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So what’s a good pose? I personally like movement, creating symmetry, shapes, framing the face, elongating the body, and more.

Volume shooting doesn’t mean you shoot willy-nilly and indiscriminately hold down the shutter release button. Rather, it’s about getting the most frames out of the most usable moments that your model gives you.

The three adjectives above are how I think about “rules” that govern the “game”. The game could be anything from photography in general to lighting or even the specifics of photography as a business.

As much as I like black and white (B&W) images, there are a few instances when it’s a terrible idea to go B&W with your color image.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! That’s what I said after seeing the images on my camera when I didn’t pay attention to my background exposure

I didn’t really shoot film. Sure I had a 35mm film camera like everyone else. As a kid I had my negatives developed at the local camera store or sometimes at the supermarket. Never spent any time in a dark room

The problem with the light meter is that it’s often used as a crutch for weak lighting knowledge and lack of situational awareness. When you depend on a device to tell you if you’ve exposed a scene properly, you’re relying on a set of numbers rather than your own vision and judgment.

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A couple of years ago I rented a studio from a veteran photographer. When I finished shooting my first set with the model, this photographer approached me and suggested I needed to give my model more feedback. He demonstrated by shooting a few frames.

For the record, I’m a sucker for brunettes, but blondes photograph fantastically in B&W, especially if they have highlights, for the following reasons.