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Julie Krystina

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Nov 01, 2007

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Dec 31, 1969

los angeles, California

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Female Models


this company hired me as an assistant and model talent scout i never got my contract or work paperwork and the ceo kept making excuses then he made me work all these hours with promise of pay and i never saw a dime nor a contract, he then changed his demeanor when he figured out i would not be romantically involved with him, now he says i have no proof that i ever worked for him, i have several emails and texts and voicemails about my postion along with models that were interviewed by myself and the ceo for this company I have info on a company the media needs to be aware of The truth about TRIPLE O ENTERTAINMENT : DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND IF U WERE INTERESTED IN SIGNING ON WITH THIS COMPANY DONT ITS A SCAM THE CEO ONLY WANTS TO SEE IF HE CAN SCORE WITH U HES A PHONY AND THAT IS WHY I DO NOT WORK FOR HIM ANYMORE I HAVE SOOOO MUCH PROOF AND THIS COMPANY IS GOING DOWN THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A LEGIT BUSINESS OFFICE ITS RUN BY AN UNKNOWN SELF PROCLAIMED PRODUCER WHO HAS NOTHING TO BACK HIM UP LIVES IN A SHABBY APT IN THE GHETTO OF SHERMAN OAKS AND TALK A BIG GAME, PLEASE STAY AWAY, I HAVE CONTACTED SEVERAL LEGAL FIRMS AND ALSO LEARNED THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS LICENSE, If you wanna know more contact me!!! im only looking out for your safety THIS COMPPANY MAKES SEVERAL PROMISES AND THEN ACTS LIKE THEY WERE NEVER SAID, I SPENT MANY HOURS HELPING THE CEO AS HIS ASSISTANT AND NEVER RECEIVED PAY, WHEN I ASKED FOR MY PAPERWORK CONTRACTS ETC HE SAID HIS LAWYER WAS DOING THEM AND I WOULD HAVE THEM SOON AND I NEVER SAW A THING p.s i wanted to say this a while back but the damn bastard says he is not paying me for the work i did for him and that bunk ass company, that contract THE MODELS RECEIVE ARE FAKE WWW.TRIPLEOENTERTAINMENT.COM CEO SHATTO BROWN COO JASON TOLLER Shatto Brown CEO/President Triple O/ Out Of Order Entertainment [email protected] 818.322.7428 (shat) 13547 Ventura Blvd #397 Sherman Oaks CA 91423 fax: 818.688.0107 [email protected] what is this company? Triple O/Out Of Order Entertainment is a full service Promotion & Marketing firm specializing in all and every promotion and marketing need for the entertainment industry... Founded in 98, Triple O has promoted for some of the hottest clubs, radio stations, record labels, clothing & foot wear lines, and beverage companies in and around Los Angeles/Hollywood area… We specialize in developing marketing plans, coordinating street teams, training sale associates with complete knowledge of the products to be sold for the companies we are hire by, and if needed, Triple O will create ads and product placement (radio/TV/internet). Triple O also has a great and wide relationship with all types of major companies as well as influential and respectable people to introduce products to the public and get them noticed, seen and used. Along side all of these things we provide in promotion, Triple O also has a talent referral program that is linked with modeling agencies, music video production, television commercial ads, print work, dance, and or choreography, and we also have a music production department with studio rental with a massive line of music producers looking for vocal groups, bands and artist to do production for on a daily bases.. If we know about you the world should too! So if you are one who would love to be apart of this great and expanding company, are ready to take the next step, and would like us to be an intricate part of your success. Please contact us if interested...

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Mindy Robinson
Shatto Brown is now going under the name Shatterproof marketing and is pulling the same scam on facebook. he owes a lot of people money and he's fake fake fake!