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February 13, 2012

This week’s highlights: New York Fashion Week, Healthy is the new skinny, Lauren and Jessie score with Playboy, Megan Massacre on “NY Ink”, and more!

Hello readers, and welcome to the first edition of MM’s Modeling News Roundup. We are so glad that you are here and we hope that you enjoy discovering the profiles of all the amazingly talented members that we have here. We are very fortunate to be able to share the successes of our members and to highlight some of the key happenings in the industry.

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is here. The Fashion Week’s first trend is heart health awareness. Celebrities strut the runway wearing red dresses, designed by some of the most famous designers, to draw attention to women’s heart health.  Heart health should be a priority considering that many women suffer from heart conditions, many of which are preventable. If a high profile event such as the New York Fashion Week promotes this, then there is a higher chance that actions will be taken to solve the problem.

Healthy is the new skinny

The Council of Fashion Designers of America released health initiatives for runway fashion models, with New York Fashion Week being the first event where they are implemented. The general public has always been overwhelmingly concerned that runway models are too thin and too young, so the organization is finally taking a step towards making some changes. Models are strongly encouraged to seek professional help if they are suffering from eating disorders. In addition, models under the age of 16 are discouraged from participating in the show. These health guidelines are a stepping stone towards decreasing the general public’s criticism of the fashion industry for creating unrealistic standards for women, perpetuating eating disorders, and creating body image problems for young girls.

Modesty and modeling can co-exist

Nailah Lymus, an American-born Muslim fashion designer is planning to launch a modeling agency which represents Muslim girls. Her agency will be called Underwraps, and it will cater towards girls who practice Islam and who would like to dress, and stay, modest while modeling. This is a very unique concept and only time will tell if it will be successful, especially given the fact that mainstream modeling often times involves wearing revealing clothes and an emphasis on sensuality.

The Model Alliance

The Model Alliance is a union-like entity that supports working models. The goal of this nonprofit organization is to improve the working conditions for models and help resolve issues such as health care, safety, finance, labor standards, and sexual harassment. The organization aims to improve backstage privacy, establish basic rights and protection for models, and help ensure that models are treated fairly and with respect. It also seeks to foster a work environment that promotes physical and mental well-being for those in the fashion industry. It’s a great resource for models and fashion industry professionals.

The Model Alliance created this draft of a Models’ Bill of Rights, “to empower models to demand fair treatment from agencies and clients.”

Models’ Bill of Rights
Download the Models’ Bill of Rights.


When it comes to running modeling agencies, Paul Fisher knows what he is doing.  As an industry veteran, he knows how to transform small local agencies into star making machines. This process is documented on the CW show known as “ReModeled”. The show follows “The Network” [of agencies] created by Paul Fisher as he makes his own mark on the fashion world. “The Network” is easily the biggest modeling agency out there, and it also focuses on very important things such as the overall well-being of the models.

Here’s a promo for the show:

Lauren Vickers and Jessie Shannon Score with Playboy

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Vickers, and she’s done it again, scoring yet another Playboy cover. This time it’s the cover of Playboy Spain, shot by Pau Palacois. And, Jessie Shannon is a fantastic model that’s featured in Playboy’s Hot Housewives.

Congrats, ladies! Wishing you continued success.

Model: Lauren Vickers; Photographer: Pau Palacois

Megan Massacre on “NY Ink”

Not only is Megan Massacre a great alternative model who knows how to execute a unique concept, but also she is a talented tattoo artist. It is not a surprise that she has a spot as a tattoo artist on the reality TV show “NY Ink” which airs on TLC.

Emmy Bow on ReModeled

And, speaking on ReModeled, 17-year old Emmy Bow will be featured in this week’s show, airing Feb 15 at 9pm. Emmy has gone from being bullied in school to modeling, and uses her experiences and transformation to offer advice to other kids. Emmy was able to take her negative experience as a victim of school bullying and use it to empower other kids. She is a phenomenal role model to other kids and teens who are going through what she had experienced.


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