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July 23, 2012

This week’s highlights: MM’s Ana Braga on the cover of Krown magazine; Jessi June’s 16-page Penthouse layout; Jenna Jameson on the cover of Nouveau Mag; and more…

Miranda Kerr changes agencies

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr left Chic Management, and signed with IMG Models. Miranda’s rep from Chic, Danielle Ragenard, also jumped ship to join with the new Australia-based company, and she’s currently managing IMG’s modeling operations in Sydney. Miranda stated that she’s parting with Chic on good terms. Having Miranda on the board will be great for IMG’s new office, since she is one of Australia’s highest profile models.

MM’s Ana Braga scores cover of Krown Magazine

Photographer: Gary Miller Foto; Model: Ana K Braga

A big congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Ana Braga on her recent cover of Krown Magazine. Ana is a beautiful model who has a lot going for her! Here is what she had to say about her journey thus far, “I have been a professional dancer for many years, have traveled abroad and have been very fortunate to have been able to perform with amazing artist such as Lil John, Pitbul and many others. I have modeled in Brazil; I’m from Rio de Janeiro, where I did print and runway. I did some modeling in LA but mostly performed as a professional dancer. I took a long break from modeling ‘till last October when I got to meet a photographer from Utah. I owe it to him for “discovering” me. Just recently as “re-joined” Model Mayhem, my first feature was landing a Cover of Krown magazine 2012, I couldn’t be any happier. Also, I believe that it is important to become a VIP member! The best $10 I always spend monthly.”

The Humble beginnings of Project Runway

Supermodel Heidi Klum, the creator and host of Project Runway, remembers a time when the show was struggling to get off the ground. She said that when they first started filming the show, they didn’t even have the funds for a wardrobe budget—Heidi borrowed most of the clothing for the show from friends. Even though Heidi Klum was already a successful model when she started the show, she struggled to find anyone who would work with her. Heidi firmly believes that she was lucky to have Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Marie Clarie’s Nina Garcia on her team. When it comes to trying something new to move one’s career forward and expand your horizons, it is important to try new things.

MM’s Jessi June’s recent features and industry success tips

Photographer: TH Taylor; Model: Jessi June

Congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Jessi June who was featured in September 2012 issue of Penthouse with a 16-page layout (all MM friendly photos!) She is also the EasyRiders centerfold for August 2012. Both magazines are on newsstands now. Jessi is no stranger to being published. When asked about her thoughts on her career she stated, “I’m content so far. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’ve succeeded yet. I set my goals by looking at the best, and seeing what they’ve done, and working my way to be better. The best girls out there have done a ton, and I’ve got some catching up to do before I catch them. Once I’m there, then we’ll do the happy dance, followed by the Carlton!” She also offered some advice for aspiring models, “I get new models writing to me quite frequently actually, and since no one helped me when I first started (some actually quoted me rates for advice… seriously!), my advice for aspiring models has always been the same: work harder than everyone around you. You could be the most gorgeous girl in the world, but if you’re not putting in the work, you won’t make it! I promise you, I am nowhere near as hot as plenty of my fellow models, nor am I the greatest model… but I work my ass off. Don’t wait to “be discovered” or for your “big break.” Make them discover you, and give yourself the big break. Hot looks get you glanced at… Your work ethic and professionalism gets you the double take, and the double take is what sets you apart.”

Be a better model

Georgia May Jagger knows how to model, since her mother, Jerry Hall, was also successful in the industry. However, the 20-year-old also knows that she has a lot to learn, and she’s constantly looking to improve and expand her modeling skill set. Georgia also stated that with continual practice, she’s beginning to feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera. She noted that even the most successful models sometimes get intimidated at shoots, which is why she often takes the time to ask questions about the industry with experienced models, like her mother. Being a better model means actually taking the time to learn, get feedback, take chances and not be afraid of critique.

MM’s Lauren Calaway’s new magazine is going strong!

Cover model: Jenna Jameson

Model Mayhem’s Lauren Calaway is not only a great model, but she is also excelling as a magazine owner/publisher/editor of her new online magazine, Nouveau Mag. The second issue features Jenna Jameson on the cover. We look forward to watching Lauren’s new project develop further!

Model injured by propeller recovers

And finally, model Lauren Scruggs, who lost an arm and an eye to an airplane’s propeller last winter, is feeling strong about her recovery. The article, which shows a picture of the model with her new prosthetic arm, goes on to explain how Lauren, a devout Christian, utilized her faith to guide her during difficult times. Lauren even learned to drive a stick shift car. Her positive outlook on life is definitely something that we can all learn from.

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