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Looking for Locations in Brisbane (AU) - so ignore date!

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Sep 17, 2009

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Dec 31, 1969

Brisbane, Queensland

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I'm looking for people who have access to locations that I (and sometimes a small group of reliable and responsible amateur photographers with exhibition experience) can use for shoots. We just need access, we'll plan and notify you well in advance of our times and will respect your space and leave it the way we found it! Chasing anyone who has access to: Carparks/Industrial Spaces. Underground/Undercover car parks (for model shoots, not necessarily cars) Warehouse/Big Sheds. Qlder's with big verandahs. We don't need power, fancy lights, backdrops or anything, just space! If you've got a space I can use please please let me know and I'll give you hugs and big smoochy kisses. I also promise not to give you hugs and big smoochy kisses ;) I'll probably use your space once a year, so it's not onerous! I will come check the space before bringing models etc there, so you'll be able to check me out and make sure you're comfortable with me. I also welcome you to be onsite to monitor us and make sure we're treating your place with the respect due! I can organise some money or TF* if you have a space.

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Moore productions
I have a farm and huge hay shed in boonah. I am also a photographer