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July 24, 2013

Our new member spotlight shines on seven US based models and photographers from all over the states. Check out their portfolios to see more and welcome them to MM!

Gabrielle VandenAvond – Model, Green Bay, WI

Model: Gabrielle VandenAvond; Photographer: Shaunae Teske Photography

Please welcome Gabrielle VandenAvond to MM. 19 year old Gabrielle is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and prefers inspired endeavors that create a unique perspective and message and would like to bring this mindset to the commercial and catalog realm. Gabrielle has many years of acting experience with specific training in improvisational comedy, which allows her to work creatively in any situation and to portray a wide range of emotions in various ways.

Bow Heart Scott – Model, Atlanta, Georgia

Model: Bow Heart Scott

Say hello to Bow Heart Scott. Bow is a 21 year old ‘tiny (Puerto Rican, Irish, and Black) woman with a lot of personality’. She sings in a girl group, models, I makes her own clothes, and does her own make up. Currently, Bow is trying to find herself and tap into all her talents. She has now resided in Atlanta, Georgia, United States for the past 7yrs. Originally, Bow is from Los Angeles.

Megan Carey – Photographer, Brandon, FL

Photographer: Megan Carey; Model: Victoria

Please welcome Megan Carey. Megan is a photographer living in Brandon, Florida, United States and has rejoined the Model Mayhem community. She received a degree in 2009 from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Professional Digital Photography, and has since participated in art shows. Megan is hoping to connect with models and designers for my current stylized wedding and bridal projects.

MN_Model – Model, Minneapolis, MN

Model: MN_Model

Say hi to MN_Model, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. MN is able to do a wide range of work from beauty headshots and promotional pieces to sportswear and fitness. She is looking to expand her portfolio as well as make some connections in the modeling industry.

CarinD – Model, Fort Meade, MD

Model: CarinD; Photographer: Model Rehab Photography

Please welcome CarinD to MM. Carin is an aspiring actress/model from Fort Meade, Maryland, United States and has joined MM looking to capture the essence of life through a photo. Currently enrolled at John Casablancas Modeling and Career, Carin is open to all possibilities. Her one goal in life is to be remembered.

Sajia – Model, Washington, DC

Model: Sajia

Say hello to Sajia, of Washington, District of Columbia, United States. Sajia has always had a passion for hair and make up and loves being photographed. She has joined MM in hopes of building her portfolio by meeting various hair and make up artist as well as photographers.

Bobbie Ward – Model, Columbus, GA

Model: Bobbie Ward

Please welcome Bobbie Ward. Bobbie hails from Columbus, Georgia, United States and is new to the modeling world. She does not have much experience but is ready and willing to learn and grow as a model. Bobbie hopes to have the chance work with and meet new people and also is hoping to build her portfolio and gain more experience.

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