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About Me

Hello everyone. I'm back on my feet let me have a chance to get things in order I will get to all of you wounderful models one at a time thanks -Jay-

Let me tell you about myself...I do not consider myself a Professional but my passion of the arts in photography started years ago and turned out to be a challenge, yet I continue to look forward in expanding my talent and dreams to others.Therefore, I am always on the lookout for that one person to be an inspiration to my collection, let me help you in your dream as
Well...Jay the photographer.

I am looking for serious TFPCD models (Time for Pictures on CD) to expand my portfolio. If you are serious about modeling contact me.

Requirements -Must bring I.D and must be over the
Age of 18.(Unless asked)

Appointment Only

I can be reached at our E-mail (

Weekdays only i

Saturday 10am-11pm
Sunday 10am-11pm

Your name MM# and appointments or cancelations will be posted on my main page below. So others may make appointments in your place if needed. Please contact me ASAP if you cannot make it. So we can reschedule. I know everyone has personal problems that pop up.So please make sure you are open for the rest of the day rushing thru the shoot and picture choosing can cause mistakes .All photo picks are final ,so pick wisely.

On the darker side "flakie people are not welcome."

"I might be there...
Sorry my cat got stuck in the tree...
My grandpa died that day,But he is alive now...
I cant find matching shoes to go with my underwear..
I got the swine flu.." well maybe not the last one.

To all appointments please make sure you confirm a date with me so i can put you in .If you do not the date will not be set and someone will fill the space.So keep in contact with me so I know you are still interested.

If you had an appointment with me please reschedule it now I try to go month by month. First come First serve.


2015 SCHEDULE IS OPEN...Ding-Ding ..come and get it!.

No dates schedule as of yet

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02 X
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Note: its been too long since I have been creative so lets start a new.

Hello to all potential models. I just need everyone to know and understand escorts are important for safty.I even encourage models to bring them if they like. But it's also important to understand the comfort of the shoots atmosphere to get a great shot.
Male escort can be a little distracting but female escorts are far better they can help with many things comforting models helping with attire make up and so forth .As for some male escorts they act...well... more like door men coaching from behind the photographer not good.Most models do not even realize the impact it has on a photo not to mention the impact it has on a male photographer.
So when doing TFP shoot or any other shoot you need to meet the photographer half way .Remember not only the photographer is doing your pictures .they are also doing their own.
I realize not all male photographers are the same. The shoot you missed out on might have been the best shoot you had ever done. So you see, it's not hard to ask a female friend or model to tag along.

My little gripe box:

People who I do not recommend for modeling (FLAKES)

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Credit Notes

Yes Cori Lianne once agian has out done herself with awesome pictures. Not only she models I gave her a spin on taking some shots of the props and we put them together and wah=la instant coolness great job ,oh by the way she is an actress for real. How lucky can I start crying Cori..Cry ...ok..Now..and cut thats a wrap(Inside joke)
Cori Lianne is coming back for a shoot that will blow you away...aliens shoot will be posted after the 27 December sexy yet gruesome surprise..So ALIENS fans (movie) stay tune.

Traina, she is very determine model to get the job done. Street smart and working hard to find an edge in life. Modeling is one of those edges she can speak her mind but only if you can hear her...right Traina..
AKRose has strong features and tall perfect in every way. Every click from my camera caught a very edgy look. She might look like she is still in high school...But when she gets down to it she can appear much older. AKRose is a two sided blade ,if you need to do a younger or older look she has it covered.Great job!
kissable kandie she been in the biz for a while different but cool as hell. I love her style. But the real neat thing is she can change to something else quickly and she does hair too boot.thank for coming in.
Thank you Shomanique for coming in at the last second to fill in the are awsom!
Cori Lianne the true high light of my photography experience .I has been waiting for a Vampirella for two years. And now like a bat from the midnight sky she swoops down to drink from my imagination. Models like she has done it fore years. Poses without thinking..Simply awsom.thank you my "VAMPIRELLA."
Miss Kjersti First of all I want to say thank you for showing me the fire with in you. Still shy but when you see the hidden talent with in her she is blinding with beuty.Keep up the good work my friend..And as the free birds say peace..---------------------------------------------
What can I say about Shomanique? Ah yes the look of a Native American princess …driven by drama…just kidding she is determines to do her best. She is very creative and easy to work with. Also thanks for your little sisters help she makes a good manager. Hope to see you soon.
Hey thanks for coming in to get….plastered..Fitted for the armor can’t wait to o the rest .For everyone out there she has came in to do above and beyond than just a shoot she is really driven by art. And smart as hell..But not as slick as Vaseline..ha..ha right..Still she is very nice to work with and very polite in a binary kind of way.
This kaylah meneses girl might be tiny....but she’s strong! She acts like a  lolly pop girl .But this girl can turn heads when she turns on the heat. Like a diamond in the ruff give her time and she will shine. Plus she likes anime...Who knew...?
Thank you Jesse for showing up last night your a real neat person to do that.
I want to give honney a big round of applause for the talent and professionalism with a touch of class she carried in with her to the shoot. Very easy to work with. And she is spicy like Thai food!
Zoe is very outgoing, and she has a very interesting dark side yet sexy in her ideas. She is a joy to have for photos .She is very intelligent and has experience in the modeling buiseness.Watch out! She BITES. (models if you need to know about stuff good person to ask.)
Thanks for the shoot Kat you were fun and sooo...fab..See Kathryn N Photos. She is Back and hotter than ever!After a long break from modeling she still has what it takes..But keep her away from bubbles she is some what scared of them.
Hi everyone ..For any one who is into Anime I have a awsome shoot coming up...ready....GHOST IN THE SHELL...We are in the works but I will post it as soon as I can.

Julie Cassady :Will be the model for this shoot
THe character is  GITS-SAC-Major-Kusanagi
She has been a wonderful help.both of us has worked hard so we will see if it pays off.
Other starving photographers I love to help out. And so should you as a model .As they say share the wealth.

Photographers in the Seattle area

NOLLEK - #1405838
Winged Creations Photos- #1288106
UDefine Photography #1297611

Good people and great remember we all had to start somewhere at some time, and our very first shoot was a little shakie so let's all work together to help each other because you...Or the photographer might Just make it big! And if they remember you as a friend ...BAM! Youre in baby!

IMPORTANT TO ALL MODELS: The photographers listed above are the only people I know.
If you are approached buy any other photographers claiming they know me or I refured them to you please contact me as soon as possible. I will resume contact by private message only regular comment is welcome thanks -Jay-

------------------NEW PROJECT BOX------------------------

To all Mosdels I will be leaving Spokane on 07/07/11 at 3pm and going to Moses lake for shoots please contact me before this time so I can postpone that trip thanks.

Witchblade-Ari Wing is going to be the first model for this project. We are in the finnishing stage of the costume .Now thats left is touch up and placement of the parts.

I will do 3 shoots in the Witchblade costume that is built.they must meet these requirements.

the model need to be size:

Bust: 32" 

Waist: 25" 

Hips: 34" 

Cup: c or bigger

Dress: 0

Shoe: 8.0

                                Cut and paste this photo release form.

I___________________________________(print first last name)do here by give Jay H O'Valle (photographer),his assigns,licensees,successors in interest,legal representatives and any fictional name),picture,portrait,video or photograph in all forms and media and in all manners,including composites or distorted representations for advertising,trade,or any lawful purposes,and I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished version(s), including written copy that may be created and appear in connection therewith.I am of full age.*I have read the release and am full familiar with its contents.

print____________________________________________________First,last name

signed______________________________________________(Model)First,last name



if under the age of 18 sign here.

I am the parent or guardian of the minor named above and have the legal authority to  execute the above release. E approve the forgoing and Waive any rights in the premises.

print____________________________________________________First,last name

signed______________________________________________(Parent or Guardia)



-----------------------------------thank you---------------------------------