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There are enormous differences between modeling commercially and editorial fashion models

John Fisher is a fashion photographer specializing in magazine editorial, advertising, catalog, and swimsuit photography. He’s worked with some of the top fashion agencies and has placed models with such agencies as IMG, Elite, Ford, and Wilhelmina.

Is editorial modeling all its made out to be and what do editorial agencies really do?

For those of you who are unaware, tear sheets are photographs of a model taken directly from a publication that said model is featured in.

In this week’s article, John Fisher covers the standard contract used by most of the major editorial agencies.

This article describes my experiences with agents, both commercial and fashion, and gives a general overview concerning agents who work with models.

Learn how editorial and commercial agencies are structured and function.

Commercial modeling is a huge field, encompassing most forms of print modeling (modeling for photographers), and modeling which doesn’t involve photography.

Getting started as a model can be daunting. What makes it even harder is figuring out how much it really should cost and how to pick the right agent?

I thought I’d take a minute to discuss one aspect of modeling which isn’t well understood either by the models themselves (I think), or the photographers who wish to work with them.