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Monday, June 7, 2021

This week’s highlights: Liz Ashley’s Soft Magazine cover, Sierra Nowak’s Swimsuit USA Magazine cover, KMphoto shoots for Stare Magazine, and FitnessFoto808 shoots for RICHE Magazine

Liz Ashley’s Soft Magazine cover

Model: Liz Ashley, Photographer: Dan Richards

Liz Ashley was recently seen on the cover of Soft Magazine and she looks absolutely gorgeous. This cover is the result of her work with talented photographer Dan Richards.

Sierra Nowak’s Swimsuit USA Magazine cover

Model: Sierra Nowak, Photographer: Greg Woodson

Sierra Nowak was featured on the cover of Swimsuit USA Magazine not too long ago.

KMphoto shoots for Stare Magazine

Model: Stanislava Romanovа, Photographer: KMphoto

KMphoto’s work with beautiful model Stanislava Romanovа is featured in Stare Magazine.

FitnessFoto808 shoots for RICHE Magazine

Model: Christine Miller, Photographer: FitnessFoto808

FitnessFoto808’s work with stunning model Christine Miller was recently seen in RICHE Magazine.

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