Model Mayhem Models of the Year: IDiivil

IDiivil freelance model based in Los Angeles. She recently won the Bronze Medal, as voted for by members, in the Model Mayhem Model of the Year contest.

Model Mayhem Models of the Year: IDiivil
Model: IDiivil

How long have you been modeling?

I’ve been signed up to Model Mayhem since May, 2010, although I’ve not had the chance to model seriously until around mid 2011. Before that, I lived in a dorm at a university and had no car, so I really had no chance to do much of anything!

What type of modeling do you enjoy most?

I love really all genres of modeling that I shoot. For me, they’re an opportunity for self-expression, and each genre and story shares a different part of me. Anything that comes with makeup/hair wins extra points, though!

Do you have any favorite shoots?

There are so many shoots I’ve modeled for that were amazing in one way or another, but I will go out and say that one of the more memorable ones involved me posing with live birds of prey. Getting to put on one of those gloves and have owls and hawks perch on your arm is something amazing.

Which photographers do you want to work with and take inspiration from?

I’ve already scheduled dates with them, but I am looking forward to working with Allan Amato, Barry Druxman, Sylvie Blum, The Space Cowboy, Inkblotch, and more these next few weeks.

My inspiration comes from each photographer I work with, and tends to be more on the fly, so I can’t name anyone in that regard, but awesome images with me will be coming soon from the above list!

What are your modeling goals?

My big goal for the future is to be published in Playboy, Maxim, or another big name magazine of that nature. Really though, as long as I can shoot, shoot, shoot and pay my bills doing it, I’ll be happy!

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

I actually just moved from Ohio to Los Angeles, so a lot has happened already. The opportunities here are endless. I have a huge, huge publication that I can’t announce yet, but that sort of thing is one of the many big events happening in my life right now. Hopefully I can share the great news soon!

What does it mean to you to be voted one of the models of the year?

I am shocked and honored, truth be told. I never expected that my efforts would be as recognized as they are today, and I really appreciate everyone who took the time to support me. It’s a great feeling to know that the days spent in front of the computer networking and driving to castings and gigs and actually shooting do eventually add up!

See more of IDiivil in her MM portfolio and personal website. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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