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September 24, 2012

This week’s highlights: MM’s Sabina Kelley lands Tattoo Energy cover; MM’s Lana Elyse in Koncept Magazine; Ralph Lauren’s first plus-size model; the finance of modeling; and more…

MM’s Sabina Kelley lands Tattoo Energy cover

Model: Sabina Kelley; Photographer: Christian Saint; Hair Stylist: Danielle June

Congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Sabina Kelley on her recent cover of Tattoo Energy. Model Mayhem’s Christian Saint took the photo. Both Sabina Kelley and Christian Saint are no strangers to being published since both of them have an extensive resume of magazine covers and tear sheets. Sabina is a stunning model and we are sure that she will be featured on many more covers and in magazines! We wish her all the best!

MM’s Lana Elyse in Koncept Magazine

Model: Lana Elyse; Photographer: Gilbert V Castillo

Congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Lana Elyse on her recent feature in the September issue of Koncept Magazine. This is not Lana’s first appearance in Model Mayhem’s modeling news roundup and we are definitely sure that it is not her last. She first appeared in Modeling News Roundup 28. Additionally, Lana has been featured in several other magazines including Flava Girl Magazine.

MM’s Lauren Calaway releases new issue of her magazine

Do you recall how Model Mayhem’s Lauren Calaway went from being a successful model to a magazine publisher? Earlier this year she launched her own online magazine, Nouveau Mag. The magazine is doing great and so is Lauren. We wish her continued success with her new venture!

Ralph Lauren’s first ever plus-size model

Fashion giant Ralph Lauren, who’s been criticized for overusing digital photo editing software and using models that are too skinny, is taking a step in a positive direction. According to the Daily Mail, Robyn Lawley, a size 12 model from Australia, will be part of the brand’s new advertising campaign. Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable shift towards using models with more average physiques. Robyn’s campaign with Ralph Loren is not her first big gig. She has also graced the covers of Vogue Italia and French Elle. Robyn is an inspiration for many plus-size models, because she found a way into an industry that tends to favor a “size-zero” mindset.

The finance of modeling

Whenever the average person hears the word “model”, they automatically assume that being a model involves living like the rich and famous. People see models on TV and in magazines and they believe that models get high pay for very little work. According to this Forbes article, although there are a few lucky models that have become rich and famous, the reality for most models is that they have to go from one casting to the next, deal with a lot of rejection, face financial uncertainty and hope for the best. The author of the article, Ashley Stetts, was able to manage her finances in a way that allowed her to be a model and become financially stable. She learned the value of money very early in life: She paid her way through university as she worked three jobs, graduated, moved to New York City and found a job as a model. Eventually, she ended up working full-time as a model. Even though she is enjoying her modeling career now, she still wonders what she will do after she turns 30 because she did not have a chance build up experience relevant to her degree. Yes, it is possible to do well as a model, but it requires you to have the ability to manage your finances and save as much as possible. Many young models make the mistake of spending everything they get on expensive items rather than saving. It is important to save and to have a backup plan.

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