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August 27, 2012

This week’s highlights: MM’s Katy Gold on the cover of Tattoo Life; Leticia Farr on the cover of MMA Uncaged; Alloy Ash on the cover of Tattoo Art; Ana Braga, KathTea Katastrophy, and more…

MM’s Katy Gold lands cover of Tattoo Life Magazine

Congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Katy Gold on her recent cover of Tattoo Life Magazine. Christian Saint shot the image, while Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen did hair and makeup and Abigail Greydanus provided the wardrobe. We wish her all the best!

Katy Gold, Tattoo Life magazine cover, September 2012
Model: Katy Gold; Photographer: Christian Saint; Hair & Makeup: Kurtis Peer; Wardrobe: Abigail Greydanus

MM’s Leticia Farr on the cover of MMA Uncaged

Congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Leticia Farr, who landed the cover of MMA Uncaged Magazine. She was also featured in the latest issue of ModelsMania and Ultimate MMA magazine. Her interview with UFC fighter Ryan Couture, son of the great Randy Couture, will be in the next issue of Ultimate MMA Magazine and will be an ongoing feature. She will also be doing the same for MMA Uncaged. In just over three months, she has accomplished a lot and has several major magazine features under her belt.

Leticia Farr, MMA Uncaged magazine cover
Model: Leticia Farr; Photographer: Dave Alan

Leticia Farr, Ultimate MMA magazine
Model: Leticia Farr; Photographer: Dave Alan

MM’s Alloy Ash scores cover of Tattoo Art Magazine

A big congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Alloy Ash on her cover of the August issue of Tattoo Art Magazine. Bill Demichele shot the image inside the tattoo shop where she gets all her work done (New Skool Tattoos in Detroit, MI). She is a fantastic model and we are sure that we will see more great covers from her.

Alloy Ash, Tattoo Art magazine cover, August 2012
Model: Alloy Ash; Photographer: Bill Demichele

MM’s Ana Braga is featured again

Model Mayhem’s Ana Braga is on a roll! She’s been featured in a number of magazines in the past few months, and this time, she’s featured in Bizsu Magazine. Gary Miller took the photos. One of the greatest things about Ana is that she is always out there networking and putting the effort into getting featured. She has excellent posing skills and is always bringing her best to every shoot.

Ana Braga, Bizsu magazine
Model: Ana Braga; Photographer: Gary Miller

MM’s KathTea Katastrophy making progress as alternative model

Model Mayhem’s KathTea Katastrophy is getting noticed in the alternative modeling world. She has a few publications under her belt and we hope that she will continue to get more. Here is what she had to say about her career, “My career thus far has been quite rewarding and interesting. Ever since I got into art nude work, I stopped going for more tattoos or piercings but now my favorite form of body modification is corsetry. Over the last few months, I have identified and befriended some talented corset makers, and now I am aiming to have the smallest waist in Asia at 16″ (now at 22″ but my latest corset is 19″). Besides that, I have learned to get sponsors for my work as collecting a fetish wardrobe of sturdy corsetry and quality latex is quite an investment. I was surprised when The Star decided to talk to me about my sponsorship and donation programs for myself!” We wish her all the best!

KathTea Katastrophe, The Star
Model: KathTea Katastrophe

Basketball player takes a shot at modeling

Kiara Belen is one of the latest athletes to take up modeling. She will be competing on America’s Next Top Model, according to this Las Vegas Review Journal article. Kiara demonstrated nothing but excellence on the court when she played basketball in high school and college. She is ready to take on a new challenge—modeling. Although modeling is a brutally competitive industry, she knows a thing or two about competing. Although Kiara wanted to be a model since she was a child, she is still pursuing a university degree, focusing on education and playing sports. However, she believes that this opportunity to model comes to very few people, and she is prepared to give it her best. We wish her all the best in the competition and in school.

Lanvin is not using professional models

And finally, fashion giant Lanvin has decided to use “real” models, as opposed to professional ones, in its new Fall/Winter 2012 campaign, according to this Sydney Morning Herald article. The average folks featured in the ads come from various backgrounds and range in age from 18 to 82. This reflects a growing trend in the industry of shying away from using digitally enhanced images and agency-created models. This means that more and more opportunities are becoming open to non-traditional models who might not meet agency standards.

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