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Monday, December 16, 2019

This week’s highlights: Scarlet’s FUSE Magazine cover, Dare Taylor’s BADD Magazine cover, iDiivil stars in a new short film, Scottsdale Health Magazine cover for James Patrick, Model Q&A: Laura Lee, and Photographer Spotlight: Bravo Mike.

Scarlet’s FUSE Magazine cover

Model: Scarlet; Photographer: Ivan Ramirez

Scarlet was recently featured on the cover of FUSE Magazine. She looks absolutely stunning!

Dare Taylor’s BADD Magazine cover

Model: Dare Taylor; Photographer: Eye Candy Imagery

Dare Taylor is on the newest cover of BADD Magazine. This cover is the result of her work with Eye Candy Imagery.

iDiivil stars in a new short film

iDiivil was recently part of a short film project, called “Haruka or the excruciatingly foolhardy and unreasonable relationship of Joe and the Angel of Solitude.”

Scottsdale Health Magazine cover for James Patrick

Photographer: James Patrick

James Patrick‘s work is on the cover of the December 2019 issue of Scottsdale Health Magazine. This cover is the result of his work with Major League Baseball player Brian Anderson. What’s amazing about this particular cover is that James went to high school with Brian and this shoot was the first time they reconnected in the past 20 years.

Model Q&A: Laura Lee

Model: Laura Lee; Photographer: arno-l Ibiza LA Maui

In our interview with Laura Lee, she talks about how she was inspired by strong women growing up and how that led her to pursue a career as a model.

Photographer Spotlight: Bravo Mike

Model: Sarah Voss; Photographer: Bravo Mike

Our photographer spotlight featured the work of portrait photographer, Bravo Mike.

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