Modeling News Roundup

May 30, 2017

This week’s highlights: Christian Saint’s cover of Tattoo Life Magazine, Elissa Eileen in Dream Vixens Magazine, Julia Rabkin’s cover for 7 Roar Magazine, and Kathryn Ruth’s inspiring work.

Christian Saint’s cover of Tattoo Life Magazine

Photographer: Christian Saint

Photographer Christian Saint never fails to impress us with his fantastic work. Once again, his work is published on the cover of Tattoo Life Magazine. Christian’s work has been featured on countless magazine covers.  He is based in Brooklyn, New York and has over a decade of experience in the industry. Christian is primarily focused on working with tattoo models. We can’t wait to see his next cover!

Elissa Eileen in Dream Vixens Magazine

Model: Elissa Eileen; Photographer: Clint Chastain

Elissa Eileen is published in Dream Vixens Magazine. She is a gorgeous model currently based in Dallas, Texas. Elissa’s reason for being in this industry is to collaborate on and create fantastic images in order to express herself  to her fullest desire. She is truly an artist who is always looking for opportunities to improve herself. Elissa has a thirst for creating beautiful and deeply thought-provoking images. She is interested in a variety of modeling genres including: fashion, beauty, glamour, lifestyle, lingerie, swimwear, pinup and art. Additionally, Elissa is looking for acting and promotional modeling opportunities.  We look forward to following her career.

Julia Rabkin’s cover for 7 Roar Magazine

Photographer: Julia Rabkin

Photographer Julia Rabkin is very talented. She is currently based in Rochester, New York. Julia’s work was recently featured on the cover of 7 Roar Magazine. It’s definitely not a surprise because her portfolio is filled with outstandingly breathtaking images that will blow your mind. Julia focuses primarily on fashion, beauty and editorial photography. We are sure that it’s only a matter of time before her work is on another cover.

Kathryn Ruth’s inspiring work

Model: Kathryn Ruth; Photographer: Della Scarves

Kathryn Ruth, a beautiful model based in Toronto, Canada, is truly an inspiration. The 26-year-old is making the most out of life despite learning that she has inherited the Huntington’s disease gene. This gene killed her mother when Kathryn was just six years old. As a result, Kathryn has been exposed to a variety of challenges that many people don’t truly understand. However, she is doing a great job at raising awareness for Huntington’s Disease as well as making a positive impact on all those who also suffer from it. Kathryn’s career as a model is constantly progressing and she has developed a great portfolio. Her photos and her story have been published multiple times and we cannot wait to see what she will do next.

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