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Jennifer Nguyen

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Oct 20, 2009

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Dec 31, 1969

Vancouver, British Columbia

Casting for:
Female Models

Cash Money

Im in search for a team of beauitful ladies to join me in my relaunch of Deadly Combination. A gogo and modelling team. You dont have to be a professional dancer. Its about capturing the crowd and having fun. Everything is teachable. Its going to be like the pussycat dolls but with modelling and dancing haha. Im going to have a blog created online so all the girls will get crazy exposure plus build your fan base. There will be a section where the ladies will be able to sell their merchandises such as posters and other things. Down the line im also going to be printing out calenders and that will be sold as well and the girls will also be making money off that. I have a small agency line up to look at the girls and also cast them in videos and shoots including auto shows. I also have hook up for auto shows and gogo gigs in toronto and the states. A promotional company name black box is line up wanting to sign us on exclusive and that means weekly gigs. every gig given is paid unless dicuss tfp or for use on website to promote yourself. You have the look but thats not the only thing im looking for. Deadly Combination is going to get big in vancouver and i only need a handful of people that are dedicated, loyal, trusthworthy, outgoing, humble and serious about what they want to do. The sooner i put the team together, the faster everything else will happen so please let me know asap. <3 If your interested or have any questions, please email me at [email protected] with all your information including measurements and also pictures. Ill be setting up a meeting to meet all the girls i pick in person. i hope to hear back from you. Much love, Jennifer Nguyen 604-773-4269

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Christine E Taylor
im very interested!!
Martini Lise
BoOo yahhh ;)
Looooove it gurlie
lemme know whats goin on with this, you know how to reach meee!
Cotton Williams
Whenever the next gig is let me know.

Turquoise Jackson
Malvina J Jane
Im interested.
I think i perhaps have met you before too aswell at a restaurant you managed on Granville
Teisha Ryley
Samantha Lynn Clayton
Crystal More
If I'm what your looking for please msg me. I would loooove to to learn what you have to offer. Thankss!
Krystal Cahill
Sounds Great!!
Miss Tai
im there
Pernella Portillo
Gienny Nguyen
I'm interested :)
I'm interested.
Lily Avengale
Totally Interested!
Jennifer Christina
I am very interested in this. Please let me know if I am something you are looking for ! I hope to hear from you !
Anat Khempler
interested. I pm'd you.
Tiffany Thomas
interested and e-mailed !!
~Lets do this - I'm in~
S Duncan
Interested will be in van nxt week!
charlene or char