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Model: Hunter Raine; Photographer: Valvicphoto

Where are you from? Where are you based now and do you travel for shoots?

I’m originally from Salem, OR and am now based in Las Vegas, NV. I Iove traveling for shoots and getting to explore a different city while doing what I love.

Who or what inspired you to become a model?

I’ve loved modeling for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I would buy fashion magazines and spend hours flipping through them, mesmerized by the aesthetic. I always knew I wanted to be part of that world.

Model: Hunter Raine; Photographer: day photography

How and when did you start modeling?

I started modeling when I moved to Vegas in January of 2017. I always had trouble getting into modeling where I’m originally from. I was getting constant negative feedback about the fact I have tattoos. Moving to Vegas, my tattoos weren’t seen as an inhibitor and I was able to jump into it pretty easily. Its been three years of me exploring my passion and I couldn’t be happier.

What type of modeling do you enjoy the most?

My favorite modeling is boudoir. I love the energy of it, the fashion, the emotion, the rawness. It’s beautiful and timeless.

Model: Hunter Raine; Photographer: Leminaide

What do you look for when deciding to work with a photographer?

I can get along with almost anyone, so I really just look for a professional, kind, fun, and inspiring person that I can make beautiful art with. Let’s put on some music and make some magic!

Which models or other artists currently inspire you?

Tyra Banks, with her smizing, will always be an inspiration to me. I love hearing and watching her teach different modeling techniques that can take you from a mediocre model to an amazing one. And a lesser-known model that I am inspired by is a woman by the name of Alyssa Nett on Instagram. She has a beautiful portfolio that has so much range and diversity to it, and I aspire to make as beautiful of art as she does.

What would be your dream shoot?

I love the tropics, so given the opportunity to shoot stunning fashion, boudoir, and swimwear content somewhere like that would be an absolute dream. I love being inspired by my environment and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to do that.

How important is social media in your success?

It’s pretty dang important. If you’re not visible, people can’t hire you! I’m always working to produce stunning art that I can share on this platform as well as my Instagram.

Model: Hunter Raine; Photographer: Valvicphoto

What else do you like to do outside of modeling?

I’m from Oregon and I love the outdoors! Nature calms me, not to mention my Doberman has copious amounts of energy and loves to go exploring with me. Vegas is a super fun city with something always to do, whether that’s enjoying a show, playing tourist, and exploring the cities amazing restaurants. Not to mention pool days when its 115 degrees! At home, you can catch me watching all the true crime documentaries and trashy dating shows!

What’s the best career advice you can give to new models?

Don’t give up when you get pushback. If its something you really want to do, keep going. Persistence really can pay off and when it does it feels that much better knowing that you didn’t give up.

Check out Hunter Raine’s Model Mayhem portfolio to see more of her work. You can also follow Hunter on Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans.

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