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March 12, 2012

This week’s highlights: Holland’s Next Top Model wins lawsuit against Elite, Kaela Humphries signs with Ford, MM’s Amesti Reioux portraying Sammi in “Proposals”, and more…

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Holland’s Next Top Model wins lawsuit against Elite

Ananda Marchildon, former winner of Holland’s Next Top model wins a lawsuit against Elite Modeling Agency. Why the lawsuit? After winning the title “Holland’s Next Top Model” in 2008, which comes with a $98,500 contract, Ananda Marchildon got dropped by the agency after only $13,000 worth of work because she did not lose enough weight off her hips. Although fitness experts have proven that “spot reduction” is impossible, agencies continue to insist on that. The fashion industry has had a large amount of critical comments from the public about creating unrealistic standards for models. These unrealistic standards for models create potentially dangerous situations for girls in the industry, as well as the girls observing the industry, especially when they start going on extreme diets. Although Marchildon is currently not modeling, she was awarded around $85,000 in damages, plus interest and legal fees. She also believes that they should not have let her win if they were not able to stick to the contract nor were they happy with her measurements.

Woman wants to help shelter by modeling

Who said that modeling is about vanity, selfishness and being shallow? Trinity White is living proof that modeling does not have to be about selfishness and vanity. Although she was reluctant and too busy to enter Maurice’s annual modeling contest last year, this year she has had a change of heart. As soon as she found out that the winner receives $7,500 for the charity of her choice, she jumped at the chance to enter. Trinity understands how valuable the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter is for the community, and this is the organization that she plans to donate her winnings to. She also says that she does not care that much about the shopping spree that she would win if she won the contest, since it’s the shelter that needs money the most. We wish her all the best.

Reality of the fashion world

Kelly Cutrone, a fashion publicist, is now a judge on “America’s Next Top Model”. Her job is to put the “reality” into “reality TV”. Cutrone stated that modeling is not for everyone and that not every woman who thinks she should model actually has what it takes. Kelly believes that it is better to be up front and realistic about a girl’s chances at modeling so that the girl does not end up wasting a lot of her time pursuing something just to be disappointed later on. Rejection is very difficult at times, however, it is the reality for the majority of girls who are trying to be models. She also said that if someone does not want the real answer to their questions on their potential in the industry, then it’s best that they don’t ask her. Additionally, honest feedback/critiques either helps those who want to continue following their modeling dreams improve their craft, or encourages people to look for something else to do if they cannot take the criticism. It’s either a learning opportunity, or an opportunity to head in an entirely different direction.

Kaela Humphries signs with Ford

Kaela Humphries, the older sister of Kris Humphries, signed a plus-size modeling contract with Ford. Ford is one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the industry, and there are literally thousands of girls out there who would be honored to get signed with them. Kaela is a true size 16-18, which is great for plus size. Some people even believe that she will join the ranks of Crystal Renn, Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine and Marquita Pring. In an interview, Kaela Humphries said that she hopes to once day own her own clothing line “that centers around making women with curves look sexy and fashion-forward at the same time. I want girls and women to feel confident in their own skin and with their own image. True beauty comes from within. I want people to believe that no dream is too big!” It is great to see that she is finally branching out on her own as opposed to being in the shadow of her younger brother. Although she has had past modeling experience, it is only recently that the world is noticing her beauty and success.

MM’s Amesti Reioux portraying Sammi in ‘Proposals’

Amesti Reioux will be portraying Sammi in ‘Proposals’, a production by Neil Simon. Although she is playing a “minor role” in the production, she loves the fact that she gets to be on stage and it is something that adds to her experience. In addition, she loves acting, which is very important for those who are serious about making it as a career. Amesti said that she goes to her work as a bartender so that she “can make money to do acting”.  She is beautiful and talented, in addition to being passionate about her craft, all of which are prerequisites to success in the industry. What sets her apart from many other working actors is that she is humble about her achievements, and understands what it takes to keep her career going.

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