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May 29, 2012

This week’s highlights: Bar Rafaeli tops Maxim’s Hot 100 list; MM’s Radeo scores cover of Bizarre magazine; MM’s Leah Jung Scores cover of Tattoo1.Tribal; MM’s Lauren Calaway launches own magazine; and more!

Bar Rafaeli tops Maxim Hot 100 list

Israeli model Bar Rafaeli is ranked #1 on the Maxim Hot 100 list. Rafaeli is a popular face in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, and she is also known for dating Leonardo DiCaprio in the past. The article stated that although this ranking came as a bit of a surprise, Maxim readers like beautiful girls who are not afraid to have fun and who are approachable, and Bar Rafaeli fits that criteria. According to the article, she is very easy to talk to, people find they can relate to her and they believe she would be cool to hang out with. Did you ever think that perceived personality factors affect someone’s rank in Maxim’s Hot 100?

MM’s Radeo scores cover of Bizarre magazine

Model: Radeo; Photographer: Christian Saint

Radeo is yet another MM model who has landed the cover of a magazine. We would like to extend our congratulations to her for her achievement. Radeo is on the cover of Bizarre magazine’s June issue, and she was shot by Christian Saint. Radeo said, “shooting with Christian Saint for Bizarre was a blast. I don’t really shoot unless it’s something I know will be fun but I don’t think I’ve had that much fun on a shoot in a long time.”

We wish Radeo continued success and we look forward to seeing more great magazine features and covers from her.

MM’s Leah Jung scores cover of Tattoo1.Tribal

Model: Leah Jung; Photographer: Lady Lux Productions; Makeup Artist: makeup Cecret

A huge congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Leah Jung on her recent cover of Tattoo1.Tribal magazine’s May/June issue. She was shot by Lady Lux Productions. Here is what she had to say about her recent achievement: “Model Mayhem is what helped get my career started and I always recommend it to other aspiring models. My first magazine cover (15 and counting now!) was the Village Voice, America’s largest weekly newspaper, and they found me on Model Mayhem. I am also writing two separate monthly columns. One in Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine, called ‘Leah Jung, Tattoo Jung-kie,’ and another for a Norwegian magazine InkStyle, called ‘Life of Leah,’ which they translate into Dutch! I have been flown to two different countries (Copenhagen, Denmark and Vancouver, BC) and to several states for photo shoots. I have even been published in some magazines that rarely depict tattooed people. Model Mayhem gave me the tools to shine in the tattoo modeling world for the last two years. Thank you!”

MM’s Lauren Calaway launches own magazine

Model: Lauren Calaway

MM’s Lauren Calaway is no stranger to modeling. She is stunning, has been widely published, is represented by multiple agencies, and has shot with hundreds of photographers. Lauren is now taking on yet another venture in the industry–her own magazine, Nouveau Magazine, which features a lot of MM talent. Here is what she had to say about modeling: “Modeling is about believing in yourself. Every single day you face rejection; someone will tell you how you are not tall enough or pretty enough. It is how you face those rejections and keep fighting for your dream that make you a good model. I feel as if it was a long hard road for me, but I kept fighting. I kept trying to prove those people wrong, which is why I have a career now. And I continue to fight, even at this stage. You have to fight for your dreams.” We wish Lauren continued success, and we know she will continue to inspire us with her great photos and achievements in the industry.

Teen wins trip to Paris for modeling opportunity

And finally, Rachel Radzak will not be attending her high school graduation ceremony, because instead she will be traveling to Paris for a modeling showcase where she’ll get the chance to show off her talents for several large agencies. Rachel won this trip because she won a DiscoverMe contest, which she deemed as being low key. She got the most votes through texting, although she did not expect anything out of the contest when she entered. Although Rachel is new, she really understands the business. She understands how competitive and scary the industry can be if you’re a novice, as well as how much personal criticism one receives from strangers. She also understands the importance of signing with a legitimate agency and taking on legitimate work. Radzak is highly involved with school activities, so she really understands that modeling is something she could do, but that she should not count on it as the ticket to a life of luxury. She points out that the key for her is to try everything,  to shoot high and go for your dreams, but don’t expect for things to be handed to you.

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