The 10 most popular articles of 2012

As we turn our attention to 2013, we thought it would be helpful to recap some of the best articles we published in 2012. Of course, determining the best can be very subjective, just read the comments in some of our articles or follow the lively conversations that take place daily in the MM forum, so we thought a less controversial process was to select the 10 most popular articles (measured in page views).

1. Getting started as a model

Model: Ashley Graham; Photographer: Ken Marcus

Ashley Graham discusses what it takes to be successful as a freelance model. She draws on her personal experience doing mainly nude and fetish modeling and gives helpful advice for models with similar interests. Read the full article

2. Model rates: Advice for freelance models

Model: Aviva; Photographer: IMS PHOTOGRAPHIC

Regular MM Edu contributor Aviva provides an honest assessment of model rates and lists “6 things to consider when setting your rates.” Read the full article

3. Avoiding scams: The basics

Avoiding Scams: The basics
from Model Mayhem on Vimeo.

We made this video and article to inform you of the basics of how to avoid scams. It covers some of the most common scams, how to avoid them, and a number of resources that will help protect you. Read the full article

4. How height, weight and age influence getting signed by an agency

Model: Paige Morgan; Photographer: Kaitlyn Barlow;
Hair Stylist: Gracie Baptiste; Makeup Artist: Julissa Lopez

Paige Morgan answers some of the most frequently asked questions in the modeling industry. She covers height requirements for fashion and commercial modeling, plus size modeling, and options for models that don’t meet the standard requirements. Read the full article

5. Ditch your cell phone pics

Photographers: wynnesome (center); RebeccaChristine (top left & right-center);
Merry P (top-right & lower-left); Eye of Sicari (lower-right)

This article is for models in need of a little help building their online portfolio and profile. It lists 6 types of photos not to include, like cell phone pics, photos you took in the bathroom mirror, pics where you had to crop out another person, and more. It also gives advice on “how to get good photos for free” in 7 easy steps. Read the full article

6. The Model Mayhem interview: Lauren Vickers

Lauren Vickers, Sydney, Australia
Photographer: MPPhotograph; Model: Lauren Vickers

Stunning Australian model Lauren Vickers took time out of her busy worldwide schedule to stop by the Model Mayhem office in Los Angeles. We discussed how Lauren got started as a model (hint: being 5’9 at just eleven years old helped), her extensive work and credits, being a TV presenter, and a Playboy Playmate of the Year! We also talked about how Lauren wants to help younger models progress in the industry. Read the full interview

7. The secret to landing your first magazine cover

Photographer: Armond Scipione

Armond Scipione discusses how to land your first magazine cover, and Armond knows what he’s talking about. He was a successful model, with many covers to his name, before becoming a photographer. He explains two basic methods he used, dealing with rejection and how to find the right photographers to work with. Read the full article

8. Using window light

Photographer: Tom deL; Models: Susie B & Anne Schaar

This two part series on Using Window Light by Tom deL was our most popular photography how-to article. Part one covers the basics of light shaping, from using a single source to using windows for rim lighting. In part two, Tom explains how to deal with difficulties like uneven light levels and color temperature shift by using reflectors or in post-production. He also discusses how to use backlighting effectively by controlling your exposure and aperture. Read the full article

9. MM profile etiquette for models

Model: Tristin Huntamer; Photographer: FSJ Photography

Tristin Huntamer shows how to get the most out of your Model Mayhem profile. She provides helpful advice on what to include and maybe more importantly, what not to include. Tristin also covers how to “thematically order profile information into visually distinct sections,” the type of things you should emphasize, the importance of clearly stating your standards and expectations, and keeping your profile up to date. Read the full article

10. The Model Mayhem interview: Christie Gabriel

Model: Christie Gabriel; Photographer: Duke Morse

Christie Gabriel is an international fashion model with over 12 years of experience in runway, commercial, editorial, music video, fine art and spokesmodeling. She has been represented by agencies such as Elite and Irene Marie, but in 2012 Christie authored, “The Self-made Model – Success without Agencies.”

We talked to Christie about her career and why she’s so much happier now as a freelance model, agencies, exclusive versus non-exclusive contracts, and much more. She also discusses her book and “The Future of Modeling.” If you didn’t receive a copy of Christie’s excellent book over the holidays, make use of that gift card and order one today. Read the full interview

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 and all the other articles and videos we published in 2012. We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to MM Edu because without your submissions it wouldn’t be possible for us to share your valuable insights and incredible photos.

We’re looking forward to bringing you more great articles in 2013, so keep on sending those submissions and suggestions.

– MM Edu

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