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August 6, 2012

This week’s highlights: MM’s Ariana Cole lands cover of StreetSeen Magazine; MM’s Sabina Kelly in 2013 Tattoo Energy Calendar; MM’s Mosh scores cover of Kustom Magazine; and more…

MM’s Ariana Cole lands cover of StreetSeen Magazine

Model: Ariana Cole; Photographer: StreetSeen Magazine

Congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Ariana Cole on her recent cover of StreetSeen Magazine. Getting a magazine cover is a great achievement for a model. Ariana looks absolutely stunning in her photos and we are sure that we will see more covers from her down the road. We wish her all the best!

Modeling is hard work, even when you’re not shooting

If you think that being a model starts and ends at a photoshoot, you are in for a surprise. This Herald Sun article discusses what model Jessica Gomes does long before her photoshoots. Jessica Gomes is an Australian Sports Illustrated model, who has successfully transitioned into mainstream fashion. She stated that she often feels the need to compare herself to other models, such as Miranda Kerr. Jessica always looks for ways to improve her already fantastic body. In addition to doing dance cardio classes and band adhesion classes, she also hired celebrity personal trainer Tracey Anderson to help her plan a fitness routine. Anyone who wants to be a model must understand that they must give their best on and off camera. Modeling is a very competitive industry, and it’s crucial to be on top of your game.

MM’s Sabina Kelly in 2013 Tattoo Energy Calendar

Model: Sabina Kelly; Photographer: Christian Saint

Model Mayhem’s Sabina Kelly is doing very well in the industry. She’s worked with Playboy, FHM, David LaChapelle and Bunny Yeager. Now, she can add the 2013 Tattoo Energy Calendar to her amazing list of credits. Christian Saint shot the calendar and did a fantastic job. Sabina looks absolutely gorgeous!

Short yet iconic life of Marilyn Monroe

It has been 50 years since Marilyn Monroe’s death, but according to this article by, she still inspires many industry professionals, including glamour models, actors and photographers. She is still an icon, with many current glamour models attempting to imitate her style and look. Marilyn was more than just a glamour supermodel; she was a sex symbol, a talented actress and a well-known fashionista. Hugh Hefner also credits Marilyn for Playboy’s success in the beginning. Could anyone ever believe that a girl who initially never dreamed of modeling would go on to become such an influential part of the industry’s history?

MM’s Mosh scores cover of Kustom Magazine

Model: Mosh; Photographer: Holly West

A big congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Mosh, who just added yet another cover to her already extensive list of credits. Last week, she was featured in our Modeling news roundup for starring in Pink’s new music video, and this time, she is on the August 2012 cover of Kustom Magazine. “A special thank you to the Petersen Automotive Museum, Holly West who photographed everything beautifully and the owner of that gorgeous car,” noted Mosh. This girl rocks!

Get married at supermodel Kathy Ireland’s vacation home

And finally, have you ever wondered what life’s like for the supermodels? This Daily Mail article discusses what a couple could expect when they rent supermodel Kathy Ireland’s vacation home as their wedding venue. Although getting married there will not make you a supermodel, you can certainly feel like one when you walk down the aisle. That home is absolutely fantastic. Apparently, Kathy Ireland has a new business called, Kathy Ireland Weddings. This company organizes dream luxurious weddings for people who can afford to travel to exclusive locations. Not only is Kathy Ireland a former supermodel, but she is also a business genius. Kathy’s business ventures including everything from clothing to office furniture and even books fitness DVDs. It’s no wonder that she is worth $350 million.

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