see the main house of operations. It’s a big house with girls chopping and packaging weed. The final shot is T outside of the property with his team of bad broads behind him and a mule beside him (“I won’t stop rap till I get 40 acres”).

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