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March 19, 2012

This Week’s Highlights: Richest models in the world; Cocaine, depression, and harassment; Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham scores modeling contract; MM’s Veronica LaVery scores with Playboy; MM’s Scott Dorn lands Inside Fitness cover, and more!

Richest models in the world

Some of the richest models in the world make more in one year than the average person makes in their lifetime working full-time. Australian models Miranda Kerr, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Jennifer Hawkins and Elle Macpherson have all made the “richest models in the world list”. For example Miranda Kerr’s net worth is $11.4 million, whereas Jennifer Hawkins earns around $5 million a year. Abbey Lee Kershaw makes an impressive $100,000 a week. However, what these girls are worth is a drop in the bucket compared to Elle Macpherson’s $57 Million, Kate Moss’ $75 million, and Kathy Ireland’s $333 million.

Cocaine, depression, and harassment: Model survey

A modeling survey has recently revealed that models have faced depression, tried cocaine, and have experienced sexual abuse at some point in their career. In fact, almost 70% of models have experienced anxiety and depression sometime during their involvement in the industry. This is not a surprise, since modeling is an industry where rejection runs rampant, and too much rejection can make a young girl feel unwanted and disappointed. Also, the fact that there is so much competition amongst models can create anxiety especially when they don’t know when their next opportunity is or whether they will get any work. The fact that nothing is guaranteed when one chooses to become a model creates further anxiety, especially when young girls are led to believe that the work is easy and glamorous. More than half the respondents to the survey have been exposed to cocaine. Cocaine causes a loss of appetite and weight loss, which may be a reason why these women have tried it. Given all the pressure to lose weight, it’s not a surprise that many models resort to such extreme substances to meet the standard. Additionally, several models have been asked to pose nude without being forewarned, as well as sexually harassed while on the job. Should there be more protection for models? Definitely. Will there ever be in the future? That remains to be seen. Is modeling a dangerous profession? Not really, but it depends on the situation.

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham scores modeling contract

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham has achieved her goal of becoming a model after being signed by Models International, although she got her celebrity status on the popular reality show. In addition to her new modeling contract, she is planning on having her own show, which is based on her new life and new career. The general public has mixed feelings about her. On one side, people think that she is a role model to young girls, who get pregnant too young, by letting them know that life is not over after having a baby and that you can still live your dreams and achieve your goals. On the other hand, the public is criticising the show for glamorizing teenage pregnancy, and for making life appear “too easy” based on how Farrah Abraham got rich and famous for nothing more than a reality show about being a teen mom. What do you think? Which side are you on?

MM’s Veronica LaVery scores with Playboy

Model Mayhem’s Veronica LaVery is no stranger to modeling. She is a very beautiful and experienced glamour, fashion, bikini, lingerie, and commercial model with a wide range of publications under her belt. We would like to congratulate her on yet another achievement. Veronica recently landed the cover of Playboy Czech Republic along with a 5-page spread in the magazine after shooting with MM’s photographer Philipe. Getting such a notable publication is something that many models strive for but very few get there. So, once again, congratulations, Veronica! We wish you continuous success!

Model: Veronica LaVery; Photographer:  Philipe

MM’s Scott Dorn lands Inside Fitness cover

Congratulations to fitness model Scott Dorn for landing the cover of Inside Fitness. The photo was taken by Arthur Arsenik Kwiatkowski. Scott is a very talented fitness model, who obviously works hard to keep in excellent shape. We wish him continued success in his career!

Model: Scott Dorn; Photographer: Arthur Arsenik Kwiatkowski

MM’s Sarah Vega gets “Remodeled”

Sarah Vega was in the same episode of “Remodeled” as Emmy Bow, featured in the first Modeling News Roundup.  Here is what Sarah had to say about her experience on the show, “I actually had quite the transformation during the show, which was filmed last October. Paul Fisher suggested that my hair should be cut short. His assistant Olga Tavarez picked out my new hair style. Another assistant took me to a salon where I said goodbye to my long hair and hello to a short edgy style”.

Model: Sarah Vega; Photographer: Marshall Meadows

MM’s Christie Gabriel tells the truth about agencies

The paperback edition of Christie Gabriel’s book, “The Self-made Model: Success Without Agencies” is now available. The aim of Christie’s book is to entertain the audience with behind-the-scenes anecdotes and inform both aspiring and experienced models how to achieve success in the industry without having agency representation. She has extensive experience both as an agency and a freelance model, and therefore she is able to share her vast knowledge with others. To learn more about Christie, take a look at her recent interview on Model Mayhem. A big congratulations to Christie on her successes!

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