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October 22, 2012

This week’s highlights: MM’s Kelly Eden lands cover of Licked; Ana Braga in Models and MMA; 61-year old model Suzy Monty; Kate Upton; and more…

MM’s Kelly Eden lands cover of Licked

Kelly Eden, Licked magazine cover
Model: Kelly Eden; Photographer: Peter Gonzales

Congratulations to Model Mayhem’s Kelly Eden on her recent cover of Licked Magazine. Kelly Eden is an alternative model, fine artist and tattoo artist from the metropolitan Denver area. She is a very versatile, talented and accomplished model who has graced the covers of many other alternative magazines. Peter Gonzales shot the image of Kelly on the cover of Licked Magazine. We wish her continued success!

Another feature for MM’s Ana Braga

Ana Braga, Models and MMA
Model: Ana Braga

Model Mayhem’s Ana Braga’s career is going really well. Over the past few months, she has had multiple features and she is not showing any signs of slowing down. This time, she is featured in Models and MMA. Ana is a stunning model and she has the ambition and determination to go far!

MM’s Suzy Monty scores a feature

Model: Suzy Monty; Photographer: Neil Hartley

Who says that opportunities for models truly decline as they get older? Model Mayhem’s Suzy Monty is living proof that a model’s career does not end when she gets past a certain age. Suzy is 61 years old and she is rocking the modeling industry! This feature article further describes Suzy’s modeling career as well as discusses the opportunities for mature models.

Kate Upton in Vogue again

According to New York Magazine, Kate Upton scored another feature in Vogue Magazine within the span of five months. Many believe that Kate’s Vogue spreads will help promote healthy-looking models. A while ago, Vogue stated that they would not feature models who are too thin or too young. Using Kate Upton’s images in the magazine is helping prove that Vogue is indeed keeping its initiative to use healthy looking models.

Tougher market for Native American Models

Jade Willoughby, a Native American model from Canada, has always wanted to be in the fashion industry, according to Wawatay News. However, Jade had to overcome a number of challenges before she was finally able to make her mark in the industry. Her career is definitely progressing and she is a great role model to many other young Native American girls. Willoughby, now 22, suffered health problems in her teens, which slowed down her development as a model. Another challenge that she had to overcome was being one of the very few First Nations models in the industry. Since many advertisers do not cater specifically to First Nations, the demand for models with Jade’s look is less than for more mainstream models like Heidi Klum or Adriana Lima. However, we are seeing more and more changes in the fashion industry, which creates diversity and opportunity for those who did not originally fit the industry’s mold.

Too fat or too thin

This ABC news article features the story of model Karolin Wolter, who started out as a straight-size model (women typically size 0 to 2), later became a plus-size model and then went back to being straight-size. In the modeling industry, there are some girls who are considered too fat for straight-size modeling, but too thin for plus-size. Karolin Wolter considers herself one of those girls. After struggling with managing her weight, she felt could no longer deal with the constant pressure of having to be thin. With that in mind, she decided to become a plus-size model. However, she did not get a lot of work because she was too small to be considered a plus. Therefore, she had to go back to being straight-size. Modeling can be very challenging especially for models who are between sizes and find it difficult to either lose or gain weight.

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