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May 14, 2012

This Week’s Highlights: Modeling as an art form; MM’s Melanie Lacy scores the cover of Retro Lovely; MM’s Ksenia on the cover of FHM South Africa; MM’s Veronica LaVery scores another cover; and more!

MM’s Ksenia on the cover of FHM South Africa

Model: Ksenia D; Photographer: Gavin O

Being published in any edition of FHM is a big deal for a model, since it is a very well-known magazine. Being on the cover of FHM is even more amazing. We would like to say our sincere congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Ksenia D for her recent cover of FHM South Africa. Here is what she had to say about her recent accomplishment: “This is my first cover, so it was very exciting, and hopefully my first of many.” We definitely look forward to seeing more covers from Ksenia. She is a stunning model and we wish her all the best!

Modeling as an art form

A senior student at Fargo Davies High School, Audra Mari, looks at modeling as an art form. Most recently, she was on the cover of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine’s 40th anniversary issue where she was wearing a dress made of magazine pages. The photo took a large amount of effort to produce because she had to be sewn into the dress. The young lady believes that modeling is an art and that it takes more than just being beautiful to be a good model. However, this is not Audra’s first experience as a model, as she has been modeling for 3 years. She has even done runways shows and a Halloween ad for Target, as well as modeled dresses for Sherri Hill. Before taking up modeling, Audra was an active athlete, which has helped her develop the necessary discipline to do well in the modeling industry. She believes that it is important to keep in great shape and to fit the sizes, although she is keen on doing it the healthy way. In addition to modeling, Audra has taken part in pageants and is Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2011. Currently, she is working with Paul Fisher of The Network to see if any big name designers and agencies are interested in her. Audra believes in pursuing her dreams and is making sure that she is in the company of people who support her. Although she was bullied in high school, she is doing what she can to not let the negative people get the best of her. It is very important to be surrounded with positive people when trying to accomplish goals.

MM’s Melanie Lacy scores the cover of Retro Lovely Magazine

Model: Melanie Lacy; Photographer: Holly West; Makeup Artist: Rebecca Schillinger

Congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Melanie Lacy on her recent cover of Retro Lovely magazine. She is a fantastic model and we definitely look forward to hearing more about her success in the future.

Here is what she had to say about her recent accomplishment: “Photographer Pat Coddington and I met on Model Mayhem. He contacted me about a concept that he wanted to shoot at the old immigration building in Seattle. The shoot went well and we got along like gangbusters! He quickly sent me the shots and I was blown away. A week later he told me he’d submitted one for your corkboard, and that y’all liked the image so much you wanted to make it a full page in issue 5. He texted me and I immediately cried! A full page from a corkboard submission, it’s unheard of! I had commented on the post you’d made about our submission and y’all must have seen my profile photo from the set. Y’all got in contact with Pat and came up with a two page spread from the set! He later texted and said, ‘Well, Michael changed his mind and doesn’t want it as a full page anymore.’ Devastated, I tried to muster up something gracious to say. He then texted back, ‘Yeah, he wants two!’ Classic Pat… such a stinker. It was a real Cinderella story. I’m forever in debt to Pat for submitting, because had he not everything would be different for me.”

Retro Lovely is offering 20 percent off the cover price for MM readers.

Sexual harassment and discrimination in the modeling industry

Did you know that nearly 30 percent of models report that they have been sexually harassed on the job? This statistic comes from a survey conducted by the Model Alliance, which is fighting for employment rights for models and is very similar in function to a union. Does this mean that modeling is an unfavorable profession? Absolutely not. In fact, jobs in non-modeling industries probably have several instances of sexual harassment and violations of rights, but the modeling industry is the one that gets picked on the most. The biggest lesson here is that due diligence is important, and that one should never be afraid to speak up if they have been harassed in any way. When you speak out about harassment, you have nothing to lose, but the party at fault has a lot to lose.

MM’s Veronica LaVery scores another cover

Model: Veronica LaVery; Photographer: W B Fontenot

It is obvious that Model Mayhem’s Veronica LaVery is on fire, since this is the fourth appearance in our Modeling News Roundup. Recently, the Eastern European beauty has been featured on the cover of Alwayz Therro, photographed by Barry Fontenot. A look at Veronica’s Model Mayhem profile shows her career is taking off. The girl is going places and we look forward to seeing more and more of her success.

What the US can learn from Israel’s ban of skinny models

A couple of months ago, Israel passed a law that banned models that are too skinny from advertising campaigns, using BMI as the standard to determine if the models are underweight or not. Photoshop usage would also be regulated in advertising and mass media. The industry has been criticized for a very long time for both the use of models that are too skinny and the use of Photoshop to make them look even skinnier. BMI is not a perfect way of determining health since there is a big difference between health and weight. According to a 1999 study published in Pediatrics, about two thirds of American girls in the fifth to 12th grades say that magazine pictures influence their image of an ideal body; about half of girls in those grades said the magazine images made them want to lose weight. However, the US government is less regulatory than Israel, although it is encouraged to put public pressure on the fashion industry and push towards a healthier approach to modeling.

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