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August 7, 2013

This week’s new member spotlight focuses on a number of models and photographers from all over the states as well as South Africa. Check out their portfolios to see more and welcome them to MM!

Caitlin Ary – Model, Pacoima, CA

Model: Caitlin Ary; Photographer: Handsome Photography

Please say hello to Caitlin Ary, of Pacoima, California, United States. Caitlin is a performer in Los Angeles and has been modeling for makeup schools, websites and her friends’ art projects since high school. She would now like to get work that pays or is for a cause. Caitlin loves pin up style but hasn’t had a chance to do many photo shoots in that style and really hopes to!

John LaTourelle – Photographer, Bemidji, MN

Photographer: John LaTourelle

Please welcome John LaTourelle to MM. John resides in Bemidji, Minnesota, United States and has been getting more and more interested in the fashion side of photography. His goal is to become published in the next 2 years, and so he has joined MM in an effort to network with more people in the industry.

Ry Niani  – Model, Washington, DC

Model: Ry Niani; Photographer: Jasen Hudson Photography

Say hi to Ry Niani, of Washington, District of Columbia, United States. Ry is a former beauty queen transitioning fully into modeling after spending many years teetering on the periphery of the industry. She splits time between DC and Philadelphia and is on MM looking to connect with talented photographers, MUAs, stylists and other models to build her new portfolio, network and have fun being fabulous.

Duane Jones Photograph – Photographer, Fayetteville, NC

Photographer: Duane Jones Photograph

Please say hi and welcome Duane Jones Photograph to MM. Duane is a Fayetteville, North Carolina based photography company that specializes in fashion & beauty industry, model shoots, sports photography, event photography and more.

Showana V Louisma – Photographer, Philadelphia, PA

Photographer: Showana V Louisma

Say hello to Showana V Louisma, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Showana is a photography student experienced in studio portraiture, on location portraiture, fashion photography, editorial photography, commercial photography, still life photography, street photography, child/baby photography, wedding/prom photography, night photography, film and darkroom. She initially started out in hopes of becoming a photojournalist but after taking a few classes in different genres of photography, soon began to develop an interest in shooting models: fashion and editorial photography, and also shooting children. Showana is more open minded now in the sense that she is more willing explore new things in photography.

Model_Hatshepsut – Model, Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

Model: Model_Hatshepsut

Please welcome Model_Hatshepsut to MM. Model_Hatshepsut resides in Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa and joined MM to get maximum exposure to work with more designers, photographers and in turn broadening her experience and getting bigger contracts. She loves outdoor, nature kind of shoots and would love to work in both the African Scene and abroad. Model_Hatshepsut has worked with Fashion Independent,  and has done such as the Launch of Eddie King Photography & the face of Eddie King Photography, Kuntowa Designs, and also the Zest Infotainment Magazine  just to name a few.

Lindsey Chang – Model, Saint Louis, MO

Model: Lindsey Chang

Say hi to Lindsey Chang. Lindsey is a 21 year old student originally from California but living in Saint Louis for school. She recently became interested in modeling, and has done a couple of shoots in the past (one for a clothing line). She would love to gain more experience being in front of a camera and working with photographers/professionals. Lindsey joined MM, mostly looking to build her portfolio and she wants to work towards either fashion or commercial print modeling.

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