Craig Colvin’s photography starts by writing down ideas that are then developed into concepts through sketches and storyboards. His aim is to photograph the human body in new and unique ways.

Patrice Delmotte is an amateur photographer based in Taipei, Taiwan, whose work is heavily influenced by his passion for Asia

Dwayne Martin is a large and medium format film photographer that shoots stunning black and white nudes

Axakadam shoots exclusively with instant films of all formats and expiry dates, using modified Time-Zero SX-70 AF, Polaroid 195 cameras, along with 4×5 and 8×10 films that he shoots with a Graflex Speed Graphic and a Linhof Kardan Color 18×24.

William Earle is a fine art photographer based in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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Pascal Heimlicher is an international fashion photographer born in Switzerland and now based in Los Angeles.

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