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A clean white background, if used effectively, can give great impact to your images. This is especially the case if you’re aware of balancing objects in negative space, along with creating interesting shapes with your model

A simple set-up using one flash head, a small octa-lite or small softbox or a beauty dish can give you amazingly results

The brief for the image featured in this article was to produce a fashion story of eight dresses for a fashion designer based in Los Angeles.

Learn about shooting nudes on location, with only available light, reflectors and diffusion screens, and the challenges posed by weather, temperature being a major factor, and finding the right location regarding privacy.

A step-by-step guide for post-production on the images and dealing with all the problems of shooting in the studio for an important high fashion bridal wear designer.

This tutorial covers dealing with the challenges of shooting on location with only the lighting available in a theater, adjusting for the color temperature of theater lighting, and the post-production work.

Although a very simple lighting set up, ring flash can be fantastic or a complete disaster, if you’re not careful. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use it for fashion photography

A step by step guide showing the lighting and Photoshop techniques used to create the final image