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April 16, 2012

This week’s highlights: The making of Elle Macpherson, Girl Model: Revealing the unglamorous side of modeling; and we talk to MM’s Stevie Christine and Caitlin Hixx about their success…

The making of Elle Macpherson

Did you know that Elle Macpherson had no original desires to be a model and that she wanted to go to law school instead? When Elle was 17 years old, she got accepted into law school and took a gap year so she could earn some money to pay for tuition and books. Her friend, who was a model at the time, bet Elle $20 that she could model to make money to pay for school. After Elle got accepted by her friend’s agency, the rest was history and she never looked back. She had tremendous success with Sports Illustrated, as well as several other coveted publications. Later on, it turned out that she also was a talented actress and had a knack for business. The bottom line is one never knows what he/she is capable of unless they try. Elle said that the biggest lesson she has learned over the years is that we should not be afraid to try something new because we have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.

Girl Model: Revealing the unglamorous side of modeling

Girl Model is a documentary which features Rachel Blais, a 26-year old model who is very critical about the modeling industry and the working conditions that many young models have to face. The documentary reveals a darker side of the industry and the unglamorous working conditions that many young models often encounter. Girl Model mainly focuses on Russian girls working in Japan and compares the conditions to child labor, especially because these girls work long hours without breaks and often for very little pay.

MM’s Stevie Christine talks about her recent win and modeling

Stevie Christine, mentioned in the April 2, Modeling News Roundup, for becoming a “Sullen Angel” for Sullen Clothing, talked to us about the contest and how her career is going. Here is what she had to say: “I’m ecstatic about my win but I know this isn’t it for me, just a hallway to a million open doors. I love Sullen and I’m excited about the opportunities it has given and continues to bring for me and my career. My only suggestions for success for other women who share my passion is just to smile, stay true to yourself, never lose who you are, and be there just for the experience… Because they’re the most memorable ones.”

Model: Stevie Christine

MM’s Caitlin Hixx talks about her success as a model

MM’s Caitlin Hixx is featured in the April 2012 edition of Ultimate MMA Magazine. A big congratulations to her on her achievements in her career so far. She is a beautiful and talented model who knows a lot about what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Model: Caitlin Hixx

Here is what she had to say about her career, “I fell into modeling by chance. I never had the confidence to really pursue it myself, but one day a dear friend of mine, Rick Star Photography took some photos of me, and one thing lead to another. I love this industry and wish I had gotten into it sooner than I had. I love meeting new people every day. Everyone has story. It is a lot of hard work. So many people think I have an easy job. I just sit there and look pretty while I get my hair and makeup done. What they don’t realize is the constant gym time, dieting, and networking I do. My body is my office. I try to always have a positive attitude and give 110% at each and every shoot, even if I’m not feeling well. You have to be professional and also personable in this industry. I believe that, and all my hard work and dedication, has gotten me to where I am now – getting published more and more. It is so fun going into a store and seeing yourself on a magazine or on a product package. It gives me the determination to want more success and work even harder.”

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