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A shoot for the firefighters that lost their lives in the recent fires

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Run-Amok Photography

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Sep 16, 2009

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Dec 31, 1969

Los Angeles, California

Casting for:
Female and Male Models


A friend of mine is having a project going on and I/we need models in the next couple of weeks! Here's her e-mail she sent: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wanted to let you know about a project that I am working on. I was evacuated due to the fires up here in the mountains. I want a chance to give back to the firefighters that helped to save my house and my neighbors. I am putting out a call to all of the photographers I know, to come up and shoot in the ash. There is a gallery in Los Angeles that will host a show. All of the proceeds will to go to the two firefighters families that were killed in the line of duty. I am offering my services of hair and make up to any photographer that needs it. We will all have different visions of how this should look.. which is what I am sorta excited about. I would love it if you were willing to be involved. I think that it will make an amazing and moving show for everyone. Michelle Kimme ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also, she's going to advertise it heavily, newspapers, fliers, radio and local news shows. We'll be escorted by firefighters and they offered to be photographed as well. We can shoot anytime, it's not a group thing. The pics just need to be done by October sometime because that's when the gallery showing is. Don't know the exact date yet. I wanted to shoot a retro picnic with a 1950's looking male and female. I wanted it to be colorful so it would contrast with the burnt background. For that shoot I would need a retro, housewife looking girl. Please have your own clothes, but hair and make-up will be done for you if needed. Be aware that it might get a little dirty because we are shooting in the burnt areas. I am also VERY opened to ideas! We want to make it fun and not too much doom and gloom, but like I said, I'm open :) Feel free to contact Michelle if you'd like to shoot with other photographers. Style By Michelle #1214175 Let me know if you'd be interested and if you need more info! Thanks, Sandy RunAMok Photograhy #1080240

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