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July 9, 2012

This week’s highlights: MM’s Vanessa Lake, Veronica LaVery and Libertad Green; How to have a successful modeling career; and more…

MM’s Vanessa Lake scores Bizarre Magazine cover

Bizarre magazine, August 2012 - Vanessa Lake
Model: Vanessa Lake; Photographer: Christian Saint; Clothing Designer: Abigail Greydanus

Model Mayhem’s Vanessa Lake is on the cover of Bizarre magazine’s August issue. The cover was shot by Christian Saint and her outfit came from Abigail Greydanus, who has worked with Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, just to name a few. Vanessa is gorgeous, has a unique look, and we’re certainly hoping to see much more of her!

How to have a successful modeling career

Model-turned-author Marlene Donovan recently penned “The Model’s Handbook,” a book of advice for aspiring models. Marlene, 63, is an industry guru, having been in the industry since she was 19 years old. Although there have been several books written about modeling, Marlene’s book is packed with career advice. She also stated that she wanted to give straight facts and advice, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of being a model, and really explore the ins and outs of the industry. For example, we often hear it’s hard to get into the industry, and we know the challenges and pitfalls, but Marlene’s book aims to show you how to avoid them and what it takes to make it.

MM’s Veronica LaVery in DENOVO Magazine

DENOVO magazine - Veronica LaVery
Model: Veronica LaVery; Photographer: Philipe

Congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Veronica LaVery, who is in the June issue of DENOVO Magazine. Veronica is becoming a regular in our Modeling News Roundup, and for a good reason. In the last few months, she has been featured in a number of top publications, from Playboy to Maxim and FHM. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Veronica as her list of credits keeps on growing.

5 tips for aspiring models

The Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) gave some useful advice for beginners and pros alike. They stated that modeling is not as easy and glamorous as it is perceived to be. The job requires the ability to sacrifice financial security of a regular salaried career and the strength to take vast amounts of rejection. Due to the amount of competition, even established models can struggle to land gigs. Of course, there are also many benefits to being a model, such as freebies from companies, access to exclusive parties and the pay (especially for commercial jobs). They went on to provide the following five tips to help increase your chances of success as a model; be professional, toughen up, take care of yourself, know more about fashion, and have a plan-B.

MM’s Libertad Green launches own magazine

La Libertad
Model: Valerie Garza; Photographer: Conception Photography

Model Mayhem’s Libertad Green, also known as Conception Photography, launched her own magazine, called La Libertad. It features articles and interviews with people in the entertainment and creative industries.  Asked about her new venture, Libertad said, “I have always loved fashion, and for many years I liked the idea of creating my own fashion magazine that features men and women of all body types and ages. I decided to stop waiting, and create an online magazine and here we are!”

Samara Weaving on doing what you love

Can you believe that model/actress Samara Weaving used to be a shy child who has always had trouble making friends? She actually got into acting because her parents believed that taking drama classes would help her come out of her shell, which it definitely did, and the fact that she did not have many friends meant that she had more time to focus on perfecting her acting skills. Samara stated that you have to be a bit of a poser in photoshoots, and that it is important to be able to overcome any embarrassment you may have. She also indicated that although she eats healthy and exercises as much as she can, she is not a gym rat nor is she obsessed about it. Additionally, she says that she is happy doing what she does, which essentially is the best thing anyone can ever ask for. Are you doing what you love?

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